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  1. P

    Weak Seat Motors

    Howdy y'all! I recently did a test drive of a Model Y. Amazing vehicle, but I was surprised and disappointed to find out that the seat motors for both driver and passenger are too weak to adjust the seat without me lifting myself off of them. I am a large dude (350). I've never had this problem...
  2. MountainPass

    Model 3 Performance Dyno Test: Binned Motors?

    We finally got an AWD car on our dyno (thanks to our friend Shereef for lending us his P3D) and it was great to find that these cars will work with a Dynapack hub dyno without issue! After seeing the difference between the standard and long-range RWD Model 3, we were very interested to see how...
  3. V

    Model 3 AWD Rear Motor Output

    On the standard Model S AWD, the rear motor had less power than the RWD version. Will the Model 3 likewise have a different motor between AWD and RWD? If the motor is the same between both, seems like the AWD should have a materially faster 0-60. Will the P version have a stronger rear motor?
  4. A

    Vendor Inquiry for Gigafactory (industrial motor)

    My team has reinvented and developed a new form of electric motor that will be a 10X increase in the efficiency of the typical industrial motors which we'd love to engage with the Tesla's Gigafactory team about*. Does anyone have a contact or can direct me to the appropriate protocol to get it...
  5. wjhepworth

    No need for tire rotations with dual motor?

    So, during my last annual checkup the service guy advised me that Tesla engineering feels that the dual motor Tesla MS & MX don't need to get a tire rotation... at all. Anybody believe this? I am continuing to do so for now every 10,000 just to be on safe side. My last set lasted 48,000 and I...