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  1. Triumphz28

    FS: Tesla Model X Front License Plate Holder - TorkLift The Law - 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

    $85 + plus S&H or Free Local Pickup in Torrance, CA 90505 Tesla Model X Front License Plate Holder - TorkLift The Law - 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 From The Manufacturer TorkLiftCentral: The Tesla Model X front license plate holder is designed specifically to fit your vehicle without...
  2. L

    Model S Number Plate Grommet

    Hi, I recently got my Tesla Model S (gen 1) and am just trying to mount the front number plate, but I can't find which grommet I need to mount it. I have looked on the tesla parts site and it's number 5 in the attached image. However there was no part number to go with it! Does anyone know the...
  3. S

    Excellent temporary mount for gadgets in Model 3

    I was looking for a way to temporarily mount my Garmin eTrex 22x GPS navigator in my Tesla Model 3. I like to use the device to record a track of my longer drives (I don't actually use it to navigate as the Tesla obviously does this much better). What I found was such a good solution that I...
  4. shauna

    Soft roof racks vs Tesla roof rack for surfboards, skis, snowboards and whitewater kayaks..

    Anyone have thoughts on if I should buy a cheap universal soft roof rack for surfboards, kayak, sowboard, skiis, cargo box ect or the $450 Tesla roof Rack? If you go the Telsa roof rack did you use the aero rack pads? Which brand and size?
  5. MrTemple

    Swivel Screen Mount Kit: Any Reviews/Impressions?

    Holy this thing looks cool. I love the idea of the swivel version coming out that lets you adjust it back to neutral. Just seems to make sense when I'm the only one in the car to have it pointed at me. And I like the idea of it reducing glare without needing a matte screen protector. Here's a...
  6. R

    Flag Mount

    Has anyone successfully mounted small or medium-sized flags on a roadster? What product did you use? I tried clamping to various spots and nothing seems to work well. Thanks!

    Sly Bracket for Grill iPass Mount

    I took my front license plate off both our Model 3 and Model S last year. I prefer the look, but I still wanted to use the license plate mount iPass. I zip tied the iPass to the grill under the bumper. I had mixed results going through toll booths, sometimes getting a good read, sometimes...
  8. K

    Model 3 Front number plate bracket

    Hi, anyone know if the UK deliveries will be coming with a front number plate bracket or if other European countries have come with these? If not any recommendations?
  9. L

    Model 3 Front License Plate Mount

    Hey everyone, I live in California and up until recently I had been ignoring the state law that requires drivers to display their front license plate. I recently received a ticket for not having a front plate and I do not want that to happen again, so I did some research. I did not want to use...
  10. H

    The Best No-Drill No-Hole License Plate Bracket Mount for Model X

    Folks, I’ve been looking for a No-Drill No-Hole License Plate Bracket Mount for my Model X but I could not find one suitable. - Many options on the market are quite expensive like “The law” that would cost about $150 and this as many others attach to the front plastic vent blades which in my...
  11. KBurbridge14

    Front License Plate Solution

    In California, it is mandatory to have a front license plate. Like most Tesla owners, I don’t want to drill into the front of the car. I Purchased “the law“ to install the front license plate without having to drill into my precious X. I found it a rinky-dink and overly complicated solution...
  12. nickb411

    Radar Detector Mount

    Hi All, I'm picking up my 2017 90D at the end of the week. Step 1 is to get my Escort Max 360 radar detector installed. Because I live in Nebraska, there is no need for a fancy Escort 9500ci because I rarely run into laser here. Normally I've just purchased the appropriate Blendmount for...
  13. K

    Need ideas for classy & secure outdoor wall charger install

    I have a Model X 75D on the way and will be charging it outside, in the front yard driveway. I'm looking for ideas for a good looking, unobtrusive, and mildly secure way to mount the wall charger outside. The best looking I've found so far is this nice one at the Wausau, WI Courtyard Marriott...
  14. E

    Locating Amplifier in Trunk

    Hey folks, I have been unsuccessfully searching for the better part of the day for amplifier mounting options and respective ground points to use. I understand there are 3 locations to put the Amplifier, however, there are concerns for each location: 1) In the Frunk cubby: Most...
  15. C

    Radar detector options?

    I definitely don't want to have a cord hanging down to charge my radar detector, so I am wondering if anybody has successfully hardwired a radar detector to their rear-view mirror. In the Model S it seems that you can jimmy off the plastic on the rear-view mirror and connect there. I've tried to...
  16. MrJones390

    Yacht Floor Phone Charging Stand Install with Pics

    A lot of people have questions about the best way to mount and charge their phone in model S. Here is my solution which involves semi-permanently installing a charging dock on the yacht floor with no drilling. (*Note: Blue lighting is another mod described in a separate thread. Please ask if...