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  1. maxshuty

    Where could mice be entering the HVAC system?

    Long story short we caught a mouse in our MX, along with a bunch of fruit loops and other snacks (we have a 2 year old) that started blowing out of the HVAC system. Something appears to be stuck in the HVAC from that mouse and is now having a burnt smell to it. I removed the passenger dash where...
  2. F

    A mouse ate my Tesla

    My 5-month-old Tesla Y started going haywire when it lost its battery coolant. Turns out that mice had nested behind the Frunk and chewed through the coolant hose. I could drive the car to the Service Center, but non-warranty repair is a twenty dollar hose and more than $700 in labor, plus two...
  3. P

    Model Y rodent damage?

    Apparently, some Tesla models have had serious damage due to rodents. Does anyone know if the Model Y is as vulnerable?
  4. S

    Mouse infiltrated Model 3

    Last night when I went to grab my charging adapter from the glove box, there was a ball of insulation in the glove box and I swear I saw a little mouse scurry away. Can't see any other damage, but obviously this insulation came from somewhere. Anyone know where this insulation can be from or...
  5. Jellus

    Is there a mouse in here?

    Had my M3 just under three weeks and my steering wheel has started to squeak when I turn a moderately sharp corner. Any user-accessible parts in there? This is going to drive me insane.
  6. UncaNed

    Remove Front Wheel Housing Bezel on my Model X?

    Remove Front Wheel Housing Bezel on my 2018 Model X 75D? A mouse is happily tossing styrofoam chunks out of the crack right behind my front tire. How can I remove the rubbery plastic cover all around above the front tire and the little half-moon-ish molding around the fender edge to get to the...
  7. BobbyKings

    Backbench Gaming in the Tesla Model S using a ..... MOUSE!

    First of all: A USB port connected mouse works in the Tesla. Now you may think: “So What???”. Well, first of all it allows you to perform all and the same actions on the 17 inch screen as can be done by touching the screen. So in theory a driver using Autopilot can literally sit back. Not...
  8. wcalvin

    TeslaOS: What will connect via the USB port?

    A wired mouse will connect via the USB ports in the Model S but (in my experience) a wireless one will not. A thumb drive will connect. A wired USB keyboard but not (in my experience) a wireless one. What have you tested?