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  1. brooklyn

    New to Me 2022 MSM Plaid & First Tesla

    BLUF: An overall impressive car that has the potential to be even better, but Tesla needs to continue improving build quality/attention to detail, add features expected at this price point, and prioritize utility/intuitive controls over aesthetics and “cool” factor. Reading through some of the...
  2. brooklyn

    Screen Went Black in Car Wash for 2-3 mins

    Didn't have time this past weekend to do my normal hand wash, so took the car to the local Sheetz Touchless car was today. One of those deals where you pull in, park, and the stuff moves around the car and power wash/dries it. I put the car in Car Wash Mode (CWM) just to be safe. This is only...
  3. CREPlaid

    Photos of my 2022 MSP

    Hey everyone, I picked up my Plaid a few months ago and suffered the typical delivery day issues like panel gaps. I will say that my local Tesla service center is horrible - but the mobile service has been great. 3 weeks into ownership I got hit at a red light so after waiting on parts, my car...
  4. B

    Supercharger - Minnetonka, MN

    This permit is a few months old, but due to the valuation, I thought it was worth putting on here. @Chuq @BlueShift @MarcoRP Thoughts? Permit MI232217 Details - City of Minnetonka | ePermits This is the Minnetonka Target. Property Information PID: 0311722420023 Address: 13201 Ridgedale Dr...
  5. mociaf9

    Supercharger - St. Louis Park, MN

    I found the following because I had searched for other One Call tickets opened by the same caller who did the requests for the supercharger construction in ND and Alexandria. That led me to the possible electrical permit. One Call underground utilities locate request for excavation to install...
  6. Zextraterrestrial

    Grey Performance 0-60

    I was giving a quick test ride and did a 0-60 (slipped a bit on takeoff since I just slammed the go pedal ) brake lights come on just after 60 on return I did a hard stop from ~ 65 mph Joules- you can also see her slip when I hit the paint line close to 55 mph