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mud flaps

  1. J

    Mud Flap don’t fit Austin model Y

    Sorry, another mud flap thread. Took deliver of Austin model Y in NY. Tesla oem don’t fit and Amazon one explicitly claim they don’t fit austin Y. Rear underside bumper doesn’t have a bolt, though do have different holes that are approximately in right location. Is that even normal? Wondering...
  2. S

    Model Y Mud flap or anything to prevent damage in Canadian snow

    Hi All, I recently got my model Y LR after almost a year of waiting, I believe Canadian version of Model Y comes with a front mud flops on the font wheel and perhaps protective film installed from Tesla, anyone who lives in Canada knows we sometime have really bad snowy days and the roads and...
  3. mtbwalt

    Clearance measurements: 3/4 inch Trimmed Tesla OEM mud flaps

    Writing with my experience installing Tesla’s OEM front mud flaps on my 2022 MS LR Kit comes with two mud flaps and four push pins. Instructions online. Total install time: under 10 minutes. The only thing I’ll add to the instruction is for total newbies to dealing with these push pins...
  4. W

    Tsportsline mud flaps for refreshed MX

    Has anyone tried Tsportsline carbon fiber mud flaps on their refreshed MX? Could you please share reviews and pictures? Also, let me know in the comments if you have better recommendations. https://tsportline.com/products/tesla-model-x-carbon-fiber-mud-flaps?variant=41479610892482
  5. T

    Tesla Model Y EV Mud Flaps Forsale

    Brand New, never installed Set of 4 mudguards, mudflaps, mud flaps for Tesla Model Y with mounting hardware. Stylish, simple, flat design. High-performance mudguards that protect from front to back. Its durable high-density polyethylene construction and ease of installation make these...
  6. P

    Paint protection film

    Spoke with sales guy today who confirmed all MY in Vancouver BC are delivered with rear PPF. Was uncertain about front mud flaps. Did suggest if awaiting for a MY in Vancouver to hold buying mud flaps until a VIN assigned so that if vehicle comes with mud flaps one has a 30 day return window...
  7. C

    Lets talk mud flaps, spot welded nuts and loose bolts (also why every Model Y owner needs mud flaps)

    Quick summary for those that dont know about the rear door damage caused by the front wheel kickback. Everything that your front wheels drive over have this kind of trajectory: This means little tiny rocks are damaging your paint: A really bad example (from a post here on TMC), all the...
  8. eCharcoal

    Basenor Modey Y mud flaps Amazon Prime Day deal

    Just a heads up that the Basenor mud flaps are now $8 off at Amazon. $31.99. Grab yours!
  9. J

    A simpler way to install Model Y mud flaps

    I normally don't write a review but i was so satisfied and i also found a simpler way to install these that i just had to share. If you follow my steps you'll be done in less than 20 min. NOTE: There is a more correct way to install but its more of a hassle and lets face it, if you're like me i...
  10. T

    Mud flap effectiveness after 1.5k miles (or lack of)

    For the first two months of owning my MY I drove without any mud flaps on. In Feb 2021, I installed mudflaps from ZL1 Addons. After about ~1.5k miles of driving in a Northeast winter, there's some pretty nasty paint and trim damage. The trim is most surprising. At the time of installation, I saw...
  11. Tesla Y Mud Flaps Sm407

    Tesla Y Mud Flaps Sm407

    Just installed the front pair, wish the misses would give up asking about the rear pair !*!?
  12. M

    Forged and woven carbon fiber universal mud flaps

    I have a set of forged and woven carbon fiber universal mudflaps, more of fashion accessory than mud flap. you need to follow this instructions to fit on your car. asking $100 each shipped within US
  13. J

    Where to get rear mud guards in the UK [mud flaps]

    Hi all, My Model 3 came with the front mud guards installed, and came with some splash guards for the front which I haven't attached. Does anyone have a recommendation of where I can get a pair of rear mud guards? Ideally the non screw ones that attach using the bottom bumper bolt and the...
  14. truqueso

    Model 3 mud flaps (brand new)

    Hey there - I ordered these on Amazon bc they said they would fit a MY but they don't and I passed my 30 day return period. They are exclusively for a Model 3. Bought them for $30 -- they're brand new. Asking $20. Will do local pick up in SF or mail them out (pay via paypal for secured...
  15. TheNumberOneD

    Diffuser and Spoiler really adds character to the rear end.

    One thing I don't like very much about the Model 3 was how the back reminded me of an old 2000 dodge neon (a car i used to own as well) or some other boring sedan. Adding a spoiler, diffuser, and some mud flaps seems to put it more in line with a Subaru WRX (a car i consider nicer looking for a...
  16. EVSmartParts

    Vendor TESLA factory mud flap review

    EVSmartParts.com paint protection Mud Flap system does a better job than Tesla.Inc factory mud flaps in many aspects. This is just one of them. One of our early design requirements was: · Must not trap salty mud behind the mud flap.
  17. Z

    Who has received mud flaps from Tesla?

    Hi guys, new member here. I will be taking delivery a LR AWD this Saturday. From what I found here, an internal document was circulating online saying all Canadian deliveries should come with pre-installed mud flaps. I somehow remember a member from Montreal said he/she had seen all models...
  18. EVSmartParts

    Vendor EVSmartParts.com offers maximum protection mud flaps with minimalist visual impact. Made in USA!

    If you are concerned about the looks of your car AFTER this coming winter please check out our website NOW Home - Splash Page to see extremely effective and durable mud flaps with minimum visual impact on your TESLA Model 3. Inconspicuous, very low, very wide, quiet, and flexible...
  19. CMc1

    Model 3 Mud flaps

    Moderator comment - thread renamed from "Mud flaps on Model 3.. worth it?" What’s the pros and cons of fitting mud flaps? Do they really deflect that much dirt?
  20. jebinc

    "Group buy opportunity" for reasonably priced Mud Flaps (Model 3)

    Hello everyone. As evidenced by several "Mud Flaps" threads, many of you have been searching for a reasonably priced, not unattractive, no drilling required, alternative to the outrageously priced ones discussed at length in this forum. I believe I found a viable solution here... Tesla Parts...
  21. rharrack

    Model 3 mud guards

    So with all the mud splash and debris kicking up.... I decided to invest in some mud guards... after extensive research can across protectmytesla and ordered a set of the carbon fiber mudguards... finally got them in took about 30 mins to install...and they look awesome and functional!... they...
  22. P

    Mud flaps and CD drag coefficient on the Model X ?

    I happily own a model X 2016 since March 2nd 2019 (Tesla C.P.O.). I recently had the opportunity to read that people had concerns about the road-sand-blasting from the 10” wide front tires throwing a lot of small debris against the paint on the rear door and fender curvature. (Fortunately...
  23. M

    Ugh, Ordered Mud flaps

    Washed my car yesterday. It rained out yesterday and washed a lot of salt away. Cold and windy today (everything is mostly "freeze dried") so I thought I might be ok for at least a couple days. My drive to work is all back roads, only 2.5 miles. Probably passed 5 cars going the opposite way...

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