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  1. D.E.

    Tesla props up Twitter purchase

    Musk has 50 people from the FSD team now working on Twitter software. The FSD team has about 200-300 people working on FSD software and ~100 working on hardware, and 500 or so “labelers” (who seem to be code documentation people). Some of these numbers are from 2019 so may be different today...
  2. dwahl

    NASA Special Edition Model X

    Does anyone know what brand of window glass tint was installed on the Space X/NASA custom Model X?
  3. surrelmar

    Model 3 krijgt verwarmde stoelen achterin met OTA update

    Hopelijk gaat dit al snel gebeuren! Is een welkome aanvulling deze maanden! "Tesla zal een over-the-air software-update uitbrengen voor eigenaren van de Model 3 Standard Range Plus-varianten, waarbij de verwarmde achterstoelen van het voertuig worden geactiveerd. Het verzoek kwam van Andrew...
  4. C

    Charge times and driving distances incorrect - Tesla refuses to look at it.

    Since the day I bought the X, it has never charged accurately or quickly. When the computer/app says it will be charged in 40 minutes, it will take 70-90 minutes. I understand (from Tesla) that the low end of the battery range and the upper end is slowed. I understand that another Tesla on...
  5. A

    Need Your Help! Getting Word Out On New Marketing/sales Program

    I have a new sales/marketing program I want to pitch to Tesla but I haven't been able to get a response from a single one of their official channels. I have hit the last resort of tweeting Mr. Musk but I am not a Twitter user so I have no following. It would be awesome if you could view the...
  6. S

    CNBC 5/1 interview with Chamath Palihapitiya on Musk and Tesla

    Interview today. Worth a listen as Chamath explains why he's long term Tesla. Chamath Palihapitiya: Musk's Tesla is the 'clear winner' in electric cars or their twitter post: CNBC on Twitter
  7. LargeHamCollider

    Taking Legal Action Against the SEC

    The SEC exists to protect shareholders and ensure fair markets. Instead of protecting shareholders, however, they have become a risk-factor for retail investors that needs to be planned for and mitigated. This state of affairs constitutes gross negligence on the part of the SEC. This post is...
  8. Ostrichsak

    Want to Buy: Referral Reward Black Wall Connector (HPWC) for $350

    I'm not in a hurry to buy as my NEMA 14-50 is doing the trick just fine so I'm not looking to pay the higher prices some are asking for one of these. If you have one you got from a referral (read: Free) that you want to move quickly w/o needing to take photos, create a listing or deal with tire...
  9. R

    Tesla worker filmed sleeping while on autopilot

    Friend filmed this o/a June 4th, 2018, near Fremont, CA.
  10. MelaniainLA

    Two Tickets to Elon Musk’s Boring Company Los Angeles Unveiling Event Thursday 5/17 at 7pm

    I have two extra tickets to the sold-out (and oversubscribed) event that Elon Musk has been tweeting about today at 7pm Thursday May 17 in Los Angeles (location in Bel Air on Sepulveda Blvd)! Elon Musk to outline Boring Company plans at LA event, webcast | Fox Business If you’re interested in...
  11. BobbyKings

    Model Y draad(je)

    Omdat hij / zij echt komt :) Elon Musk to reportedly share more info about the Tesla Model Y ‘next week’
  12. Haxster

    Elon Musk Confirms New Roadster

    Elon Musk Confirms New Roadster | Automobile Magazine Not much new here, so don't get too excited.
  13. Ormond

    Right-wing campaign against Musk

    How can we end Big Oil's control over our future? Right-wing group led by Trump propagandist launches campaign against Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX
  14. ev-enthusiast

    Tesla Motors in talks with German Government - Elon talks to Sigmar, Berlin Sept.24th

    During his European Tour Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is in Germany this week. German Minister Sigmar Gabriel, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Google translate; German abbreviation for the Ministry: BMWi), invited Elon Musk to a talk called "Future Economy". The talks will take...
  15. ronmerkord

    X announcement on Stephen Colbert?

    On the second day of Stephen Colbert's new show, Sept 9th, Elon Musk will be a guest. Think he will use this opportunity to announce the Model X deliveries? Tesla’s Elon Musk Among Colbert's First Guests On The 'Late Show' - Fortune Ron SigX #1015
  16. K

    Elon Coop Art Titled "The D"

    By Local Bay Area Artist Shaun Logan
  17. K

    Aeon Musk / SpaceX article

    This is a great article on Musk and SpaceX that was just published. Long read with no real new information, but very well written. The Elon Musk interview on Mars colonisation – Ross Andersen – Aeon
  18. D

    Local Coverage from Beijing (163.com / Ziff Davis)

    I spend 80% of my time in Beijing, and I happen to be in NY when Elon is in town and has a one on one interview with my friend. So much for my 15 minutes of fame... I don't have time (and not really the skill) to translate, but here is the link from 163.com, which seems to have some...