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  1. PoolCD6

    Just Purchased 2016 90D - Location search & MVPA

    New here, and appreciate you all! Nearing the end of my journey in purchasing my first tesla. A used, 2016 90D all options. Suspension, High Fidelity, Sub Zero, Hepa etc. From my 2 month search I think this is a great value at 53K + 4 yr warranty. VIN 5YJSA1E2XGF147914. 1) Any things I should...
  2. R

    Where can I download my MVPA (Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement)?

    When I bought my Model S 5 years ago, I used to go online and there was a section titled "My documents" (or something like that), and the MVPA was there for me to download. I got my Model X last week, and I don't see any spot online where I can download that document for the Model X. Is there...
  3. B

    MVPA - New - previous service/demo vehicle

    I relented and accepted the VIN with 150+ miles. Now the MVPA is stating this was a previous service/demo vehicle. My DC stated my car was slated to be a marketing vehicle but was reassigned to a customer. It has the miles becuase it had to be transported from one center to another. The VIN...
  4. 2

    2019 Feb order, with MVPA: New - Previous service/demo vehicle with 100 km

    So... I ordered a MR3 shortly after the announcement of the SR3 and recently received my MVPA, but it says under the Description of Property: "New - Previous service/demo vehicle" with an odometer reading of 100 km. From reading around the forums this is supposed to mean that the car was either...
  5. Choochoosparky

    "Used" Purchase fees

    Hello everyone. I am ready to pull the trigger and purchase a used MS. I've been searching and saving for months and finally am ready to buy one. I've been going back and forth to calculate what payments would be and have tried searching but could not find an actual answer as to what the fees...
  6. michidragon

    MVPA confusion. No premium upgrade package?

    So I'm taking delivery, tomorrow, of an Inventory S 75D produced October 22nd 2018, VIN 286229. I actually selected this one because I -wanted- the Sunroof, which It has, and I prefer the Textile seats vs the 'vegan leather'. However, I was under the impression that since about June or July...
  7. M

    MVPA does not show free premium connectivity + free charging

    My Moter Vehicle Purchase Agreement just showed up in my account today, about 1 week prior to my scheduled delivery date. It doesn't say anything about free premium connectivity, which I should be eligible for because I configured on 6/30, and it also doesn't say anything about free...
  8. RedM3

    Your ODO Reading on MVPA vs In Person

    Hi all, Just got my MVPA and it shows 100kms on my ODO Reading! :( Just curious what other people have on their paper work.. and if it matches what you have when you got the car. Thanks,
  9. Robert.Boston

    A Real MVPA

    It may be helpful for some to see a real MVPA. Mine (redacted) is attached.