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  1. J

    FS: MYP New 21" Uberturbine Wheels & Tires & TPMS (SF Bay Area)

    Brand New 21" Uberturbine wheels, tires and sensors from Model Y Performance. Swapped immediately after delivery. Tire: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 Sizes: 255/35 ZR 21 275/35 ZR 21 $2500
  2. D

    FS: 21" Uberturbines w/ TPMS, Michelin PS A/S 4 from 2022 MYP $2200 (SF Bay Area)

    Selling a full 21" Uberturbine set from my Model Y Performance. The wheels only have 650 miles on them since I was waiting for delivery on my new wheels. There are no issues with the wheels, no rash, and comes with TPMS and Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4. I simply wanted a different look for...
  3. P

    FS: NEW OEM 21" Uberturbine Wheels / Michelin Pilot Tires w/ TPMS from MYP (Northern Virginia/MD/DC) - $2800

    Selling a set of Tesla OEM 21" Model Y Uberturbine wheels with Michelin Pilot All-Season Sport 4 tires. The tire and wheel package also includes the Tesla OEM TPMS (bluetooth) and lug nut covers. Package: 2 x 21X9.5 Überturbine Front Wheels 2 x 21X10.5 Uberturbine Rear Wheels 2 x 255/35R21...
  4. MYUser

    FS MYP 21" Ubertubine factory wheel set with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires w/ tpms SF Bay Area New $2500

    For sale: MYP 21" Ubertubine factory wheel set with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires w/ tpms sensors, San Francisco Bay Area New $2500 for Local pick up, swapped out wheels right after delivery of vehicle, new. Great as a 2nd set with winter tire swap outs or as spares to swap out rashed wheels...
  5. Z

    New MYP owner - My take on ride quality.

    TL/DR: I prefer sporty feeling cars over luxury sedans, and love the MYP ride for a daily driver. For background, I’ve owned, amongst other cars, the following: Benz S class Lexus LS450 LS430 (typo) Lexus RX450 Acura Legend Acura Integra GSR (multiple models) Various Jeeps Miata F250 Prius...
  6. N

    Model Y Performance Uberturbine Square Box Set Up Review

    Top pic is og staggered set up. Bottom is square set up. TLDR: I have a square set up now with 2 Pairs of 21’’ x 10.5’’ Uberturbine rims. Ride is smoother, more stable, and negligible drop off in range if any. There is no rim rubbing. I am very happy I went through the trouble to do it :) I got...
  7. Robin Chris

    Sweden MYP - Waiting Room

    Hi Boys n Girls waiting for your Tesla delivery :) i Myself ordered 2 Tesla MYP on 2022-06-29 (late June) Current time window of delivery 2022-10-26 . 2022-12-20 Following up this thread with peoples updates on deliveries so we who ordered Tesla Model Y Performance vehicles in Sweden know what...
  8. B

    ‘Charge port LEDs may not illuminate’ / brand new Model Y

    MYP just picked up 9/11/22…getting this warning already: ‘Charge port LEDs may not illuminate. Charge port functionality not affected’. Seems to charge fine, but what gives? Couldn’t find an answer on this forum. Thanks
  9. R

    Model Y Performance 21" Tires - Larger, More Comfortable Fitment Details and Experience - Michelin AS4's (With Photos)

    I recently had to replace my 2022 MYP OEM Michelin All Season 4's and after a lot of research, and tire hunting, wanted to share my experience and the direction I went. Valuable information for those close to ordering new tires. I just drive 2000 miles through Santa Cruz, San Jose, Sacramento...
  10. M

    MYP - UK - Tyres

    Do we have any idea which tyres to expect. I’ve just watched a you tube video of one new MYP from Berlin with Pirelli P Zero tyres which offer minimal tyre protection against the 21” turbine rims. Coming from a BMW M3 I can also say the Mitchelin Pilot Sport range are way better. The 4S in...
  11. Thelycandraven

    2022 Model Y Performance brake noise / thump

    So, it is a 2 month old MYP with 1000 miles. I have noticed a thump noise when driving at very low speeds (5 mph) and suddenly very gently touching the brake pedal. I think it is coming from the back (not sure). It seems like if the brake is engaged and pads pushed towards the disc or something...
  12. D

    MIG vs MIC MYP ride quality

    I've seen a lot of comments that Made in Berlin MYP suspension and ride quality is more comfortable compared to Made in Shangai LR. Has anyone experienced or seen if there are any similar differences in Berlin vs Shangai MYP? I've ordered a MYP that will most likely come from Shanghai and I'm...
  13. W

    Model Y Performance order weird delays

    Hi All! Would anyone happen to have any thoughts / advice? I ordered a MYP w FSD on June 16th, with an original delivery estimate of ~August. The estimate has now slipped to Feb 2023 (!!) although new orders on the site are being quoted a Sept-Oct delivery. When I placed my order (for US...
  14. P

    Where do you sell your wheels? (If you ever have or would)

    I have a 2022 Model Y Performance and I’m interested in selling my 21” Uberturbines, with Michelin Pilot Sport All Season tires, and original pressure sensors, all with less than 4,000 km on them, and I live not too far outside of Toronto (a bit north right now but I’m all over the GTA anyway so...
  15. B

    FS Model Y Performance OEM Rear Spoiler

    MYP OEM Spoiler for sale. Took out from 2022 MYP @ ~ 100miles No Scratch in Like New condition All you need is double side automotive 3M tape Asking $300 in person pickup in TX DFW area.
  16. E

    For Sale: 21" Model Y Performance Uberturbine Wheels/Tires - Indianapolis, IN

    Hey everyone, I have a full set of four (4) 21" Model Y Performance Uberturbine wheels with low mileage (~2,000 miles) tires. Everything is OEM. They're in various conditions. PLEASE view the images below for all the details, and I'm happy to answer any questions about them. PRICING: A full...
  17. P

    Convert MYLR order to MYP - Not possible?

    I ordered MYLR in Dec 2021. After many delays and time spent sitting on my hands I want to change to the MYP. I read posts that Tesla is allowing people to change their order to other trim/options with original pricing @ time of order. (vs reordering at today’s pricing). I’m coming from MYSR...
  18. B

    June 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    I didn't see anyone make a thread for June 2022 orders. So here we go! :p I placed my order on 06/14/2022 for my MYLR in MSM on 20’’ Induction Wheels, 5 seater, No tow or FSD. I currently an est. delivery date of Jan-Apr 2023. I've seen people have their delivery date moved sooner than the...
  19. A

    FS: DFW area - 4 MYP Uberturbine 21" $2600

    $2600 Took delivery 6/10. Brand New Model Y Performance wheels with 41 miles on tires. Includes TPMS. No damage. Pick up or can meet in Dallas area. Sorry no shipping.
  20. tmruwart

    2022 MYP vs MYLR sway bar stiffness

    I ran my 2022 MYLR at the Brainerd International Raceway track a few weeks ago for the first time and one thing I noticed is a bit more roll than I would like. I will be getting a 2022 MYP shortly and I was wondering if anyone knows if there are different [thicker] sway bars on the MYP compared...
  21. Vustadumas

    Anyone with late '21 early '22 get your spoiler yet?

    Heya! So I'm pushing 6 months now since delivery, and every few weeks, I'm told the same thing about my spoiler. Parts aren't in stock yet. I'm seeing a lot of newly minted MYP's on the road, and they have the spoiler again, so the production is rolling. I'm a bit put off that they keep...
  22. micaluzzo83

    2022 Model Y Performance - gauging interest - NJ

    Hi Everyone, I’m considering letting go of my gorgeous White ‘22 MYP this summer. I have an order on an X plaid so naturally it would be selfish of me to have them both. I’m located in NJ if anyone local wants to come and check her out. Features at a glance Approximately 1,700 miles...
  23. G

    Transfer my MYP reservation! Who wants it? EDD 6/4-7/9/22

  24. G

    Can I transfer my MYP order to save my $250 deposit? Who wants it? EDD is 6/4-7/9/22

    My wife recently changed her mind and wants to cancel her order. This order was place end of March 2022 ( before the tesla changed announce the removal of mobile chargers). EDD is currently 6/4-7/9/22. I have attached the model y build details.
  25. MYinmyfuture

    NY - LI Waiting Room

    OD 4/14/22 EDD 6/17/22-7/22/22 MYP Black on Black - No Tow/FSD
  26. Quantm99

    FS: DC/NOVA Area: 19" Model Y Gemini Wheels - complete set

    Selling some OEM 19" Gemini wheels/tires/tpms/aero covers. $1500. No scratches/curbage/damage etc. Wheels are in excellent shape. Bought as a winter set for my MYP since there were no 21" AS or winter tires available in the country but the saw very little use, under 1k miles on them (still has...
  27. I

    Anyone want to buy my Mountain Pass Performance Comfort Coilovers for Model Y?

    Located in the east bay. Brand new. Literally just arrived from MPP. Just changed my mind and MPP has a high restocking fee. Paid 3268.54 shipped. Asking for $3100.
  28. I

    FS: Mountain Pass Performance Comfort Coilovers for Model Y

    Located in Bay Area, CA. Local pickup only. Brand new. Literally just arrived from MPP. Just changed my mind and MPP has a high restocking fee. Paid 3268.54 shipped. Asking for $3100.
  29. A

    MYP Early February Build Slot For Sale!

    MYP Early February Build Slot If anyone is interested in buying my build slot I'm trying to recuperate the $250 I paid to put in the build. I placed it in early February and the estimated delivery currently says March 23-31. Build Details: Model Y Performance Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Solid...

    22 MYP: Update broke my steering wheel telescoping?

    Last night I updated my car to the latest software that was available (2022.4.5.4). When I got into the car today, I realized the steering felt really off, and the wheel was too far away and not comfortable. I pulled over to adjust the settings and realized the telescoping no longer works. It...
  31. S

    MYP March EOQ Delivery - waiting room

    I ordered in texas in 02/07 with a vague EDD of March 2022. Then I saw for two days April 19- May 22 but it went back to March 10-31st on Feb 13. Anyone with this order date get a 2 week window yet or how are EOQ deliveries handled? MYP white ext/int 5 seats and no tow hitch
  32. I

    Ordered MYP and am looking for options of 19" wheels that clear the bigger brakes.

    Hi Tesla Motors Club, Ordered MYP and am looking at 19" wheels that clear the bigger brakes. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/swap-model-y-performance-21-wheels-with-long-range-20-wheels.252455/#post-6275193 PacificPower mentioned T Sportline ones do. 19" Gemini's on a MYP mentions...
  33. Z

    2022 Tesla Model Y Performance with XPEL PPF $68500

    LIKE NEW! 2320 Miles Price 68500 No FSD Black Interior. NO ACCIDENTS I'm all tesla family and this is the best copy of one, unfortunately, I have to let it go. Taken Amazing care of this car, front Bumper has xpel ultimate PPF and the hood has Suntek Ultra PPF, basically best PPF. washed the...
  34. G

    February 2022 Ordered and Estimated Delivery Dates

    I ordered a MYP on February 15th, 2022. On the web page my estimated delivery date was April. I ordered right after I saw it change from March to April. Once I ordered and put in my information the APPlICATION the next day I had my estimated delivery date as May 31 to June 28. Meanwhile the...
  35. A

    Midnight Silver Metallic MYP

    MYP Midnight Silver Metallic/White Interior No Tow Package/No FSD Order Date: 1/19/22 EDD 1: March 14, 2022- March 31, 2022 EDD 2: March 4, 2022 - March 31, 2022 Location: NE Ohio Vin: Waiting :( MSM Model YP's seem like they're taking a lot longer than other colors. Anyone else having no...
  36. S

    Texan Residents can’t get 4680s?

    I ordered a MYP in the first week of Feb 2022. I just got an EDD of march 10-31 but I just recently found out giga texas is not allowed to deliver to texas residents. Does this mean that there is absolutely no way of receiving 4680s inside texas? I heard you could FedEx the paper work to out of...
  37. D

    MYP UK Waiting Room

    Morning all 👋 It’s all in the title, this thread for us MYP reservation holders in the UK to chat all things Model Y Performance (And also because I’m gonna cry next week seeing all these MYLR pop up on the sister thread Model Y UK Delivery…and on the roads too!) E.g. the latest trendy &...
  38. A

    Giga Austin MYP Vins and Delivery

    Since I didn't see a thread for owners with Giga Austin VINs, I thought I'd put one here. According to this article they've started pushing out MYP VINs for Texas now. If Austin VIN people could detail their delivery experience and features here along with their delivery dates.
  39. Drock77

    2021 Tesla Model Y Performance For Sale

    2021 Tesla Model Y Performance for sale White exterior, black interior 8750 miles. No FSD Vehicle is in mint condition located in Knoxville, Tennessee Add Ons: Vehicle has serval thousand in add ons. -Full front end Xpel Paint Protection Film installed. Also on the rear bottom doors, sill...
  40. Steve S

    Brand New Tesmanian 20-22 MY mats North Dallas pick up.

    BNIB Tesmanian a Tesla Model Y second row seat back protector (5 or 7 passenger) $80 BNIB Tesmanian Tesla Model Y 20-22 front and rear trunk/frunk well mats as well as rear cargo mat. $130 Or will do all for $200 cash or Venmo. I cancelled my MYP order and that is why I am selling these...
  41. J

    FS: 21” Uberturbines and Michelin All Seasons

    2022 Tesla Model Y Performance Wheels and Tires, removed immediately upon delivery. Brand new! 21” Uberturbines with Michelin All Season Tires. Size: 21X9.5" Front, 21X10.5" Rear Offset: +40 Front, +48 Rear Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport All Seasons More detailed photos upon request. Located...
  42. J

    MYP 21” Uberturbine and Michelin All Seasons

    2022 Tesla Model Y Performance Wheels and Tires, removed immediately upon delivery. Brand new and for sale! 21” Uberturbines with Michelin All Season Tires. Size: 21X9.5" Front, 21X10.5" Rear Offset: +40 Front, +48 Rear Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport All Seasons More detailed photos upon...
  43. R

    2022 Model Y Performance Blue/Black Reservation - NY 63k price

    Hey, I have a Model Y Performance reservation Blue/Black delivering to Long Island NY. March delivery but I put a hold on it today to get more time. The reservation price is 63k VS the 65k for the same config today. Looking to get $1250 and you save $750 and get a sooner delivery. It's not...
  44. S

    WTB Model Y performance reservation AZ

    I am looking to buy a MYP reservation. Preferably before the price increase. Please DM me if anyone is interested.
  45. E

    Model Y Performance being delivered with A/S tires not summer tires!

    So I live in Minnesota where we get the occasional snow, ice and other crappy road conditions that summer performance tires don’t really like. I ordered my MYP back in late October and was reminded that they come with summer performance tires. Needless to say I went out and purchased some new...
  46. T

    Delay on day of delivery due to inspection. VIN received.

    After waiting months, I finally received my VIN on 11/20/21 and was told to pick up my new MYP the next day on 11/21/21. Literally an hour before the confirmed delivery window, I got an email from Tesla saying the service team needed more time to pass inspection with the car and the delivery...
  47. M

    WTB: MY 20" Induction Wheels with/or without TPMS/Tires - CO Area

    WTB: MY 20" Induction Wheels/ with/or without TPMS/Tires - CO Area
  48. E

    WTB: MYP 21" Uberturbine Front Passenger Side Wheel - Indiana/Midwest

    🤦‍♂️ Scuffed up my MYP 21" Uberturbine front passenger side wheel (1,982 miles) and would like to buy a replacement. Also open to buy an entire set. Willing to drive a couple hours from central Indiana for pick up.
  49. B

    FS: 21" Tesla Model Y Performance OEM Uberturbine Wheel + Tires (NOVA)

    Selling a set of the Model Y Performance OEM wheels and tires. 543 miles driven before getting them swapped off Includes: OEM 21" UberTurbine Tesla Model Y Performance Wheels OEM Tires for UberTurbines (P Zero staggered) 4 x Tesla logo wheel caps One of the rims has a small scuff mark from...
  50. Y

    Model Y red calipers

    Can anyone take a pic of their MYP red calipers so I can see what the decals look like. Thanks!

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