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nag interval

  1. Tezla1

    New AutoPilot is horrible after update

    I have been using Tesla Basic AP since 2018. Updated the car yesterday. First drive was my usual 40 mile drive I’ve made with AP for 6 years. Immediately I notice the AP nag is more often and turns red way faster. I drive 70-80 mph , 90% highway. After getting way more bags than I’ve ever...
  2. T

    Autopilot reminder every 15 seconds??

    I have a 2023 Standard Model 3 and when I go on to work on the hiway I use Basic autopilot. Sometimes it reminds me to touch the wheel or interact with it svery two minutes. Recently it is flashing to touch the wheel every 12-15 seconds. over tve course of a two hour drive this is more...
  3. PassingLane

    Autopilot Asking for Input Every 11 Seconds

    This is so annoying. It doesn’t happen every drive but I’d say 3 out of five drives. I’ve been timing it so that’s how I got the figure of 11 seconds. When this happens, I don’t even bother using the system. Anyone know what’s going on? Interior camera is disabled and always has been.
  4. M

    Autopilot nags and changing intervals

    Hey guys, Is there any rhyme or reason as to why the timeframes between nags intervals. Is there any way to definitely extend time between nags? So far i believe i may subconsciously be applying pressure sometimes more than others. My senario- My interior camera is covered. Driving with hand...
  5. B

    The Nag makes driving on Autopilot almost impossible for me...

    I am very strongly considering getting one of those devices that disables the nag in the autopilot because I can no longer use it reliably since it was updated to be so frequent. I am a long time Autopilot user. We did an over 5000 mile road trip in our 2015 Model S, I did most of the driving...
  6. R

    AP nag interval solved

    Hey all, Just wanted to let folks know that the nag interval for AP does not appear to be time based. It appears to be distance based. I found the interval to be ~0.5 miles between nags. This accounts for the uneven intervals others have seen when trying to time them as your speed factors...