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  1. R

    Picture request: all available characters & symbols on touchscreen keyboard

    I'm working on a creative name for my MS and I'm wondering if a current owner could help me out. I'd like to know which characters & symbols are available on the touchpad keyboard. A pic would be perfect! The character limit for a Tesla's name would be a bonus. Thanks for the help!
  2. fallen888

    Help me name my MS, Part Deux

    Thank you guys for helping me figure out what to name my MS in an earlier thread. Now help me narrow it down to the one pls!
  3. fallen888

    Help me name my MS

    I see a lot of people on TMC give their cars nicknames, but I'm drawing a blank and could use some help. Production complete and in transit: Blue, 60 kWh, pano roof. I've seen some good ones (e.g. Tessy), but would like something original. Give me some good ideas and the winner will have the...
  4. gjunky

    GenIII, "We really need to find a better name for it"

    Elon said it during the last earnings call, we really should find a better name for the GenIII car. Here it goes then. Assuming we are staying withe the "Model -" type naming, I think it might make sense to call the GenIII line of cars the Model M. We can then have variants: Model MS = Sedan...