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  1. M

    GPS voice when door opens

    Took my 2020 Model S for annual service. Since then, every time I open one of the front doors, the GPS tells me "your destination is ahead on the left" even though the nav system is not active. I have tried the reset on the two thumb wheels but can not get this to stop. If anyone else has...
  2. Hotrodder

    Sharing WAZE with Tesla

    I've read that you should be able to "share' a WAZE navigation from your phone to the Tesla Nav Screen by clicking in Waze onto "share" and then "other" and Tesla. After many tries, I've been unsuccessful. Has anybody had success with this sharing of Waze??
  3. N

    Trip/Route Planning Software/Apps - Thoughts?

    New to the Tesla world and was wondering people's thoughts, recommendations, etc. on the different trip/route planning options out there. So far, I'm aware of ABetterRoutePlanner.com on the web, the EVTO app on my iPhone, and the Nav/Maps that come standard on my S. I also see a bunch of other...
  4. C

    Disable nav volume knob

    Whenever I come to a stop at an intersection or in a parking lot I need to turn down the stereo so I can concentrate. If the nav is on, the volume knob doesn’t turn down the music so it’s stuck blasting until the nav voice stops. I don’t want the knob to adjust the nav voice. Ever. How do I...
  5. N

    Vehicle Location Not Updating in Nav App

    Hi all, Just adopted our new 60D today. Have been dismayed to find that the car's location in the Nav app is not updating while we drive (at this point, not at all). When we drove away from the dealership and noticed this I assumed the Nav screen was in some sort of "detail" screen out of...
  6. SSD420

    Navigation initializing ?

    My navigation has been initializing for more than a day now. The gps had no idea where I was yesterday. Earlier today the gps was the just black but now I get this (see pic) and the circle just spins.. Any ideas?