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  1. M

    Loss of cruise

    Recently took my 2021 Model 3 in to have the windows tinted. When I picked up the car I lost parking assist, cruise control, rear cameras and navigation. I removed the mirror and cover and everything looks to be plugged in and the tint is NOT covering the camera. I've powered of the car and done...
  2. R

    No Nav Sound When I Set Up Any Destination First Thing In The Morning

    It is so weird that I lost NAV sound when I set up the destination first thing in the morning yesterday. Spoke to service tech at Owing Mills, MD after a hold of half an hour, we tried to reboot couple of times but all in vain. No solution.Did the power off and then foot brake boot/open door...
  3. WillK

    Sudden improvements in speed zone data and navigation

    model s 75d Nov 2016. Software 2019.12.1.1. Nav data Na-180906-1605. I got the software update about a week ago and initially speed zone info on my street was as usual incorrect. Today it was very spot on, including school zone signs. I think this also improved navigation. Usually on my way...
  4. Padelford

    V9, AP 2.0: Google Maps faster than basic maps?

    2018.39.6 Anyone have a reason for why Google Maps update faster than the plain, nearly-featureless maps in the Nav display? It’s counterintuitive. Google Maps have much more data to be displayed, yet they update significantly faster, especially when I move the map to a completely new...
  5. La Piazza

    Business Trip Tracker

    Does anyone know of a "business trip tracker" that is already integrated into the Tesla or coming soon as an update?... Rather than writing down or using an App to keep track of my business trips for the IRS it would be an incredible help to do the same with a push of a button in the Tesla. Of...