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navigate on autopilot

  1. terraform

    FSD 12.3 supervised not always following navigation directions

    Has anyone else noticed that sometimes navigating to a location, nav will tell you take a turn, but FSD does not follow it? I noticed this a few times on 12.3.3, whereas previously it never did that. Particularly, I’ve noticed it with forks in the road. Someone had posted here something...
  2. V

    Model Y navigate on autopilot version 2022.36.4

    Why is my Tesla Model Y Navigate on Autopilot not enabled for City Streets but I see that working for Freeways. There are bunch of YT videos posted about navigate on autopilot on City Streets. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  3. Jones1

    Autopilot in Houston Texas & Surrounding Area’s

    I haven’t seen a thread for Autopilot in The Houston Area. I have recently picked up my MYP 2022. I did notice how Autopilot applies the brake lightly. When I’m on a two way - 2 lane road. When there is a section or median of grass in between the two directional lanes. It isn’t a hard brake at...
  4. Mardak

    [FSD Beta 10.2+] Highway testing and Navigate on Autopilot improvements (partial single stack?)

    I've noticed that with FSD Beta 10.2 enabled, I don't see "Unsupported Maneuver" for Navigate on Autopilot ending in XXX feet. This is common for very short on/off-ramp merges where 200 feet to switch at highways speeds is less than 2 seconds. Today, I tested disabling FSD Beta, and sure enough...
  5. V

    Navigate on Autopilot Speed Issue

    I have a 2020 Model Y with FSD at software version 2021.4.12. I used Navigate on Autopilot (NOA) to transition from a 55 MPH Interstate directly onto a 55 MPH Parkway via a one lane curved exit/entrance ramp marked at 25 MPH (although my experience is most people drive the connecting ramp at 35...
  6. clydeiii

    Navigate-on-Autopilot between MD-295N and I-895N?

    Sorry if this isn't the right forum for this question (please point me to where I should ask instead) but I have a question about NoA between 295N and I-895N. As anyone who drives this route knows, the ramp that connects these two highways is incredibly short and the bank is very steep. I have...
  7. M


    I recently upgraded my 2018 LR RWD to HW3 courtesy of a 3 year hold of Tesla Stock and I'm wondering about others experience with the HOV lanes on the QEW and navigate on autopilot. It seems to want to move to the right out of the HOV lanes every once and a while. Up until now I've been using...
  8. J

    Auto Lane Change Stays in Passing Lane

    Hi, I have EAP and auto lane change works in every situation except to move out of the passing lane. After passing someone on the left lane, the car simply stays there... regardless of the vehicles behind me waiting for me to move over. I know it's capable of moving lanes to the right...
  9. arroyobass

    I hate Navigate on Autopilot

    We got our model 3 about a month ago and navigate on autopilot was the number one feature I was excited about in the car! We have done about 1800 miles in the last month almost completely on the highway around southern California. Navigate on autopilot is a terrible driver. The auto lane...
  10. AlanSubie4Life

    Trip Report - San Diego to North Rim Grand Canyon

    As alluded to in other posts, I took a trip from San Diego to the North Rim of Grand Canyon in my AWD Performance+ last week/weekend. This is an 8000-foot ascent. Setup: 2019.32.11.1 Michelin CrossClimate+ on Dekagram 18x8.5 wheels. (Temperatures dropped into the 20's and upper teens...
  11. cruiserlarry

    V10 - No Nav on Autopilot button on Nav Screen

    I received 2019.32.11 on Sunday, and yesterday received 2019.32.11.1 - not sure when it started, but since I received V10, I no longer have the "Navigate On Autopilot" button showing on my navigation screen. All of the NOA controls are still set in the menu, but no way to access it to use it -...
  12. I

    Edinburgh SR+ pickup, minor body issues, impressions and other thoughts

    Hey all. A brief account of my experience picking up in Edinburgh on Saturday. There were 5 cars in our group. We got time with a demo car. We were showed about and our apps were set up automagically. Our cars were outside and were 'big revealed'. My white SR+ had no paint issues but did have...
  13. AlanSubie4Life

    Things my wife said about Navigate on Autopilot tonight

    Wife: "Why is it so jerky?" Me: "Well, it can decelerate somewhat abruptly while on freeway interchanges..." Wife: "It's not just around corners, it's all the time on the freeway; why do you use it if it is so bad?" Me: "Well, I'm trying it out; I think maybe you notice less if you're...
  14. P

    5% Battery Left and 1000 miles From Home: My Round-trip from Rochester, NY to Winnipeg

    Just got back from the longest road trip I've ever taken in my Model S and I decided to document my journey here. Love to hear everyone's thoughts! Overall Stats Total distance driven: 3,304 miles Total energy used: 1,027.8 kWh Average energy used per mile: 311 Wh Total Paid on charging...
  15. J

    Navigate on autopilot drives like a drunk - won’t keep straight in a single lane.

    Just picked up my M3P last weekend and took a trip this weekend. Using NOAP I’ve found that the car struggles to stay in the center of the lane to the point that my wife complained that the back and forth swerve made it tough for her to read in the back seat. Seems worse on some sections of road...
  16. LakeWorthB

    Car can't change lanes into HOV lane because of the double dashed lines.

    In Palm Beach County, FL on I95 which is the main N/S highway, the left most lane is the HOV lane for a few hours a day, and just the fast lane other times. Using NOP, when I try to have the car change lanes itself into this lane, it gets part way, and then aborts and changes back. The lanes are...
  17. C

    NoAP - major flaw on UK motorway exit...dangerous

    received 2019.16.2 today. Great update and was so excited to see NoAP in UK at last. However, first use and two very worrying incidents. Motorway lane changes were fine, no issues whatsoever. Note that this is indicator (turn signal) initiates after on-screen prompt. The issue came with...
  18. V

    Nav on AP with Auto-Lane Change unusable in current state

    I’ve been trying to use (I.e. test a feature for Tesla for free) both Nav on AP and auto lane change since it was first released, and I find myself wanting to keep it permanently turned off at this point. The auto lane changes are seemingly random and generally unhelpful. All of the things...
  19. Enginerd

    Navigate On Autopilot: automatic lane change results

    Everybody has anecdotal experience with automated lane changes using Navigate on Autopilot (NOA). We see comments such as "works for me every time", "kinda sketchy", or "merged into the fast lane without considering the guy coming at 100 mph". All of these observations are true, but don't...
  20. J

    Incorrect Speed Limits + Autopilot = Sad Tesla

    New TM3 owner (LR AWD, white-on-white with 19's and FSD) here. Have had the car almost a week, and can't imagine going back to another vehicle. I was sad to discover that I'm unable to use Autopilot (specifically, auto-steer) on my commute. The problem is that the two main roads I use (both are...
  21. E

    Navigate on Autopilot fails, Autopilot continues

    Yesterday I experienced something I thought I'd share. When I began a road trip in the morning after a heavy rain, Navigate on Autopilot (set ON by default) frequently would drop out with a message to the effect (not a quote) that it was unavailable, and if the problem persisted, I should...
  22. EvolutionTeʂla

    Wow, so much fun! My first NOA test with 2019.12 (video)!

    Hey gang. I just posted a couple new videos to my YouTube channel (Evolution Tesla) covering 2019.12. The latest one offers a good test of the new capabilities of NOA on the highway. I ran into a few issues but overall it was a really fun and exciting experience. We're getting really close...
  23. Colgate2004

    Anyone else notice degraded Lane Change functionality with 2019.8.5?

    I got the 2019.8.5 update this past week (M3 LR AWD) then a day or two later was driving home from Boston and turned on auto steer and navigate on autopilot. Hoo boy. Every. Single. lane change failed. The car would begin to change lanes, cut back into the original lane, start to change lanes...
  24. Enginerd

    Model 3 software super-thread

    It's getting hard to keep track of features that don't necessarily carry over between successive software version releases. Scouring through several pages of posts for each individual software version thread is inefficient and ineffective. If this format is helpful to people, I'll try to...
  25. DanCar

    Can I buy EAP without FSD?

    I'm considering buying a Model 3. I like autopilot so that is $3K. Is it possible to order EAP/NoA for additional $2K instead of paying for FSD for $5K? Changing subjects: Lots of videos on how NoA is awesome: Dr. Camilo Ortiz on Twitter
  26. C

    Autopilot Shortcomings and Limitations

    Hi Folks -- I have had my Model 3 for a bit over a month so far. I don't regret my decision to pay extra for EAP as I do enjoy it overall. I have a long commute from OC to LA and I do feel less tired when I have Autopilot engaged for most, if not all, of my time on the freeway. That being said...
  27. Smoofv

    Right Foot on Autopilot

    Hi all, What do you do with your right foot when autopilot engaged? I've only had my Model 3 LR AWD for a little over a month, but I find that when I engage the autopilot, I keep my foot tensed and hovering over the pedals, which creates more strain than actually driving the car. Just curious...
  28. S

    Putting the new Navigate on Autopilot to the test

    If you have tested the function, please share with me how it worked for you? (Free sign-up to be our member at tocnys.org/register. 20% off promo code for Tesla merchandise awaiting)
  29. R

    Model 3 - Early build (~VIN 1000) - Updated to 2018.42.3 - No Navigate on Autopilot

    Any idea why I don't have navigate on autopilot? I have heard something about the maps possibly not being updated. Any way to check on this? Are some people just not getting Navigate on Autopilot yet?
  30. Az_Rael

    Navigate on Autopilot needs a “nope” button

    I know I am late to the party, but I just got the NoA update this morning in time for a drive down to LAX and back. I had my HOV stickers on, so I turned on the HOV option. With that on, the car wanted me to always be in the HOV lane even in light traffic. Not a huge deal to ignore...