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navigation data

  1. I

    Change navigation data

    Hello everybody, I have my Tesla Model 3 in Thailand but I’ve buy it from dealer and car from New Zealand. I need to change navigation data from AU to TH. How can I do that? Someone have the same problem?
  2. B

    Navigation data question! Model S 2014

    Hello everyone! I got a question : Navigation of the car is not working! I cant see the map but i can't navigate anywhere, it's just showing information but no routes. I clicked a software button in settings but on "Navigation data" its not showing any version, only four dashes, ex : "Navigation...
  3. D

    Navigation presets

    I was surprised to see that the navigation setup does not include “avoid freeway” selection. I’ve had navigation software for years now and in each system there are usually three things you can avoid: tolls, freeways and ferries. Tesla doesn’t use the freeway option. I live near I 95 in Virginia...
  4. E

    Issues with 2020.48.30 update

    Anybody else have issues with the 2020.48.30 update? I just (finally) received it this morning and applied it. Once done - everything looked normal, I went to the car and restarted it (press the two scroll wheels until screens go black). I have found my car is always a bit wonky after an...
  5. L

    Cartes de Navigation Europe 2019.21-12489

    Bonjour, Je viens de recevoir Aujourd’hui la mise à jour 2020.36.3.1 Juste apres, j’ai reçu la mise à jour de navigation 2019.21-12489. je n’ai pas encore roulé avec. Je m’attendais à une version 2020. Savez-vous est la version de carte la plus récente en Europe ?
  6. T

    Change Satnav/Connectivity from US spec to EU spec

    I've been offered one of the earlier Model 3's, US-imported in 2018. Getting a correct US charger rather then an adapter plug seems the smallest challenge. The car seems to have the improved Autopilot. The issue it only connects through wifi/hotspot, and the satnav only accepts Canada, USA and...
  7. Stream

    Software wil niet updaten, tenzij geforceerd bij SC

    Wat zou er aan de hand kunnen zijn? Ik heb alleen soms wifi (parkeerplaatsen veel te ver van kantoor en huis), maar zowel navigatiedata als de software wil niet updaten op die momenten dat ik goed signaal heb voor minimaal enkele uren in een rij. Ik verwacht op z'n minst een voortgangsbalk in...
  8. S

    Tesla Nav vs Waze in Toronto: Opinions wanted please!

    Hi all, I'm thinking about getting a Model 3 SR+. Can people from Toronto please share their experiences with Tesla Nav vs Waze? It really concerns me that the SR+ maps don't show live traffic data (I like to be able to see it because sometimes I will take alternate routes based on the red and...
  9. gnuarm

    Map Updates for Road Closures

    I was stuck in a backup for some hours last night in the mountains of North Carolina when a rock slide closed the highway. After they eventually got us out of the backup I then needed to reroute to reach my destination and might need an intermediate charge. The in car navigator could not help...
  10. M

    Voice commands

    I used to have a bmw i3 it had a feature of for example show me nearby restaurants and a list of restaurants would populate the screen .You could then click on a given restaurant and there would be be information regarding. Surely tesla could duplicate this feature
  11. rhumbliner

    Destination SoC Anomaly

    Yesterday I was driving from the Barstow SuperCharger to the Needles SuperCharger, a distance of 148 miles. I had the nav system programmed for Needles and it estimated that with my starting SoC of 97% I should arrive at my destination with 43% SoC. I was driving with AP enabled and my speed...
  12. RobertSeattle

    How current is the naviation data?

    I used the Tesla navigation system yesterday to take me to part of Seattle I'm not familiar with and it tried to have me go on a road that has been closed for the past 3 years (Light rail construction). I can understand recent changes, but 3 years? Sorry for the newbie question, but is this...