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nema 14-50 outlet

  1. Big Earl

    Leviton upgrades their NEMA 14-50 receptacle - more robust, less risk of failure

    https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/leviton-introduces-50a-heavy-duty-ev-charging-receptacle-302047705.html Leviton has made significant upgrades to their NEMA 14-50 receptacle. Details in the article. This appears to make it roughly equivalent to Hubbell, Cooper and Bryant brand...
  2. Whoze

    Installing a temporary 14-50 charging outlet - Advice needed

    So, I have a 2023 standard range 3. and my beliefs and questions are: 1) My understanding is that the max charge rate is limited to 32 amps by the car whether using the mobile or wall charger. That being the case, it would be pointless installing a 60 amp breaker in the main panel. The main...

    Do I need a charging cable?

    I just replaced my previous EV with a Tesla 2023 Model S. I pick up the Model S next Saturday (Feb 25, 2023). For my previous vehicle I had a NEMA 14-50 outlet in the garage with a CCS cable going to the EV. Will the Tesla come with a charger and cable that I can plug into the NEMA 14-50 and...
  4. G

    LNI Permit Type needed in WA state for NEMA 14-50 installation

    I'm trying to obtain the permit needed to self-install the NEMA 14-50 outlet for my Model S in my garage. For WA state where I live (Bothell), we need to obtain the permit from LNI (link below). However, the options to purchase the permit are not evidentially clear for an EV charger installation...
  5. Bobo Tinker

    NEMA 14-50 install guidance for Older home

    Hi Everyone! I’ve recently moved into an older home built about 25-30 years ago and have recently purchased a Tesla model 3 performance which I’m still awaiting delivery for. I am worried about the feasibility of a Nema 14-50 outlet given my older home and 150 AMP circuit box. The good news is...
  6. C

    Frightening Crackling/Zappy Sound Coming From NEMA 14-50 Charger

    Hi everyone, NEMA 14-50 outlet Model 3 standard charger Sits on 50 amp breaker on a copper line Went out into my garage this morning to drive Model 3... didn't hear anything out of the ordinary. Car was plugged in. Opened my car door. A/C in the car turned on basically to full blast (it's...
  7. G

    NEMA 14 - 50 or Wall charger

    I got a MX and now trying to figure out the home charging. I am using MX for regular commute. Currently with Covid, my usage is minimal. I am trying to decide between getting a NEMA 14 - 50 outlet and using the mobile charger vs having a wall charger (Gen 3). Talking with the electrician, he...
  8. Qbenjamin

    Why Do Electricians Charge So Much To Install EV Outlets?

    Let me preface my comments by saying that this is a rant thread... I'm on my third Tesla in 4 years, just so happens I moved into my third place as well. First house, I was new to the EV world and had no idea about the charging outlet being required, let alone its installation. Cost me $279 to...
  9. A

    No off-street parking - is my home-charging solution a bad idea?

    I've ordered my first Tesla (MY) and in preparation for its delivery I'm debating on whether or not this charging solution I have in my mind is... just crazy or actually feasible? We're lucky enough to only live 1.5 miles away from a bank of gen 3 super chargers set to go live any week now so...
  10. RubinRA

    240v Extension Cord Question

    I bought a heavy 15-foot extension cord to connect my Model 3 (via a Gen 2 mobile connector with a NEMA 10-30R adapter) to my in-laws' old NEMA 10-30R basement dryer plug. It works fine to recharge my car. Here's my question: If I get an adapter like this one (http://www.shorturl.at/ruT39), am I...
  11. Kelr316

    Tesla requires 60A Disconnect switch w/charger?

    I received a quote from a Tesla authorized installer today and he says Tesla requires a 60A disconnect switch within 5’ of the home charger? Is this true? The reason I ask is it added $425.00 to the quote (not including the charger) vs just going with just a 50A and a NEMA 14/50 plug.
  12. Kelr316

    Tesla requires 60A Disconnect switch w/charger?

    I received a quote from a Tesla authorized installer today and he said Tesla requires a 60A disconnect switch within 5’ of the home charger? Is this true? The reason I ask is it added $425.00 to the quote (not including the charger) vs just going with just a 50A and a NEMA 14/50 plug.
  13. R

    Tesla Home Charger. Redundancy. (Poll included)

    Hi, I am awaiting my LR AWD M3. So far we are preparing for the car by installing a home charging setup. A friend of mine has agreed to sell me a Tesla wall charger for a very good price since he has an extra one and I have a construction electrician coming by this weekend to set up our...
  14. G

    Req. recommendation: Electrician in Novi/Canton Michigan area

    Hello All, I am looking for an Electrician recommendation in the Novi/Canton Michigan area. I am in the market to buy a Model 3 LR. If anyone has idea on expected cost of installation for a standard 240V, NEMA 14-50 outlet in the garage with the following conditions, please let me know: 1...
  15. ponzu

    Can I see photos of how you are using a bike water holder to hold the UMC plugged into NEMA 14-50?

    NEMA 14-50 outlet is getting installed today in the garage. I imagine I will have a say in which way it gets oriented: up, down or sideways. I assume it is generally agreed that suspending the UMC from the outlet is not a fantastic idea. Do most people angle their NEMA 14-50 outlets up, and then...
  16. TSAccessorize

    Model S/X/3 Gen 1Mobile Connector Bundle with Adaptors

    New Generation 1 40AMP 1x NEMA 5-15 Adapter 1x NEMA 14-50 Adapter 1x Storage Bag
  17. L

    Nema 14-50 on 20A Breaker?

    Hi guys, Need some help. I've gotten two quotes on a NEMA 14-50 install that appear to conflict with each other. One electrician is saying that I can put a 40Amp 14-50 outlet without any upgrades to my panel, the other is saying I can only do 20A with the current load. I have an existing 120V...
  18. E

    Electrician reference - Atlanta/greater Atlanta area

    Hi everyone, I'm a first time poster and would appreciate a local electrician reference for the greater Atlanta area (preferably a company that services the north western 'burbs - Smyrna/Marietta). I'm looking to get a NEMA 14-50 outlet installed in my garage. I estimate the install to be on...
  19. firelegend

    I am on the Tesla website... need help

    So the Tesla website says to get a Nema 14-50 It goes on to say that the model 3 will charge at 44mph at 90, and 44 mph at 60. So I don't need more then 60? The Nema 14-50 then says under it that it will be 240 volt / 50 amp and charge at 30mph So its recommending I use the nema 14-50, which...
  20. noahsw

    Available capacity with 125amp breaker at home

    I've had two electricians come to scope out work on my townhome installation. The first claimed I only had 20amps available but the other claimed I had 50. My heating and stove are gas-powered. How do I know which to trust? If I use the UMC with a NEMA 14-50, will the car automatically use...
  21. fasteddie7

    Will this 14-50 work?

    I'm still trying to decide if I should buy a HPWC or just install a NEMA 14-50, I stopped at the local hardware store and picked up on 14-50 outlet, it is different than the others i've seen and it doesn't say NEMA anywhere on it. I attached pictures and was wondering will this work if I got...
  22. fallen888

    Is this outlet correct?

    My electrician just arrived at my house to install the NEMA 14-50 outlet in the garage. I took a peek at the outlet he brought and wanted to make sure this is a good/right/legit one. Can anyone here confirm please? It's a Leviton NEMA 14-50R, and looks just like this...
  23. SSD420

    Difference between a regular plug and a NEMA 14-50 plug

    I just wanted to share my findings with this picture. From 4+ days to a bit more than 4+ hours. I just had a NEMA 14-50 plug installed outside of my cottage.
  24. O

    HPWC connected with a plug to a NEMA 14-50

    Will a HPWC crimped with a plug to a NEMA 14-50 socket be safe? I am worried about heat, stability, breaker tripping, fire under 40 Amps This way the NEMA 14-50 can be used as a backup in case the HPWC fails; anyone know the warranty on the HPWC? -OL
  25. D

    Where can I find 30 Amp NEMA 14-50 cords?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone had a good idea as to where I could find short 30 amp extension cords (one male end, one female end)... ideally with at least one end having a plug that is in line with the cord (instead of being turned out 90 degrees)... also no more than 10ft in length (the...
  26. Z

    NEMA 14-50 outlet Height, 18" or 48"?

    RN6482 should be here by the end of the month and I need to get the garage wired. Can't decide whether to have it installed at 18" or 48" from the floor. All other outlets are at 48". Sorry if this has been discussed earlier, I didnt find anything by searching