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nema 5-20

  1. B

    WTB: Gen 1 Mobile Charger, 5-20 Adapter

    Hey All, Based in Indy, IN. Was hoping to see if anyone has a FIRST Gen, 5-20 mobile connector adapter they don't need and would be willing to part with. The In-Laws in Wisconsin have the 20A outlet in their garage and it would help charge it just enough more than the 5-15A for these weekend...
  2. I

    Model Y: Display shows 2 volt upon being charged

    Hi All, I bought MY on 01Jul2020 with VIN 015xxx (yes, bad luck as I bought the car $3k more expensive, but am taking it in the stride!) . With the NEMA 14-50 not yet installed, I was charging car with 5-15 outlet with frustrating charge times after long trips, but took it in stride as well...
  3. roxybalboaguy

    Anyone have experience buying a NEMA Adapter from Tesla online shop

    I ordered the Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit and a 5-20 NEMA Adapter. Already received the Aero Wheel Cap Kit, but no news of the Adapter. They already charged for the entire order. Anyone know if the adapter is back ordered? Website doesn't indicate any back...
  4. xyeahtony

    Nema 5-20 outlet installations

    So my house was built about one year ago so i'm assuming all the wiring is up to code etc. Anyways i was planning on installing my nema 14-50 outlet and i saw in my subpanel that the entire house is basically on 20A circuits, but every outlet in my house is a nema 5-15 outlet. Since they're...
  5. n2mb_racing

    Building NEMA 6-20P to NEMA 5-20R Adapter

    I thought I would make a new post with pictures I took while building my NEMA 6-20P to NEMA 5-20R Adapter. This adapter allows you to charge at 12A or 16A at 240V from a NEMA 6-20 receptacle. The NEMA 6-20 receptacle is easy to install if you have an existing 120V outlet on its own dedicated...