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nema 6-50

  1. T

    WTB - Houston tx area 6-50 adapter for gen 2 UMC

    If anyone has an extra 6-50 adapter they're looking to sell msg me. I'm still debating on my setup so don't want to spend $45 for just an adapter. Might ended up going with tesla wall charger instead. Not sure why ebay sellers are listing their used ones higher than what tesla is selling brand...
  2. jasondelane

    Tesla 6-50 Gen 2 NEMA Adapter. Brand new never used.

    I bought the 6-50 Adapter for home use, then ended up buying the Gen 2 Kit which means I now have an additional 6-50 Gen 2 Adapter. $45 shipping included, and you'll save a bit since I'm not charging sales tax.
  3. kishkaru

    NEMA 6-50 and 14-50 adapters are labeled 30A

    I recently bought a NEMA Adapter Bundle from Tesla. All the adapters look good except for the NEMA 6-50 and 14-50 ones. They are both labeled as rated for 30A continuous on the adapter. The Gen 2 Mobile Connector is able to output 32A max, so shouldn't these two connectors be rated for 32A...
  4. K

    NEMA 6-50 Out of Stock.. found aftermarket one. Thought?

    Hello Experts, My car is coming soon (I hope) and I install NEMA 6-50 outlet (paid $475) and found out Tesla adapter NEMA 6-50 is out of stock. And found this aftermarket one. Have anybody used this? Do you suggest this? Is this working fine like the original...
  5. glhs272

    New NEMA 6-50 & 10-30 UMC Adapters

    Hadn't seen anything posted yet so I figured I mention that today I received a package from Tesla. Inside were several newly revised and manufactured Tesla UMC adapters. This is due to the recall. These have a white connector face. Since I had purchased the entire collection of UMC adapters way...