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net metering

  1. n.one.one

    Utility limit is 10 kW AC for net metering, delete one inverter?

    TLDR - A very unique case that will only be of interest to those that like taking a deep dive (the type of person who might enjoy doing only the most difficult crossword puzzles). This is definitely an edge case but I'd appreciate any input as I'm searching for a creative solution. Georgia...
  2. D

    Dump net metering [in NJ]?

    I have Tesla solar with PSEG (NJ) net metering and now two Tesla cars. Charging both cars is giving me a monster electric bill even with the solar. PSEG told me I cannot have a time of use plan (to charge my cars cheaply overnight or on weekends) and still have net metering. So, here’s my...
  3. A

    CT eversource net metering and RECS confusion / issues

    Not sure if anyone is from Connecticut and has dealt with tesla / eversource on this issue. I am a bit confused as of late on both the net metering and also the renewable energy credits for eversource/CT customers. I had my system put in late last summer with pto in September. I noticed lately...
  4. F

    19.04kW system has been ordered In Orlando Area

    I am hoping to cover my electric bill 100% with this system. I hope I don't get any extra surprise bills like some people have said they have gotten. I am paying cash for the system and don't want to finance any surprises. Hoping all goes smoothly. Wish me luck.
  5. RubinRA

    Powerwall/Car/Solar Charging Strategy

    I've just had a Powerwall and solar installed, and am trying to come up with the optimal way to balance home backup needs with charging my Tesla Model 3. I could use some feedback. Here are the details: -- Solar 5.7kWp system -- Single Powerwall unit, presently set to provide 50% backup power...
  6. jbumps

    Net Metering - Billing Oddity - Looking For Advice

    All, Our recent electric bill outlined the following: Jun 22 KWH Reading (Actual) 41,797 May 20 KWH Reading (Actual) 40,346 Kilowatt Hours Metered 1,451 Jun 22 KWH Out (Actual) 20,007 May 20 KWH Out (Actual) 19,149 Kilowatt Hours Out 858 We were billed for 593KWH as the above data would...
  7. Beavis

    Net Metering and TOU?

    Last year I put a 4.86 kW solar array on my roof and arranged a net meter from my rural co-op. Now that my S is in my garage and the iPhone app is available, I would like to go to a Time of Use plan combined with my solar array to take advantage of the lower off peak rates. My co-op's off peak...