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  1. MrNik

    Wi-Fi hotspot connection issues

    My setup: I have a garage where I have Wi-Fi. When driving, I use my mobile hotspot. Both these Wi-Fi network have the “Connect while driving” option turned on. My Issue: Whenever I drive off my garage, the wifi automatically gets turned off (fyi - doesn’t just disconnect from the network but...
  2. M

    Poll - When do you believe park assist will be available again?

    Very informal poll :-) "For a short period of time during this transition, Tesla Vision vehicles that are not equipped with USS will be delivered with some features temporarily limited or inactive, including: Park Assist: alerts you of surrounding objects when the vehicle is traveling <5 mph."...
  3. T

    Model S intermittently loses 4G/LTE/network connectivity while powered off

    Anyone have problems with the car intermittently losing 4G/LTE/mobile network connectivity while powered off / parked and locked? During this you cannot connect with the app, which is highly annoying. When entering the car the signal indicator for the network connectivity is depicted with a...
  4. J

    What should a generic charging station look like?

    I have been reading recently of President Biden's aim of getting 500,000 EV charging stations installed across the US. I got to thinking about some of the ramifications of having such a network. Just off the top of my head, here are a few considerations that I was thinking about--I'd love to...
  5. GolanB

    HW and SW Redundancy in HW3

    Today in a tweet, Elon Musk eluded to hardware and software redundancy coming. He then further clarified a question about how this will work: A few questions come up as I think about this: 1. Will each SoC run identical versions of the OS and NN? - If so, will this potentially open...
  6. David29

    Network down again?

    About 12:30 Eastern, my streaming audio, internet radio, and voice commands (at least for the Bug report I was trying to make) all stopped working. Plus I could not reach the car from my mobile app. This is similar-sounding to what some people reported a few days ago when the servers...
  7. J

    No LTE connection in car

    No lte connection this morning in car. Any ideas why or how to fix. Did a soft mcu reboot. Means i have no streaming channels and no way to connect via app.
  8. FlyinLow

    Could Tesla SuC be used by ALL EVs?

    Why couldn’t Tesla make a profit off of non-Tesla EVs by allowing them to create an account, buy an adapter and use the SuC network? The cost of electricity for non-Tesla vehicles could easily be double what it is now, even with the new rate hike, and people that drive the Chevy Bolt, new...
  9. C

    802.11g Not Much Happening on Wireshark Capture

    As I anxiously await the 2018.10.4 firmware update from the mothership, I thought I would try (first time) a little snooping of the 802.11g wireless traffic between my Model S and home AP/router (Motorola SBG6850). However, after monitoring for several hours, I noticed only a small amount of...
  10. Newscutter

    Supercharger - Franklin Park, PA

    Spotted by one of our local owners-- this is hosted by the Sheetz gas station right off the I-79 Wexford exit. It'll relieve some of the potential congestion for the existing Cranberry Supercharger (which will become mostly turnpike traffic) as it's so ideally located that I-79 traffic will...
  11. V

    Looking for volunteers: Have Italians fall in love with your tesla

    Hi there, My name is Annick and the proud owner of a marvelous blue tesla model S- see picture below (yes, this time as a women, I do not only remember the colour of my car but also the brand ) I'm the COO of nexxworks (Nexxworks) and organise frequently innovation trips to silicon valley...
  12. T

    Pondering the 2017 Supercharger network expansion

    OK, I know I'm jumping the gun a bit, but I wonder whether Tesla will just continue at the current pace or ramp up the SC network prior to the release of the Model 3. Although I think Tesla has done a good job thus far, I feel it may also be an Achilles heel as production ramps up. The gaps...