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neural network

  1. diplomat33

    Neuro-symbolic AI & Autonomous Cars

    I stumbled upon this article called " Neuro-symbolic AI is the future of artificial intelligence. Here's how it works": https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/neuro-symbolic-ai-the-future/ The idea is to combine neural nets with symbolic AI to create better AI. "The idea of neuro-symbolic...
  2. A

    Smart Summon HW3 vs HW2.5 differences yet?

    I'm surprised I haven't found any threads on this already, but has anyone done any testing or comparison of Smart Summon with the HW3 computer compared to HW2.5? Is there any difference in the performance, speed, or accuracy of the routing between the two systems? Also I recall reading that...
  3. B

    How Tesla is making cars think like humans

    Interesting article on the Tesla neural networking processor... Under the skin: How Tesla is making cars think like humans
  4. willow_hiller

    Will substantial changes in vehicle height affect NN accuracy?

    I was looking at one of the fan renders of the Tesla Pickup and a thought occured to me. We know Tesla has an absolute advantage in gathering real world training data for their neural networks, but will networks trained by Model 3 camera feeds work as well on a vehicle with a substantially...
  5. strangecosmos

    Tesla reaches 902 million Enhanced Autopilot miles — what next?

    Estimate by Lex Fridman at MIT: Accelerating doublings As Tesla deliveries accumulate and the rate of Model 3 deliveries accelerates, the number of Enhanced Autopilot miles driven every month will increase exponentially. Lex estimates that Tesla has delivered about 280,000 HW2 cars. At...
  6. Lex_MIT

    Arguing Machines: Tesla Autopilot vs Neural Network

    Here's our video of the arguing machines concept applied to Tesla Autopilot "arguing" with an end-to-end neural network. Disagreement is used to predict challenging situations. It's a simple but powerful method for human supervision of black box AI systems: Paper is available here...
  7. fasteddie7

    Does AP2's NN trickle down to AP1 development?

    This is a question for those who know way more than me. Does AP2's NN and development of Tesla vision translate to improvements in AP1 where the team can easily translate the learning and improvements to AP1 for whatever hardware will allow or does Tesla have dedicated resources for AP1...