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new brunswick

  1. R

    Supercharger - Miramichi, NB

    New Supercharger in Miramichi between the Canadian Tire and Tim's. Not even "coming soon" on the Supercharger map, but Miramichi was in the top 100 for Supercharger voting. This will make Bathurst trips a lot more convenient. I have a VW and I assume that someday they'll join NACS and I'll...
  2. damonbrodie

    Driving from Ontario to the Maritimes

    Hi, I'm about to buy a MY LR and I'm curious about the driving experience to the Maritimes - say Moncton, NB. I've plotted the route through a couple of route planners, and it seems quite doable, but I'm still curious about some real-world experiences with Super Charging along the Quebec...
  3. Tz00

    Supercharger - Salisbury, NB

    The Superchargers are being installed at the Salisbury Big Stop in New Brunswick. 8 stalls, located behind the NB Power charger. This is a good location, as the main parking lot fills up quickly.
  4. NoBeard

    Supercharger - Woodstock, NB

    Couldn't find a thread to discuss this, so I started one. Apologies if I'm overstepping. Had to stop in twice today for some electrons at the NBP Chademo located at Murray's Truck Stop just south of Woodstock. Previously I'd asked at the cash about when the Tesla SC was going to be there, and...
  5. Chuq

    Supercharger - Saint Leonard, NB

    Surprise appearance on supercharge.info today! Maybe this will be instead of the nearby Edmundston location?
  6. M

    Supercharger - Aulac, NB

    Info from @TooManyAirMiles GREAT CATCH ! I will also start a thread for Enfield. @BlueShift