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new car protection

  1. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Be the FIRST

    We are looking to install a full body wrap of STEK DYNOshield, DYNOmatt, DYNOprism or DYNOcarbon on one of the first Tesla Model 3 cars in the area. We will be using this car to help create proper templates and documentation of our process. We have over 200 full body wraps of just Teslas...
  2. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor STEK DYNOmatt Attitude adjustment on Model S

    We completed a full body wrap in STEK DYNOmatt paint protection film. This innovative clear bra material not only protects the paint from rock chips, creates a beautiful matte finish and also is infused with STEK HYDROphobe high tech nano coating making it the easiest to clean and maintain film...
  3. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Want clear bra and a paint coating on your new Tesla? [We transport via enclosed trailer at no cost]

    We are happy to announce that Detailed Designs Auto Spa has just acquired a custom built aluminum Intech car hauler for pick ups and drop offs. This trailer features an escape hatch as well as a removable fender which allows us to exit the car without having to climb through a window as many...
  4. T

    Vendor AlloyGators now available thru First Impression Premier Auto Detail

    At First Impression Premier Auto Detail we only offer the very best services and products to our customers. We offer products that work and not just for style. AlloyGator is one of those products. Protect your wheels from curb damage. Give us a call today to schedule in your car or if you wish...
  5. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model X Xpel Wrap and C.Quartz Nano Coatings.

    If you're thinking about ordering a new Model X or S, now is the time to research the best way to protect your investment once it arrives. Our latest video features full body coverage on a Tesla Model X with XPELUltimate and Cquartz Finest. Be sure to check it out and share. For more...
  6. T

    Vendor Free Tesla Pick up and Delivery

    We now offer free Pick up and Delivery. Contact us today At First Impression Premier Auto Detail we understand that been without your car for a couple of days while we do our job can be an inconvenience and is for that very same reason we wish to extend this service to every new Tesla owner who...
  7. Brian@Impression

    Vendor CQuartz FINEST and Paint Protection Film on New Factory Delivered Red P85D

    Here are some pics of a Model S P85D new car protection job we just did and couldn't help but share. This customer reached out to us about a month before taking delivery of the vehicle straight from the factory. He wanted to get his paint as perfect as possible, with the maximum gloss and...