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new features

  1. tomcat

    New feature identification / tracking

    I recently ordered my Y in the U.K. and am aware of a couple of new features or enhancements that are coming down the line and would like to know at what point these will be introduced. Tesla seems to be as tight-lipped as Apple when it comes to announcing new features or updates and, since...
  2. torcator

    OS Downloading Status

    Does anyone know why Tesla doesn't have any way to check the status of the downloading process from the latest OS? I assume that there is a reason because this would be interesting to manage consumer expectation. Everyone who lives in a house probably is using their wifi on the car, however...
  3. Nick S

    Whats in 8.1 firmware?

    Is there a list of features we should expect in the upcoming 8.1 firmware. Does anyone have any idea of what we can expect for AP2.0 vs AP1.0 in this firmware? I am hoping that this release will at least give AP2.0 cars parity with AP1.0. In terms of TACC, Auto Steering, summon etc. Is this...
  4. Pilot4hire

    Big dilema . . . Do it now or later (Jan 15)

    Hello, I am debating and need a little help. Should I get one one, demo version or wait until 2015, I do like to have all the goodies and I don't know if there is anything neat coming in the next 4 or so months... Any suggestions ? I would wait if I knew that the outside mirror would be gone...
  5. V

    Firmware 6.0 (beta version discussion)

    I'm not the posting sort (more of a lurker), but my friend said y'all be interested in these. Hope it's the right place for them. Enjoy, and aloha! Pete.
  6. lx3h

    Suggestions For Tesla Model S Firmware Improvement

    Got this idea from watching Bjørn's Norway Model S driving video yesterday and the new Parking In HK thread. (from 18:41) I think the guidelines can be easily added to the Model S firmware. For parking and for entering carparks. You see, I mostly drive my sister's BMW 520iA to carparks and...