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new order

  1. V

    New Purchase Registration Problem with Expired DRL

    I'm in CA and buying our second Tesla. When setting up the registration information, it asks us to upload a picture of the front and back of our DRL. I get a message back that says invalid document. I'm assuming it's because the DRL is technically expired. However, due to COVID, California's DMV...
  2. FrankTUTB

    Email Subject - "Tesla Model Y Order"... I have questions.

    So, a few minutes ago, I got an email with the subject, "Tesla Model Y Order" welcoming me to the Tesla family. It notes 5 things to prepare for delivery. I have everything prepared and just need a VIN assigned. I'm wondering, how long between getting this (or similar) email and VIN assignment...
  3. CFrolander

    Ordering a Model X with the free +Ludi option

    So I talked to someone at my local center and he told me I should place an order for a Model X Performance without Ludicrous and that he will then put in a request to add it as a free feature. I did that yesterday, and I got a notification today that my change request has gone through, and they...
  4. X

    Do we expect a major update for MX 100D in the last quarter of 2017?

    Huge promotion on MX 100D about 20K off the MRSP in China right now which they NEVER offer before. Wondering if TESLA wanna to get rid of the current inventory and make room for huge update for MX, or they just put MX on sale for the third quarter delivery number? Any thought?
  5. P

    Excited, just ordered MX P90DL Decisions Decisions

    I am so excited that I finally pulled the plug on the order. I have until July 17 to finalize my options. First of all, I can't decide on color between blue and black. Wheels: I love the onyx black 22" wheels and don't like any of the 20" wheel designs. However I drive a lot in snow and would...
  6. P

    Thinking of ordering a model S - moving from a BMW 330

    Hi, I've currently got a BMW 330d msport touring, it's my 3rd one having moved up from a 320 & 325. I've grown quite attached to my BMWs and really went to try out the Tesla just to rule it out. Has anyone made a similar switch and what's your experience been like? What's the good points...
  7. chriSharek

    Virtual Fist-bumps All Around

    Well, I ordered my baby today. Can't thank everyone here enough for all their input and support. Funny story though. I was at the financial cap my wife set and needed to decide on the Air Suspension OR Premium Audio. When I was ordering, I selected only the Air Suspension and was ready to...