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new south wales

  1. Chuq

    Supercharger - Wagga Wagga, NSW

    A comment on Ludicrous Feed Live tonight suggested that the Wagga Wagga supercharger is under construction. The news was second hand so not 100% verified. I assume the location is the same as in the NSW Government grants (McDonalds/Caltex site, corner of Glenfield Rd/Fernleigh Rd). I’m not...
  2. Chuq

    Supercharger - Exeter, NSW

    Great find by the keen eye of @jacko306 with @QBN_PC following through with the confirmation pics - a supercharger under construction at Heatherbrae's Pies, a few hundred metres from the Evie Sutton Forest site. I've listed as Sutton Forest/Exeter as Google Maps tells me this is technically...
  3. RichardV

    Supercharger - Campbelltown, NSW

    There are some spaces cordoned off in Campbelltown, Sydney, in about this pin location which roughly matches the announced site location for the Campbelltown Supercharger, https://goo.gl/maps/TxHwgxwnB8P5iJVJ9 This might, or might not, be in preparation for the Supercharger site. Watch this...
  4. C

    Supercharger - Tenterfield, NSW

    The Tenterfield Supercharger appears to be near complete (from Trent Petronaitis on Facebook): Definitely appears to be 4 stalls, which would be the first V3 we've seen here with a non-multiple-of-3 size (assuming it is a V3, I suppose).
  5. M

    Supercharger - Wollongong (Figtree), NSW

    Spotted by MM3 on Plugshare and confirmed by a worker, the Tesla Superchargers in Wollongong at Figtree Plaza are under construction. This is just off the entrance on The Avenue and opposite the existing AC chargers, as can be seen in green in the top photo below. This is the first site that...
  6. Chuq

    Supercharger - Scone, NSW

    It looks like Tesla continues to make moves in NSW, even outside of the state government grants! Proposal for a 6 stall in Scone, which was passed unanimously by council. In the same car park as the NRMA 50 kW unit - 167 Kelly St. There was also a comment: "Currently, the superchargers are...
  7. Chuq

    Supercharger - Bondi Junction, NSW

    Waverley Council supported the proposal to host both a 2-stall Evie site and a 6-stall Tesla supercharger at their April meeting! http://waverley.infocouncil.biz/Open/2022/04/CM_20220412_MIN_655.PDF Probably some time away - but keep an eye out :)
  8. Chuq

    Supercharger - Griffith, NSW

    Looks like Tesla is planning one in Griffith - 6 stalls! Spotted by @MarcoRP - Site is currently being negotiated with council - Tesla prefers one location but council agenda recommends support of one of the other alternatives, which is the Visitor Information Centre - probably a good sign as...
  9. M

    Supercharger - Hay, NSW

    A new Supercharger may be coming soon to Hay, NSW. I recently came across the Hay Shire Council minutes from April 26th, in which they discussed a Supercharger installation in the Caledonian car park (72 Lachlan St).
  10. M

    Supercharger - Yass, NSW

    Yass Council has supported a Tesla site https://www.yassvalley.nsw.gov.au/our-council/news/article/1322 Park and Ride seems to refer to a council carpark on Lead St, which is only a block away from the NRMA site and the main cluster of shops on Comur St. Looks like 6 V3s propsed At about...
  11. Chuq

    Supercharger - Kirrawee, NSW

    Supercharger under construction as confirmed by Tippo from TOCA: South Village (Kirrawee) 580 Princes Hwy, Kirrawee NSW 2232 Someone who is nearby can go and get photos :)
  12. Chuq

    Supercharger - Taree, NSW

    Tesla is proposing a 6-bay supercharger site in Taree. They've been negotiating with council for a location. News story (paywalled for me): MidCoast Council considers Tesla "supercharger station" for Taree It will be discussed at council meeting today...
  13. JayTee

    New Showroom coming to Sutherland Shire?

  14. Chuq

    Supercharger - Blaxland, NSW

    https://www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/media-centre/electric-vehicle-charging-stations-for-blaxland I still find it weird that this this location has obviously been planned for a while but it didn't make it into Tesla's 2021 map! This location has now been added to supercharge.info.
  15. Random206

    Brisbane to Byron - EV Rally

    Previously we ran the super successful ‘The Silent Highway’ - EV Rally, today we announced the next journey, the Brisbane to Byron - EV Rally! If you’re interested in attending, please visit the link below and mark yourself as coming along! The last one garnered plenty of positive feedback and...
  16. Chuq

    Supercharger - Macquarie Park, NSW

    The rumour has been floating around FB the last few days... here it is from another source (twitter) with some additional details (apparently 6 stall). Tesla in the Gong on Twitter Apparently @TeslaGong has not seen the FB rumours so that's two different sources that appear to line up...
  17. Chuq

    Supercharger - Jerrys Plains, NSW

    Spotted on the TOCA members group on Facebook! As suggested this is most likely the Singleton/Muswellbrook location. I've heard previous speculation on this site, suggesting that it would be a 4 stall site.
  18. Chuq

    Supercharger - Maclean , NSW (Prev. Harwood)

    Tesla eyes off new site for Northern Rivers expansion (paywalled, article below) An unexpected location! Not that far south from the Knockrow location (58 km), but it might be more preferable for some since it is on the highway. It's 230 km south of Brisbane. I'm not sure if any Tesla...
  19. Chuq

    Supercharger - Tuggerah, NSW

    Thanks to Jared Hirst on the TOCA FB group for this one! Tuggerah Super Centre, just off the Pacific Highway. Notably - not CCS2 :-/ I've always said something was needed on the Central Coast; the Heatherbrae charger is the other side of Newcastle so doesn't help those on...
  20. Chuq

    Supercharger - Dubbo NSW

    Found another one! 4 superchargers, 76 Wingewarra St, Dubbo. DA18-215 approved by council on 13 June 2018. Yes, June. I can't believe it sat undetected for so long!
  21. Chuq

    Supercharger - Narooma NSW

    This looks interesting! Who is in a position to get photos of this one?
  22. Chuq

    Supercharger - Tamworth NSW

    I found a reference to a Tesla supercharger in minutes of a Tamworth Regional Council meeting!! But wait.. it's not good news :( It seems Tesla proposed to install 4 SC bays in the Hands of Fame Car Park (which appears to be a reasonably large public carpark a couple of blocks away from the...
  23. Chuq

    Supercharger - Broadway (Glebe) NSW

    Thanks to a friend of mine off-forum for the tip-off and @Morris1100S for investigating and confirming :) Superchargers coming to the Broadway Shopping Centre in Ultimo (or Glebe, depending on who you ask). Morris1100S has said he'll provide photos tomorrow!
  24. Chuq

    Service and Delivery Centre - Alexandria NSW

    A new DA has gone in on the City of Sydney's site for what appears to be a delivery centre, also a second Sydney service centre, in Alexandria - along with six 24/7 supercharger stalls. It is at 118-124 Bourke Rd, Alexandria 2015. DA link: City of Sydney - Online Business Location in the...
  25. W

    Supercharger - Nowra NSW

    I was having a little look at the list of superchargers in Australia here, daydreaming, and saw that Nowra NSW was on the list as 'coming soon'. I also saw a few others such as Bathurst. This will be very handy for trips down the coast or through Kangaroo Valley, or even through Nerriga to...
  26. Chuq

    Supercharger - Cooma NSW

    Surprise! Cooma Supercharger | Tesla Australia Centennial Plaza 85-91 Commissioner Street Cooma NSW 2630 Charging 4 Superchargers, available 24/7
  27. Chuq

    Supercharger - Bathurst NSW

    OK, so nothing definite, but great to see the local council and businesses being involved from the start! Looking to supercharge Bathurst
  28. baillies

    Supercharger - Coffs Harbour

    this is from the Tesla website and came up in a Tesla RSS feed I still follow. It is not showing on the main maps, can anyone confirm it shows in a car or better yet go past. Looks similar to Euroa so possibly a skid. Find Us | Tesla For some reason this does not centre correct but when I find...
  29. Chuq

    Supercharger - Heatherbrae NSW

    Thanks to @MangroveMike in this post we have a prospective location for the Heatherbrae supercharger. Puma Petrol Station (under construction) 2285 Pacific Highway Heatherbrae NSW 2324 DA at Port Stephens Council: Port Stephens Council - Application Tracker
  30. Chuq

    Supercharger - Knockrow (Byron Bay) NSW

    It seems the speculation in the SYD-BNE thread were spot on :) The Farm - technically located in Ewingsdale according to the DA - is the host site. The DA was submitted on the 18th January. Surprised it took this long :) Authority e-Services - Byron Shire Council - live is the direct link...
  31. Chuq

    Supercharger - Port Macquarie NSW

    As pointed out by Colina here - SYD - BNE Supercharger Route - Page 4 Cassegrain Winery, Port Macquarie is the first SC on the Sydney-Brisbane route! Thought I'd make a dedicated thread as we have previously (could a mod make it sticky?)
  32. raynewman

    Charging in Coffs Harbour

    Charged today at Coffs Harbour showground. Need to ring ahead on 02 6652 8401 to "book" as all the power outlets are locked to control the Grey Nomads. Used the Tesla UMC with the three phase adaptor.
  33. B

    Supercharger - Gundagai NSW

    Supercharger officially announced for Gundagai NSW at D Launch event at Avalon Airport on 11th August 2015 No indication at this time as to the physical location of the site. Still on track to have the Superchargers in place to allow long distance travel between Melbourne and Sydney by the end...
  34. One Gear

    Supercharger - The Star, NSW

    We should have a thread for the supercharger at The Star. Otherwise it will feel like a neglected middle child.:smile: Supercharging at The Star Sydney | Tesla Model S | Australia - YouTube
  35. Matta

    Supercharger - Goulburn NSW

    Council charges onto electric car scene | Goulburn Post A little way off the highway but a good site, close to stuff in town. Thanks yo my friend Kate who lives there. She'll take some pics as they progress.
  36. BlueShift

    Supercharger - St Leonards NSW

    Construction of superchargers at this location has started. Picture attached. I'll link to this thread from supercharge.info. 10 Herbert St - Showroom 22065 St LeonardsNew South Wales