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new york city

  1. N

    Parking Recommendations for NYC / Bryant Park area?

    Hi All -- I have to travel to NYC for work next week, and am thinking about driving my M3 instead of taking the Acela. I'm a little nervous about using a valet (never had one in my Tesla before) and wanted to see if anyone had experience with a garage in the Bryant Park area? I'd also be leaving...
  2. Z

    NYC: Can I sit in your Model Y? Happy to use your referral link when I place an order.

    Hi all, I'm trying to decide if I want a Model 3 or Model Y, but I haven't sat in a Model Y before, and the NYC Tesla locations sold all of their demo cars. They said that the replacements won't be rolling in until mid-July, and I was hoping to place my order before then. Would anyone in NYC...
  3. K

    Gloss Black Tesla Model S 19x8 wheels

    Set of 4 19x8 Tesla OEM Gloss Black wheels. No chips or bends, some slight scuffing on one wheel edge. Sorry for the brake dust on the wheels in the pictures. Don`t have center caps or TPMS. Asking 700 In Rockland County NY
  4. J

    Wheel Repair Shop Recommendations - NYC

    The curb rash Uberturbine fairy has blessed my MY PUP and I'd like to get some quotes on repair before I just go an order a new wheel. (I know, I live in NYC, it's gonna happen and I should just touch it up, but it's been on my mind for a week now). If anyone has recommendations, please LMK.
  5. E

    Model S: I got rear-ended

    Hi Tesla community, I drive a 2017 Model S 100D, 20k miles on board. I recently got rear-ended by a distracted driver. The Tesla-approved body shop told me that the back aluminum panel was bent, so the insurance company's initial low-ball estimate of $ 2,000 is totally inadequate. The shop...
  6. Pkatz

    What to do about NYC public garage gougers?

    It seems that most NYC public garages hear "tesla" when you ask about monthly rates consciously charge 20% or more than their standard rates for parking privileges. It's not like a 40k model 3 is any different than your 40-50k ICE vehicle, yet they rip us off and seem, so far, to be getting...
  7. Pkatz

    Recommendations of Shops that Can Install Power Lift Gate on Model 3?

    Forgive me if the answer has been posted somewhere, but I've looked all over the TMC forums and while there are some old recommendations about places that do painting and other applications in the Northeast (i.e. many old posts and recommended places out of business), I am looking for a place in...
  8. B

    Manhattan Parking Help

    Hi All, I'm moving to Manhattan (from the Bay Area), and my wife and I are stubbornly refusing to give up our Model 3 and so need a place to park it. Having not lived here before, the New York parking situation is intimidating, even before you add on the complication of needing to be able to...
  9. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Staten Island, NY - Veterans Road West

    New (likely) 8 stall supercharger in construction found and reported on forum.supercharge.info by user gummbyjim (editors there haven't yet updated the map to show the location, but I'm sure they will soon): Based on the shape of the precast pedestal bases visible in gummbyjim's picture, this...
  10. David29

    What do experienced travelers think about alternatives to the GW bridge on Friday, July 6?

    We are driving from Dedham (MA) to Philadelphia tomorrow. The question is where to cross the Hudson. We have done the trip before and always seem to get miserably tangled up in the traffic across the Hudson. Our last crossing, a year ago, northbound on a Sunday night, took literally hours to...
  11. David29

    Does the Tesla Navigation system correctly distinguish the upper and lower decks of the GW Bridge?

    We are from the Boston area and do not often travel through New York City, and have only used the Tesla Navigation system for two crossings of the Hudson on the George Washington bridge, one of them yesterday. Going north on a trip from Philadelphia back to our home, the Nav system told us to...