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  1. J

    FS: Model 3 18" Aero Wheels with Covers

    A full set of OEM wheels with tires with only 60 miles on them (driven only as far as the tire shop to replace them with new wheels/tires). Set is in perfect condition - no curb rash or scratches on aero covers (not pictured). Tires and wheels are from a 2022 Model 3 - TPMS sensors are from a...
  2. D

    2018 Model X 75D

    Hi all! New to the forum, but have been following Teslas for a long time. Finally decided to jump and get a Tesla X. I have found a Tesla for sale and would like some advice. This Tesla comes with a 8 year warranty (there was a time when Teslas were sold with a 8 year, 160k km warranty). My...
  3. S

    FS: 20" Uberturbine Wheels and/or Tires from 2022 Model 3 Performance

    I'll be taking delivery of my Model 3 at the end of this month (March 26th). I'll be pulling these OEM wheel set as soon as I drive the car home. Asking for $3500 for the set or $1000 tires $3000 wheels All prices are OBO. Local p/u only in Louisiana (70769). I'd be willing to drive ~50miles to...
  4. lUtriaNt

    [For Sale] 2022 M3P Pirelli P Zero Tires - Los Angeles. Less than 100 miles

    All, Selling - Pirelli P Zero 235/35 R20 92Y. All 4. Less than 100 miles. My Model 3P will be delivered this Sunday Feb 27th. The next day on Monday Feb 28th, I will be going to Discount Tire on Balboa to replace the tires with PS4s. If anyone is interested in these tires, you can come...
  5. Maximillan

    What to expect taking delivery of your Model 3

    With the impending arrival in Port Kembla of the first boat in 2022, I thought that I would summarise my delivery experience in November 2021 in case it’s helpful in knowing what to expect and the steps in the process. Your experience will differ (e.g. they won’t be telling you that “they all...
  6. H

    Tesla Gen 2 Wall connector - 24Ft cable New / Unused

    Looking to add a 2nd Gen 2 for load balancing. Prefer new / unused. Anyone have one at or around Gen 3 price? $550-$600? Thanks!
  7. P

    2022 Brand New Model X for Sale (Marin County, CA)

    I just accepted delivery of this Model X to replace my Model S and my wife and I came to the unfortunate conclusion that we prefer to get a new Model S (we already have another SUV). If I can get what I paid for the car, then I would sell it. New reservations made for Model X's currently are...
  8. E

    Tsportsline 20 inch TST with P zero all season brand new (set of 4)

    20 inch tsportsline wheel and all season tire package for sale in Chicago and Milwaukee area. Brand new. No sensors. Asking 3,600$
  9. Maximillan

    Videos to watch whilst waiting for delivery of your Tesla

    After following the waiting room thread, I remembered that watching Tesla videos was the best way to wait for my car to be delivered that didn't involve checking the Tesla app or buying more accessories. So I thought I would start this thread for people to post videos to watch in order to...
  10. N

    FS: New 20’’ Überturbine Wheels (M3/OEM)

    Hello, I will take possession of a new Model 3 Performance between December 10 and December 11. I will be swapping the stock 20” Uberturbines immediately after taking delivery. At that point, I estimate that the wheels will have 20-25 miles on them. I am looking to sell them as soon as they...
  11. M

    From 2018 Civic Hatchback to Tesla model 3 SR

    Hi all, I currently have a 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback 1.5L Prestige which, I have enjoyed for 3 years. I have booked a Model 3 SR (just before the 1k price increase) after test driving one and it may come in Feb 2022 here in UK. Civic has been reliable for me so far and the only money thing it...
  12. A

    Sold Selling Brand New Tesla Model Y OEM 19" Wheels, Tires, TPMS - ALL INCLUDED

    Brand new wheels and tires for 2021 Tesla Model Y. Recently had car delivered and immediately swapped out the wheels and tires for alternative wheels and tires. Maybe 2 miles on the OEM tires, all brand new. TPSM included. Please PM if interested. Tires are Continental. 19" Gemini Wheels...
  13. L

    For Sale - New refresh Yolk Tesla Model S Long Range White on Black 19” for sale.

    Hello, I’m selling a new model S long range with yoke. Car is arriving in around 1 week in FL. Already have vin…. Please DM me with offers… Best
  14. T

    FS: NEW Tesla Wall Connector Charger GEN 2 Black 24 Feet 80 Amps HPWC SoCal

    For Sale: New Tesla Wall Connector Charger GEN 2 Black 24 Feet - Gen 2 can go up to 80 amps for faster charging versus Gen 3 (48 amps) Location: Los Angeles, CA - Prefer selling local. Not planning to ship package for now. Price: $600 New, never used. Planned to install this at previous home...
  15. 1.21GW

    Technical deep dive: Plaid Torque curve

    I created a video that goes into depth about the Plaid torque curve and shows how it compares to the Dodge Demon and C8 Corvette
  16. 1

    2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ -- lowest cost configuration -- new, unregistered, zero miles -- take delivery in Burbank, CA in 1-2 weeks

    First time Tesla buyer looking to sell my Model 3 Standard Range Plus prior to taking delivery. It's the last Model 3 in this configuration available in America without waiting until January 2022 for an ordered Model 3. This is the lowest possible price for a brand-new Model 3. I made a snap...
  17. J

    Got my new Model Y yesterday

    After a rollercoaster of a time getting a new car, my new Model Y arrived yesterday. Prior to that I was driving a 2018 Nissan Leaf, and have leased Leafs twice before. The Story I ordered it on April 25th, but I wasn't sure I wanted it, vs. getting another Leaf. It's a superior car, but it's...
  18. Y

    For Sale: Complete set of 2021 Model 3 aero wheels with covers, 235/45/18 Michelin Primacy tires, and tpms sensors.

    Complete set of 2021 Model 3 aero wheels with covers(4), 235/45/18 Michelin Primacy tires(4), and tpms sensors. Brand new taken off right after delivery. $1300 OBO Shipping at buyers expense Located in San Diego
  19. L

    For Sale: *NEW* 2021 18” Aero Wheels/Tire Set

    Just ordered a 2021 Model 3 and am getting bigger tires/wheels. I will be taking off and selling my full set 18in. Aero wheels/tire as soon as my car is picked up! **Brand New!! the only time they will be driven is to the a car dealership to swap them out for my new ones set!! Asking $1400...
  20. S

    Awaiting Delivery - Accessories and Prep (Am I missing something?)

    I've been lurking the community for quite some time but decided now that my MY5 is ordered to join. I'm exicted as it's my first EV and my post-deployment gift to myself which should be ready when I get back. 2021 Model Y - 5 Seat - Blue w/Black Interior & Induction Wheels... expected delivery...
  21. N

    Sold CHAdeMO Adapter Brand New For Sale

    I purchased a CHAdeMO Adapter off the Tesla website, but needed one sooner than the estimated delivery date and was able to buy one at the service center instead. Figured I could just return the one I ordered online when I got it, but unfortunately was not aware of the ridiculous 25% restocking...
  22. R

    FS - Boston - Tesla Wall Charger - Gen 2 - Elon Signed - NIB

    For Sale - Tesla Wall Charger - Black signed by Elon (laser etch) with 24 foot cable - Generation 2. New in box, never installed. Hoped to upgrade speed from current unit but don't have enough electrical headroom to bother so making room for spring cleaning. Located south of Boston. Not willing...
  23. J

    MY with new console spotted today

    I was at the Rocklin showroom today and noticed several Y's with the new style console. All of them still had the old style headlights.
  24. H

    *New* 2021 TM3 Aero wheels/tires for sale with old tpms.

    Less then 200 miles on the tires, just drive from ‘dealership’. Wheels and tires in perfect condition. $1500 OBO for the set.
  25. G

    Attention Any Potential New Owners in London

    I wanted to offer my assistance to any potential new owners of Tesla's or any other EV's to help them navigate their first few steps into EV ownership. I live in SW London so happy to meet if you are local or can communicate over phone etc if you aren't. Am happy to answer any questions or...
  26. Spacep0d

    Gen 3 Tesla Wall Connector For Sale. L.A., 18' Cable. New In Box!

    Hi there, I paid $500 for a brand new Tesla Wall Connector from Tesla, but I can't have it installed because of the silly electrical situation here in my townhome. We're going to move in 6 months, but it could be longer (a lot is dependent on my girlfriend agreeing to move). So, in the meantime...
  27. K

    Model 3 with 3 ft long crack on the windshield

    Hello Guys, I am a newbie when it comes to Tesla, I just got my Tesla 3, 2 weeks ago. But I have owned ICE cars for decades and never had I experienced a windshield cracked by a small rock that hits you in the freeway, I was sure it was a tiny rock because of the sound (Tick) and the mark it...
  28. B

    Model Y Performance 21" Uberturbine Wheels & Tires

    Looking to sell my 21" Uberturbines that came on my Model Y Performance. I need to switch to some winter/all seasons for this upcoming winter. Located in central Ohio. Would be willing to negotiate a fair price. Front: 255/35R21 Rear: 275/35R21 Tires: Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) Summer Performance...
  29. A

    Superchargers - Stoughton, MA

    On the Target agreement list, as well as the already identified permit for Woburn, MA, there is listed Stoughton, MA, which I assume is the Target just off Rte 24 on Rte 138.
  30. J

    HELP! New 2020 SR+ versus used 2018 MR?

    Hi, Long-time lurker here! I recently ordered a new 2020 SR+, white on black, 19'' sport wheels, partial premium interior, 30-day free premium connectivity, no FSD. Expected delivery in mid-September. Super excited and have already ordered just about every accessory available! That said, I...
  31. RNHurt

    I took delievery of a new MY today!

    I'm so excited to get my first Tesla. I've been wanting one for years (and years) and was finally able to make it happen. My son and I went over (almost) everything and apart from some minor scratches / paint issues, it was great. We drove it home (2 hrs) without any squeaks or groans or...
  32. H

    Brand New 22" Model X Tire Set Referral Sale

    Referral Award for sale. Includes: 2 x 22X9.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 22X10.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 265/35R22- Pirelli Scorpion tires 2 x 285/35R22- Pirelli Scorpion tires 4 x Tesla logo wheel caps Asking: $3,500 Located in Bergen County, NJ
  33. R

    New 20 inch OEM Slipstream wheels w/tires and TPMS for a Model X

    Located on Los Angeles I am looking to sell my wheels as soon as possible. They are new and only used to drive home where I installed the 22 inch black slipstream wheels. I am looking for $1,500 but am open to all offers.
  34. Q

    OEM 20" Tires For Sale coming off a new 2020 Model 3 Performance

    I am selling a set of a practically new Michelin Pilot 4S OEM tires that came with my 2020 M3 Performance for $950 (brand new is ~$1,300). I just picked up my car recently so there is only about 60miles of wear on the tires at the moment. Since I live in NY, I'm going to swap into a set of all...
  35. jrc91

    Performance Model 3 gray 20" wheels and tires for sale (brand new)

    I have some Brand new gray 20" wheels and tires that were pulled off my 3p once it was delivered. I will be picking it up on February 21st and traveling from Nashville to Colorado Springs. If anyone is interested I can stop anywhere in between. $2500 for the set.
  36. climatexchange

    Vendor Win for you. Win for the environment.

    Climate XChange’s annual Tesla raffle is back and tickets are going FAST! We're a small Boston based non-profit with a mission to provide research, education, and advocacy tools to stakeholders across the country who are working to pass meaningful climate policy at the state and local level. In...
  37. MichaelP90DL

    All-New Tesla Model S Could Look Like This....

    From CarBuzz. Pretty cool new design by Emre Husmen of Turkey. What do you think? All-New Tesla Model S Could Look Like This
  38. Z

    Brand new P3M, low battery range?

    I just received my new M3P (< 200 miles on the odometer). I left the max charge at the default of 90%. When charged to 90%, the range reported is only 263 miles, which works out to 292 miles @ 100% charge. That is quite a bit lower than the 310 mile range it is supposed to get. Is this an...
  39. KAnder04

    Long-term owners, any issues, problems selling the vehicle, etc?

    The lease on my current car runs out in May, and I’m seriously considering making the switch to EV and going with a Tesla. Probably going with the Model 3 Performance, but I posted this on this board because I’m curious if anyone that bought a Model S a few years ago (4+) has had any long-term...
  40. MrG_NY

    Middletown NY 10940 Super Charger Up and Running

    Super Charger on E Main St in Middletown located at the quikXheck is up and running, still says coming soon on Tesla website.
  41. M

    For Sale: Tesla Model X 22” Onyx Black Turbine Wheels w/ No Tires Brand New

    BRAND NEW black 22” referral rims without tires for sale. Asking $2,000 obo Never been used and flawless with 0 scratches or marks. I received them from the referral program and then took off the tires to replace my current ones. This is a staggered setup. 2 x 22X9.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 22X10.0...
  42. T

    New in box Tesla wall charger Black - Central NJ

    Unopened , new in box - in central NJ
  43. garey

    [Site no longer works]Got tired of using Tesla.com and EV-CPO to search inventory, so I built my own

    *Moderator Note: Thread closed as the referenced site has been taken down and no longer is accessible. I'm cross posting this from /r/TeslaLounge. https://tezz.la Before I purchased my M3 LR AWD, I was constantly shopping the existing used and new inventory on Tesla.com, hoping -like many of...
  44. Tes*la*rosa

    Model S floor mats, 2 sets, both new. $65 & $85. Location: SoCal/IE

    I have 2 sets of OEM front/rear carpeted Model S floor mats. One set is still sealed in plastic, never opened for $85. The other set is also new in perfect condition but not in plastic for $65. Local pick up/meet up in the Inland Empire area, Southern California. Any questions, just ask! :)
  45. C

    Tesla Enthusiast

    Hi all, My name is Colin, new to the Tesla Motors Club. Unfortunately, I'm not a Tesla owner but that's only a matter of time! Kind regards, Colin
  46. tvguy710

    Buying a Model 3 on Friday

    Good afternoon all, I am going to be putting my $2,500 deposit down on a model 3 on Friday. Looking forward to delivery in about a month. I am doing this in person as I am going to be getting the RWD with the Long Range Battery. (not offered online anymore) I am going to be driving to work...
  47. K


    I am selling it because I don't like the way it looks. Received from Tesla in mid May, completely new and unsed. PM if interested.
  48. J

    Not Open

    I can not unlock the doors - the Roadster also makes quiet alarm sounds, one short and two long tones. Is the battery in the key empty?
  49. M

    Front left noise above 40mph

    Anytime I drive faster than 40 I hear a noise that’s akin to a hot water heater heating up or a light rain on a tin roof. My wife fell asleep on a long drive through San Diego and woke up asking if it was raining (it was 80 degrees and sunny). It’s annoying. I took it in and Tesla said it was...
  50. M

    Toronto - Fairview Mall Superchargers

    Was driving by Fairview Mall this afternoon (401 and DVP) and saw 4 Toronto Hydro trucks there with the transformer open - so they may be tying in the new charger supply. This is a really great spot for Superchargers.

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