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next gen seats

  1. N

    Next Generation Seat Swap

    I have a 2013 Model S P85 and the seats are terrible. I purchased a pair of Black front Next Generation seats from a private party but they are too new. My car can only swap for 2015 Seats from a Model S. If you have a 2015 Model S and youre interested in new Next Generation seats, lets make a...
  2. masamitsu

    MS 70 Next Gen Seats

    We just bought a 2015 CPO MS70 that has Next Gen seats in them (don't take delivery for 4-6 weeks). My CPO SA sent us some photos, how do I know if the seats are NG by looking at them. Mahalo, Bert
  3. P

    Next Gen Seats for Model S

    I'm trading in my Model S and wanted to give the members here a chance to swap out their stock seats for the Next Gen seats. Everything works with the swap-out, as I did this swap about 1yr ago. I'm selling because I'm getting an X I will need your oem normal seats + $$$ for these next gen...
  4. gotz2ride

    2015 Tesla Model S 85D $65k

    Attached is the link to my 2015 Tesla Model S 85D that I am selling. Autopilot enabled free supercharging for life. Pano roof, sub zero package, gray (or silver) next gen seats Cars for Sale: Used 2015 Tesla Model S in , Vail AZ: 85641 Details - Sedan - Autotrader
  5. A

    2016 Obsidian Black 85D AP Cold Weather Premium Interior

    I have for sale an Obsidian Black Metallic, Tesla Model S 85D with 17k miles. This vehicle was purchased new on 3/14/2016. The car has been well taken care of and is super clean. No one has ever smoked inside nor have there ever been animals inside. Specifications 85 kWh Model S Dual Motor...
  6. Az_Rael

    Grey seats going away...

    From a insider/leaker Reddit account: Bye bye grey seats • /r/teslamotors That is really too bad. The grey seats are what I would have picked if buying new.
  7. C

    In Real Life Picture Request // HELP!!!

    Hi all, I placed an order payment on a new 60D, but I am second guessing myself on color choices. Does anyone have some in real life pics of the following car, or something very close to it? FLAT BLACK EXTERIOR / TAN NEXT GEN INTERIOR / BLACK HEADLINER w/ pano would be even more helpful...
  8. Airhawker

    Grey Next Generation Seats And Denim Jeans

    After a month and a half in my MS, I've noticed stains on my grey seats from my blue jeans. I wear jeans every day. Anyone have a solution to clean them or are these stains forever? Thanks for your help!
  9. Master One

    Difference between Multi-Pattern & Next Generation Seats?

    Can some please explain the differences between the regular Multi-Pattern Black Seats and Next Generation Seats? I'm looking for the justification of the extra US$2500 (or in my case 2800 EUR). Did anyone compare the two in real life? Is it worth the extra?
  10. mjcostajr

    Tesla owners who Crossfit (or sweat profusely)

    Now that it's starting to warm up in the southeast again, Crossfit workouts have been leaving me drenched. Our gym has no air conditioner and is a traditional "box" - just a couple of big fans to blow the hot air around. I typically carry a towel around in my car to cover my seat, but I was...
  11. mbaier

    How do I know if I have next gen seats or not ?

    I got my 85D in mid May and am wondering if I got the next gen seats or not. Is there an easy way to find out ?
  12. CaptDaveHowe

    Next Gen Seats?

    I'm working on ordering a P70D and am going back and forth on whether to spend the $2500 for the Next Gen Seats. I test drove the P70D which had them and they really did offer great comfort. Yet, I was in the car for maybe 20 minutes. My P60 has the standard seats, which are also comfortable...