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  1. Q

    Nikola Pro Model 3 Chrome delete/wrap & decal wrap

    Hi All, For sale are 2 brand new kits for a Model 3 in Satin Black Chrome Delete (Without Heatgun /2 kits) & a Satin Black Badge Delete. The links to the products are below. Paid 153 and asking 120 Chrome Delete (you get 2 full kits here, not 1) Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete | Nikola Pro...
  2. Maarten

    Nikola en $NKLA draadje

    Gegeven hetgeen Hindenburgresearch.com heeft geschreven in: Nikola: How to Parlay An Ocean of Lies Into a Partnership With the Largest Auto OEM in America en hoe dit zich verder met het merk èn de aandelen NKLA gaat uitwerken, lijkt dit een goed moment om een draadje te starten waarin het...
  3. TMC Staff

    U.S. Patent Office Rules In Favor Of Nikola In Lawsuit Against Tesla Semi

    The $2 billion lawsuit due to patent infringement will continue. On May 4, 2018, we told you Nikola Motor Company had decided to sue Tesla. It alleged that Tesla violated six patents with the design of the Semi, which cover the windscreen, door, and bodywork design of the Nikola One. The...
  4. G

    From Eloquent Shopper to a touch of diablo

    Two reasons .. 1.. Hit debris on freeway that ruined a wheel and tire.. other three needed replacing, Tesla wheel was pretty steep in price and a $50.00,markup per tire... 2. Car has totally blown me away wrt performance so wanted to tip my hat to the capabilities with exterior styling...
  5. S

    Update on the Nikola lawsuit against Tesla semi

    I thought we had a thread on this but a search didn't turn one up and thought it deserved one. I don't normally read Seeking Alpha but saw this in Google's finance news regarding Telsa and wanted to update people about the patent status for Tesla on the semi's design. According to the article...
  6. EdA

    American Experience - Tesla 10/18/2016

    Set your DVR to record WGBH American Experience | PBS . Tesla In my area it is Tuesday 10/18 at 9pm. Sorry if this has already been covered...
  7. heysteveh

    Nikola Motors Semi Trucks

    Nikola Motor Company. I am not kidding: Nikola Motor Company | Premium Electric Vehicles I am a long-haul truck driver with a model 3 reservation so this was of great interest to me. They even mention Tesla a few times in describing their battery (3 times bigger than a P85D) among other things...
  8. Gabzqc

    The Prestige - 2006 - Christopher Nolan and Nikola Tesla

    Watched this film again today, wanted to suggest it here. Good story about Magicians that try to one up each other eventually using Nikola Tesla Coil Technology for Teleportation. I dont think he managed this in real life, but perhaps drew up plans for it? "A friendship that became a rivalry...