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  1. joexn

    2022.16.1 rolling out in Europe

    2022.16.1 was spotted on a vehicle in Finland by TeslaFi. This update likely contains the UN/ECE change which removes the automated exiting and forking from Navigate-on-Autopilot.
  2. Sparkeur

    'Poor Weather Detected' on NoA

    I have a 20 mile autoroute trip most days and have now become quite comfortable dropping into Navigate on Autopilot and letting autosteer and lane change cruise me to my destination. This morning, it was pouring with rain and I received the message 'Poor Weather Detected, NoA limited'. Fair...
  3. B

    CA HOV/Caprool NOA Issue

    I'm running 2020.36.10 HW3 with "green light chime" on and "stay in passing lane" on, and wondering if anybody else has this issue or if there is a known fix for it. Tried a hard reset (steering wheel + brake) a couple times with no resolve. I have the same daily commute on the 405 FWY from...
  4. P

    NoA brakes on highway for merging vehicles

    My wife and I are big fans of Tesla. We have a model 3 and a Y and both have NoA. I love to use NoA on the highway, but have found this issue to be a safety concern that should be resolved as anytime the car brakes suddenly and unexpectedly it could cause an accident. When driving in the...
  5. M

    Tesla took off NOA ability of my car?

    Hi all, I'm new here and probably will mess up with some terminology sorry about that in advance. I bought used 2016 (November) MX p100d, 3 weeks ago from a third-party dealership and on my way back home I was able to use Navigate on Autopilot. The next day I've realized the previous owner...
  6. arroyobass

    I hate Navigate on Autopilot

    We got our model 3 about a month ago and navigate on autopilot was the number one feature I was excited about in the car! We have done about 1800 miles in the last month almost completely on the highway around southern California. Navigate on autopilot is a terrible driver. The auto lane...
  7. T

    Coming later this year....

    Recognize and respond to traffic lights and stop signs. Automatic driving on city streets. is still being advertised and sold on Tesla homepage across the world on 17th Dec... anyone heard what is happening. Or are we getting closer to fradulent advertising if Tesla has internal knowledge they...
  8. T

    AP features unavailable after small repair !

    I have a 2017 MX with MCU1 and AP2.0 with FSD. My car was in the SC for replacement of the rear bumper (Just the black trim piece at the bottom) because of an small accident. The painted piece of the bumper was not replaced, hence I am assuming the sensors too were not changed.. There was at...
  9. cruiserlarry

    V10 - No Nav on Autopilot button on Nav Screen

    I received 2019.32.11 on Sunday, and yesterday received 2019.32.11.1 - not sure when it started, but since I received V10, I no longer have the "Navigate On Autopilot" button showing on my navigation screen. All of the NOA controls are still set in the menu, but no way to access it to use it -...
  10. AlanSubie4Life

    Things my wife said about Navigate on Autopilot tonight

    Wife: "Why is it so jerky?" Me: "Well, it can decelerate somewhat abruptly while on freeway interchanges..." Wife: "It's not just around corners, it's all the time on the freeway; why do you use it if it is so bad?" Me: "Well, I'm trying it out; I think maybe you notice less if you're...
  11. Radlaw

    NOA Steep Learning Curve!

    Just started using Navigation on Autopilot (NOA). It scares the heck out of me, especially the automatic lane change; so I disabled it. The moves from lane to lane when exiting the freeway are also quite sudden & jerky. Hopefully, I'll learn it, or it learns me. Anybody else out there have a...
  12. Fernand

    Scary acceleration, how to reduce?

    I use NOA a lot, MadMax, very happy with it, keeps getting better. I also use AS/TACC on surface roads/streets whenever the context is right. I've gotten good at popping in and out of AS. It's great. My issue is a rather brutal acceleration style I find nerve-wracking. It's e.g. annoying in...
  13. Fernand

    How are people applying enough force in NOA steering?

    With the 2019.8.5 update, the Navigate On Autopilot is an order of magnitude more powerful. In fact it's amazing. But I find it tricky to satisfy "sufficient resistance" on the steering wheel. If I just rest my right hand relaxed on the wheel like previously, it seems to nag too easily. That's...
  14. EvolutionTeʂla

    Wow, so much fun! My first NOA test with 2019.12 (video)!

    Hey gang. I just posted a couple new videos to my YouTube channel (Evolution Tesla) covering 2019.12. The latest one offers a good test of the new capabilities of NOA on the highway. I ran into a few issues but overall it was a really fun and exciting experience. We're getting really close...
  15. pdamski

    Intermittent Sensor

    I receive an error message last week on my screen. "Surround vehicle display limited." I think I have an intermittent loss from a sensor on the right rear of the car. Tesla Service was great but a part is ordered and no indicated time of delivery so... I drove into L.A. yesterday and for much...

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