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  1. E

    Seat rubbing against FWD - is this normal?

    Both of our 2nd row seats touch against the FWD when closed. This causes an annoying rubbing sound when turning or running over any bumps. Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. A

    Metal popping noises after control arm replacement

    2018 Model 3, LR dual motor. I recently went to a SC to get a control arm replaced. Shortly after the replacement, a new noise emerged. When driving up a driveway (and first pulling onto a steeper grade), a metal 'pop' sound occurs under the front floorboards. The noise can be felt, but is...
  3. 7

    *HELP* Metallic rattle on outside of car front end @ low speed

    I've got a rattle that has recently developed (14k mi 19' AWD) originally though it might be related to my winder tire swap. It has progressively gotten worse. I need to make a service ticket, we don't have service centers in NM so wanted to see if anyone has ideas what to check before having...
  4. VaztheDad

    Noise - Driver Front Side Clicking

    Hi Folks - I've searched here (Youtube, Reddit) and nothing seems to be matching identically. At first I thought this could have been the milling sound we hear out of motors, but that tends to be more a buzz than a click. Then went on to consider CV joints, but this only happens when the wheels...
  5. T

    Loud clunking noise in 2021 Model 3!!

    When it is really cold (20-25 degrees F), I have twice had a really loud clunking sound from the front of the car. It happens within 10 sec of going in Drive - oddly, it didn't happen when I backed out of the driveway and about 200 feet down the road. I had pre-warmed the car for 5 min (High)...
  6. O

    Loud conch-blowing noise

    Took delivery of my MSM Model Y on 12/30. This morning when wife is backing out of the garage the car is blowing super loud noise, literally sounds like someone is sitting in the frunk blowing a conch. Seems coming out of the front intake vents. Is it possible this is heat pump related? I am in...
  7. E

    Loud noise when first entering the car

    I’ve been hearing a loud snap/clunk noise when I first enter the car and press the breaks. It comes from the back left side. Is that normal? I’m new to the forum. Thanks for the feedback and happy new year!
  8. R

    Loud Regen Braking Noise (Cold Battery)

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering what your experiences are with regen braking noise in your Model Y? I have always felt mine was louder than normal, but now that's it's cold out, I've noticed that it produces a high pitched squealing sound when slowing down, especially at higher speeds. Since...
  9. 3

    What is it up to in the Garage?

    New Model 3, charges to 90% in my garage. Been "resting" there for more than 1 hour after charging, it keeps making "noises", sounds like fans. What is it doing? Now the charge state says 89%. The Vents and climate control are off. The screen is blank..
  10. N

    MY Long Range "Boominess" sound, same with Performance version??

    I recently tested a November build MY Long Range and was surprised by the "Boominess", low bass, almost sub-woofer deep resonance sounds. I had driven a MY Performance version in September and really don't recall that sound at all. Has anyone heard this on the new Performance builds? I have a Y...
  11. S

    Tesla Model 3 Rattle / Mechanical type noise

    Hi, I picked up my model 3 a couple weeks ago from Quebec and then had to self Isolate for 14 days once I got back in Atlantic Canada, so I was unable to drive the car until today. Today I got in the car to go get a coffee and noticed there is an annoying rattle or mechanical type noise coming...
  12. VegarHenriksen

    Creaking/crackling/clicking from left rear

    Hello, Does anyone recognize this noise and know what it could be? The intensity changes with temperature, it's worse when it's colder outside. Phone in the backseat: Phone outside Thanks in advance!
  13. K

    Suspension clicking noise while parked?

    I got my brand new 2020 Model X mid-August, everything was great until I got it wrapped and the tech told me that my car is making a weird clicking noise while parked. Send the video to my Tesla rep and the tech told me to monitor the noise and let them know if anything else happened. (as if...
  14. Mach Y

    Charging buzzing noise & stuck @ 6 hrs left

    This has happened to me a few times, mostly recently early this morning -- Since I don't drive the car much I just use the 110v charger for normal charging. After running errands for the day the car usually has anywhere from a few to 10-20 hours of charging remaining when I plug it in. This...
  15. B

    2016 Model S Right Front Noise (between frunk and fender)

    My 2016 Model S was making a noise today while driving. Not real loud, but very noticeable with the car off, both from inside the car and outside. The car has been sitting idle for a couple hours and I powered it down a couple times. I have also ran the a/c through various stages from off to on...
  16. M

    Recommendations on repairs outside of Tesla

    Hello... I have been living with a rattle and squeak in my M3 for almost a year now and Tesla Service has been pointless on tracking this down and fixing it. We did a "ride along" and they were able to verify the sound immediately so they took it for service, twice. Now they tell me that this is...
  17. U

    Model X 2019 Raven Sound Deadening Doors Project

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any issues that may occur if you try to do this yourself. This is only to show what I was able to do and how I did it. We have had our 2019 MXLR for about 10 months now, and I have been obsessed with trying to cut down wind and road noise ever since we...
  18. G

    Model Y Quality / Noises

    I've had my Model Y for 2 weeks. Within a few days of delivery, I started hearing various noises. There is wind noise on the passenger side, like others have mentioned. We also have other noise -- sometimes a rubbing/squeaking that might be coming from the wheels. There is also a banging...
  19. A

    Indicators go silent

    Hello everyone, Sometimes when I turn on the indicators on my Model 3 they go silent. I can still see that they're flashing, but I can't hear the noise that's associated with it! It doesn't happen a lot, but seems to be happening more often, is it something I'm doing? At first, I thought it...
  20. R

    Model Y AC noise on fan setting 10

    We are close to taking delivery of a new model Y. Tesla is correcting some issues before that happens, but while I was inspecting the vehicle I noticed that the AC system is way louder than my model 3, particularly when the fan is on speed 10. At fan settings 8 (maybe even 9) and below, it seems...
  21. B

    Interior, exterior and driving experience within spec??

    Hi everybody. Hope everybody is safe and sound. I recently picked up a Model Y. Was told that the fit and finish is within spec by the sales associate. What do you guys think? In addition to the fit and finish, the two biggest concerns I have are cabin noise and driving experience. 1. Can hear...
  22. H

    Accelerating and decelerating thud noise

    Hey forum, Anyone experiencing an accelerating and decelerating thud noise? It's really apparent when from a stopped position, you press the gas and the car lurches forward. It sounds like something is shifting back and then shifting forward. The sound is coming from the back of the car and I...
  23. B

    Window Creaking

    Hi All I have window tint put on my M3 side windows and since then I have noticed a strange creaking noise coming from the window when I go over bumps. to me, it seems like the window (with tint film) moves a tiny bit over the rubber seal at the top of the window and makes the creaking noise...
  24. rogerbohl

    Strut noise

    Roger Bohl <[email protected]> 1:01 PM (4 minutes ago) For several weeks, I had been detecting a maddening, tiny "clicking" noise seemingly emanating from somewhere around the passenger seat of our "3". Noticeable when driving slowly, when the car "rolled" a bit -- side-side. I thought it...
  25. M

    "Woodpecker" Noise On Door Open/Close

    After I open or close a car door, there is a repetitive knocking noise that lasts for approximately 1 second. It seems to come from the front of the car, towards the passenger side. It can occur from other events as well (I've noticed it around stops or starts of charging, for example). Anyone...
  26. D

    Did Tesla Remove NVH Cover from AC Compressor?

    Hello folks, I own a 2020 3. Apologies in advance if this should be under the Master Thread for 2020 changes. As per title, does anyone know if (and why) Tesla removed the shroud around the AC compressor in the Model 3? I had a look at their parts catalogue, which sometimes gets updated...
  27. BennyMountfort

    Noise Change after update??

    Is it just me or has anyone else notice the electric noise when you flatten the throttle has changed since the large update earlier this year? I used to get a high pitched mosquito sound only, now it starts with this and develops into a deeper tone. :D
  28. willow_hiller

    Fix for Model 3 Armrest Squeak?

    Just got my car back from the Service Center where they replaced my front USB ports, and now the armrest/center console squeaks when I open it. Rather than a ~1 hour drive back to the Service Center, I thought I would ask if anyone else has had this problem and found a DIY fix for it. Thanks!
  29. M

    19'' Continental ProContact RX vs Michelin Pilot Sport 4s

    Hello, the original 19" Continental ProContact RX tires in my Tesla Model 3 LR RW have more than 34k miles and the thread is about 3.5 mm on the back. I think I need to replace the tires in about half year. Currently I also have 19" Winter Tire and Wheel set from Tesla. So I'm considering the...
  30. I

    New Model 3 Brakes are Noisy

    I got my Model 3 LR AWD at the end of December. Since picking up the car, I've noticed that the brakes are noisy, emitting a scraping sound. Its mostly noticeable when going slower, like in stop and go traffic. When I brought it up with my Service Advisor, he said its completely normal and all...
  31. R

    Noise from passenger front door - like a loose nut in door

    This noise sounds like a nut that is loose in the door. I doubt there is a nut that is loose in there, but it's just to explain what it sounds like. I hear a "knock" when I accelerate or decelerate. If I accelerate/brake very slowly, the noise doesn't happen. But if I drive normally, at every...
  32. L

    Battery Coolant Pump or Fan Always on and Making Noise

    Hi everyone, I am long time fan and new owner of Model 3 SR+. The car runs well, but it seems the battery coolant pump or some fan in the front is constantly running. It seems to be coming from the center-back of the front hood and can be heard distinctly from the inside or outside of the car...
  33. D

    2019 Model X Long Range Raven Acceleration Noise

    I have a 2019 Tesla Model X Raven that is making a grinding noise on “harsh” acceleration (3/4 to full). The noise is most evident on “cold starts”. I have had the car in service for this issue and Tesla has replaced the Front Half Shafts, but it has not resolved the issue. Tesla is now telling...
  34. R

    Sound Insulation

    Hi Everyone, I bought a used MS directly from Tesla 3 months ago, I have noticed higher road noise levels inside the car compared to other luxury cars I have owned. I even noticed that when I play music or if I am on a phone call - it is very audible from the outside. I plan on scheduling an...
  35. J

    "Thunk" sound while supercharging while cold and changing altitude

    MAny of you seems to have experience the upsetting noise while supercharging on cold climate or changing altitude. The good news is that Tesla is aware of it, has a service bulletin and a procedure to fix it: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10163736-9999.pdf The not so good news is...
  36. FilmTraveler

    A solution to mystery squeak while driving

    Shortly after adopting my Model 3, I started hearing a squeaking sound. It seemed to be coming from the dash or center console, but I couldn't pin it down or reproduce it on cue. Just whenever driving it would appear for a while and then go away for a while, though it was worse on bumpy roads...
  37. D

    Advice for Summer Tires in Europe 245/45R19

    Sorry to create yet another post on tires but I only seem to find threads about US tire models. In the old continent the offer is quite different and I don't seem to find (at least in Belgium, where I live) any trace of all the hyped models like Bridgestone Quiettracks, Primacy MXM4 and Yokohama...
  38. M

    I Want To Hire Someone to De-Noise my Model S Interior

    Although I love 99% of everything about my new 2019 Model S Raven, the ever-increasing buzzes, rattles and creaks within the interior of the car are crazy-making -- especially for a car of this price. And since Tesla has somehow deemed that it's not their responsibility to fix these issues...
  39. M

    2019 Model S Raven Suspension Noise

    I took delivery of my Model S Raven on 6/28/19. Along with a dent in the hood, a bumper panel was not attached, a door panel that was not attached, and some of the rear seat panels were not attached – all in all, it seemed like a rush job before the end of the quarter for Tesla. I should’ve...

    Quiet Package?

    Like many of you I own and "love" my 2018 Model 3 but I want more cargo space so I have a Y on order. However I have found my M3LR to be quite loud as compared to my 2016 BMW X3 SUV. I drive the same route from Bellingham, WA to the Skagit Regional airport several times a week and with my M3 I...
  41. M

    AC making thunking sound frequently.

    I bought a pre-owned 2013 Tesla Model S 85 recently. I have noticed that the car makes a thunking sound every 10-15 seconds coming from the Dash area. I have found it to be when the AC is running. While this noise is quiet enough to not be heard when music is playing or while driving, it is just...
  42. H

    Loud whine under hood

    yesterday i went into my garage and my model S was off and plugged in on a trip charge. There was a soft wlectricwhining noise I hadn’t heard before. It kind of sounded like the whine you get when the A/C is on all the way but a little different. I took our ICE on the trip, didn’t want to...
  43. tyfosho

    Noise under dash when waking up from sleep

    I had something weird start with one of the latest software updates, and I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. Whenever the car wakes up from being asleep for more than a couple of hours, I get a noise under the dash that sounds like somebody crinkling a paper bag. It...
  44. A

    Weird noise fron rear left wheel, bad wheel bearing??

    Hello everyone. There was a noise start to shows up about half a month ago, it starts from almost nothing but to a little big road noise till now to a bit loud which is very noticeable when on high speed. The loudness of the noise will go up when driving from low speed to high speed, start...
  45. X

    Comfort and noice levels on LR AWD vs Performance

    Can someone that test-drove (or maybe owns ? ) both, comment on the difference in comfort and noise levels on the two cars? I understand that Performance has lowered suspension and 20" wheels but how much of a difference does it fell during normal driving? And is there any difference on...
  46. B

    Model 3 road noise - AWD vs. P3 - Owners Thoughts & Comparisons

    I have had my 18" aero P3- for a week now. The biggest thing I researched prior to buying was about the cabin experience - noise and ride quality etc. especially on motorways/long journeys. I originally ordered the 20" P3+ but after a 10 minute test drive I ultimately decided to change to an...
  47. T

    Model X Creaking noise while starting to move

    Just picked up a 2017 Model X overall great condition but there is an odd sound when I start to move from a stop or get close to stopping from a move listen to video. Anyone encounter this, potential fixed, I’m setting up a service appointment but curious if this is common.
  48. B

    New Model 3 Making Noise

    Hi, just got my new AWD LR Model 3, I love it but am experiencing a noise when acccelerating in between 25 MPH and 45 MPH. I have attached a recording, it is a high pitched pulsing / whistle sound coming from the front. Is this normal? I know its subtle but I have three days left to return it...
  49. S

    Regen Braking klunk from front left wheel

    I have a new to me 2016 S75D. It's a lease return purchased directly from Tesla and I love it. One issue I've noticed is that if I take my foot off the gas and let the regenerative braking kick in, there is a brief but obvious klunk from the front left wheel area. Car has a 4 year, 50K full...
  50. SaniDel

    Noise and Heat While Charging

    Our intent is to downsize to a cottage with a one-car garage and then to purchase and to charge a Tesla Model X in the garage. What noise and heat should be expected while charging? Do we need to make a provision to dissipate the heat from the garage, e.g., a ductless air conditioner? I would...

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