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  1. G

    Noise from Sun Visor

    Hello everyone, I have this weird case where the passenger sun visor starts making noise (radio like noise) when the car is hot (after sitting in the sun for a while). The noise is only when the visor is in the attached position, doesn’t matter if it’s open or closed. What do you think this...
  2. R

    Clicking noise at low speed when the steering wheel turned right

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vWNKQVIWPJhjMQcoIzgD5PiIseIGjgoT/view?usp=drivesdk I hear a clicking noise like this whenever I move the wheel to the right at a really low speed
  3. LavanyaLea

    Squeaky rear suspension, out of warranty Tesla

    Hi, last week I noticed noise coming from my rear suspension passenger side. My car is 2019 Model 3 and sadly just out of warranty (50,200 miles!). I have had the front upper arm suspension replaced last year - they initially gave injection but when the problem recurred they replaced it under...
  4. A

    (Video) HELP- Sound from front!

    EDIT- It ONLY happens when the wheel is completely straight. Any slight turn on the wheels, it doesn’t do it. Hey everyone, I have a model S and I’ve sold the S and purchased a X but there is a noise coming from the front and seems like it’s coming from something rotating. The buyer and myself...
  5. P

    Need replacement tires Continental, Michelin, Hankook for Model 3 long range

    Sorry to be asking this question again but I find the information confusing in the different forums. Probably because the data is subjective. However, if the new tires I get are noisier then the current OEM Continental ContiProContact RX with Silent Tech, I'll never hear the end of it from my...
  6. M

    New MYP: heatpump resonance when climate over 19 degress celsius

    Got my new MYP some weeks back. When I turn on the heat in the cabin (does not matter if AC is on/off) there will be a quite some noise from the heatpump. It sounds like som resonance (or humming) inside the car. Specially when the car is at a still it is annoying and sounds like a fossil car...
  7. B

    Whistling Noise Above 40mph

    I just bought a used 2021 Model 3 SR+ and I'm having this annoying whistling noise when going above 40mph. It sounds like it's kind of all over. It didn't make the noise when it was raining, though. I tried using painter's tape to cover the gap between the windshield and the roof glass and the...
  8. smagicmans

    Model Y noise when waking starting up car cricket/chirping sound

    Hi, I have a 2023 Model Y LR that makes a weird sound (like cricket chirping for 12seconds then stop) whenever I wake the car up from sleep by opening the door. The sound comes from somewhere in the front body of car. The ac/heat system setting was off during these instances, no charging was...
  9. F

    Continuous high pitched noise from the frunk

    Hey everyone, I'm a Model 3 (2021 version) owner since last week, I got it used from Tesla inventory. It's a really fun car to drive and I'm happy about it. Anyway, I noticed that when the car is parked and in deep sleep, there's a continuous high pitched noise coming from the frunk. It's very...
  10. 3peat

    Loud Suspension Thump at Low Speeds or Sharp Turns

    I am having an issue with my Tesla Model 3 where a loud "thunk", "clunk", or "thump" sound is coming from my suspension or wheel area (I think). Whenever I am at relatively low speed and making a sharp turn, or sometimes when I'm at an incline and going up a small ramp (like a parking garage) is...
  11. G

    Cracking noise around front left wheel (with video), SC says normal trim noise?

    Hi: My 2019 M3 AWD is developing a disturbing cracking sound around front left wheel / fronk / suspension area. I've been having this concern over the last half year, went to service center twice, and they said it's "normal interior trim noise as vehicle gets older". I've attached a short video...
  12. S

    Awful grinding noise front wheel

    Hi folks, This awful noise triggered today after a short stop in a parking lot. Link to video : Noise video Weather conditions dry, 1-2 degrees. It continued for about 10 minutes of driving the car, it would trigger at any speed, even in reverse. After 10 mins or so, it disappeared. We drove...
  13. R

    2021 M3: strange sound while driving or standing still, sounds like a howling dog

    Hi community, hope someone can help me with this before I can drop the car off at a service center. Today i noticed a strange howling sound coming from the front / trunk (heat pump possibly?). It happened after approx. 1 hr of driving and repeated every minute or so. Has anyone heard this sound...
  14. H

    2022 Model 3 Front Passenger side Rattle (Glovebox area)

    Been experiencing a rattle for about a month. Initially though it was the front camera housing but sitting in the passenger seat, it sounds like its coming somewhere around the glovebox/ passenger dash area. Rattle sounds like a loose bolt. Brought the car to the service center and had a test...
  15. T

    Loud buzzing noise coming from under passenger side while Model 3 sitting still in drive (but not while in park)?

    While sitting in drive, there is a loud buzzing noise coming from under the front passenger side. The sound goes away when I put the car in park. Is this normal? I know there are cooling fans but this sounds very loud, almost like a grinding sound. Here is a link to a video of this sound...
  16. Y

    2022.36.5 Update: sounds and clicking while installing update

    I installed the 2022.36.5 a few days ago and happened to walk by the car and there was a fury of strange clicking from the front of the car. It was quite rapid. Scary sounding. I presume this was from the climate octavalve. Was this normal? Has anyone else noticed this? So far, no apparent problems.
  17. L

    High-pitch hissing/whistling when driving (video)

    Model 3 LR is only two months old, for the past couple weeks it's been hissing whenever I drive, regardless of speed. It sounds to be coming from the left-front of the driver side. I've tried removing objects, pressing and pulling on things, and taking other advice I've found in related threads...
  18. N

    2022 Model 3 LR making clicking noises all night

    I’ve noticed in the past when I open up my Tesla app on my phone, my M3LR makes a somewhat loud thud or clicking sound once (when the vehicle is waking up). Last night I noticed (the car is parked right outside my bedroom) that my Tesla was making that same noise every few minutes all night...
  19. A

    M3P Clicking/Tapping Noise from 17mph and Above. Front Drivers Side.

    Hi I've now had my M3P for 2 weeks and only 600 miles on the clock. I have noticed a very faint fast tapping/clicking noise that appears once you hit 17mph and above. The noise is constant and does not get louder or quicker when increasing the speed, it just stays the same and gets drowned...
  20. B

    Caller can hear an echo plus every bump my car makes on car bluetooth

    I just received my Model 3 and had it serviced because of the echo that could be heard by the caller on the other side. In addition, every bump I make on the road they can hear. The service center says that it is common and there’s nothing they can do except have me turn down the volume. I...
  21. L

    Tesla warranty for car noise

    I have a one year old Model3LR which has more problems than I wished for. Squeaky noise in the back seat, a seat belt stuck, camera warnings. Tesla fixed the noise problem before, and when they fixed the back seat belt issue the noise came back. However when I brought that up again, they refused...
  22. G

    Rattling noise coming from dash top pad. Not covered under warranty. DIY fix suggestion?

    I have been haunted by this rattling noise issue right after vehicle delivery, and used to think it's coming from the steering wheel. It happens when I drive on bumpy road with relatively low speed, and is more obvious when weather is hot. After several service visits they were not able to...
  23. J

    My AC is making vibrating sound, does anyone knows which part is causing it?

    It's only happening under the glove box, it's not a super big problem but it actually bothers me. I brings it to Tesla service they said they took apart the cabin filter and inspected for debris on the blower motor and found nothing. However, it was fine when it was back from service, so I was...
  24. B

    Rattle in front of driver - Need advice!

    Tesla have had my car the last few days to fix a rattle in the parcel shelf and one in the dash, directly in front of the steering wheel on a right-hand drive Model 3. They claim to have insulated the dash, but after getting it back the rattle is immediately even more noticeable. I would like...
  25. Z_Lynx

    Random car locking noises when at home?

    Anyone hearing locking and unlocking noises when their car is parked at home? Been doing a weeks worth of work near the car when it's not charging, not recently driven, being completely ignored (not opening doors). I am hearing what sounds like a quick locking then unlocking noise randomly...
  26. S

    So… another noise question. Sounds like scrolling?

    Hi, long time lurker but finally found something I haven’t seen posted yet. Does anyone know what this noise could be? 2019 M3P. Happens intermittently but it’s very annoying. Trying to have more info for my SC appointment to increase chances of them actually fixing it! Thanks for any input.
  27. B

    Driving noise while driving MY SR

    I have MY SR 50k, Two days ago I started noticing a noise associate with driving acceleration and de-acceleration, (similar to bearing sound) i couldn’t record it while driving the sound came from underneath trunk, it sounds new never heard before Anyone had such an issue ?
  28. Padelford

    Front suspension problems come and go?

    Two months ago, I had the upper control arms replaced for the second time in the vehicle’s history. In both cases, the front end was very noisy, and the new control arms apparently fixed the problems. Two weeks ago, the front suspension began squeaking and creaking like hell again. It was...
  29. NaperY

    2022 Model Y Performance rear drive unit noise

    Took Delivery in April this year, about 6000 miles in we've suddenly started experiencing a whirring noise from the rear. it seems to change pitch upon speed. It is different from the "whine" noise folks have been attributing to the ground cable, but I'm totally stumped what it could be. We're...
  30. vanR

    DIY Tesla Drive Unit Repair

    Check the youtube channel I started about DIY repair of the Tesla Large Drive Unit (DU). This may benefit those who like to fix their car themselves, epecially if it's out of warranty. Here is the link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCIHg1trfQQTYIA88w-ZcCdw Background: The DU in my 2012 Toyota...
  31. T

    Clicking noise during turns

    Hey everyone, I have a 2016 March, P90D with SAS (gen1) Continental shocks Recently I started to have a weird clicking noise when the car is moving and steering is being turned around 180 degrees. It comes from both sides. It is not multiple clicks, its just 1 click, as if something is not tight...
  32. M

    Issue or normal? Parking brake sound for Model 3

    My car makes a whirring sound when engaging or disengaging Park. Is the sound in the clip below normal?
  33. D

    Can I walk-in service center if my model Y AC stopped working in hottest summer days?

    Hi, My model Y AC stopped working when I’m driving long trip, I’m driving on highway with 104 degrees interior temperature today, and feel like dying. Also my heat point is activated the whole time, making loud noises the whole day time. The earliest appointment available is 17th, have anyone...
  34. J

    Window motor noise when window shuts

    J on TikTok When I close the window of my tesla model 3, it makes this robotic noise after the window shuts completely. Has anyone experienced this or know if it’s normal? It only happens with this one window. I uploaded the video onto tiktok lol cause that was the easiest way to share it -...
  35. G

    Rear seat rattle - How to fix?

    So I have a UK (MIC) Model 3. I have a pretty irritating rattle sound from the rear left of the car and cannot for the life of me work out what might be causing it. Video is here: I do not think it's the leather as it sounds like a plastic tapping of sorts. It's not massively loud but the...
  36. J

    Creaking sound from front suspension, second replacement

    My early 2020 M3 Sr+ has 90,000 Kms (56000 Miles) on it. In January I had some really bad creaking noise while turning and going over bumps. During that time the car was still under warranty. Right before the end of the warranty at 80,000kms, both front control arms were replaced under warranty...
  37. ev_go123

    Squeaky /creaky driver's seat issue identified

    tl;dr Sharing for people with the same issue: M3 driver's seat squeak is due to misaligned/rubbing seat rails. Proper fix is properly align the rails, less ideal/maybe temporary fix is add grease. I've had an annoying creaking noise in the driver side seat that seems to come and go in my 2022...
  38. I

    2015 Model S 70D - Strange Vent Noise

    Hey everyone. I’ve been experiencing some strange sounds emanating from my vents on the passenger side of my car. It’s definitely related the the heating/AC because the sound immediately goes away when I turn the climate control off. Below is a link to the video (disregard the dust on the dash…...
  39. G

    High pitch sounds when driving

    Anyone ever notice their Tesla making a high pitched noise when going at a high speed? I usually get this sound at 80+ today and since I don’t often go this fast it never really bothered me and I treat it like a warning sound that I am going too fast anyway - but I would like to know what it is...
  40. D

    2013 Model S 85 quick clicking from rear when put in drive and reverse

    2013 Tesla Model S 85 with 45,740 miles. Drive unit was replaced under manufacturers warranty October 2021. It started making this noise last night when I was backing into my driveway, I heard a loud thud as i started up the hill so I got out to check and make sure I didn't hit something and...
  41. S

    Noise on used model x

    Hello, I just purchased a used model X from tesla and noticed a few things that are different than my 2021 MYLR. Just wanted to know if these are issues or am I being paranoid and comparing a 2018 December build to a 2021 august built vehicle. 1. There are two noises that seem to emanate...
  42. G

    High pitched noise?

    We noticed when the car picks up speed a high pitched tune playing in the car, sounds like my tinnitus. It's not the fan or the motor and doesn't sound like wind, it's more of an electrical tone that varies in loudness and in pitch (so far I've detected 3 pitches sometimes all playing at...
  43. D

    Strange "Plasticy" Noise 2022 M3P

    Hey Guys/Gals, my new PM3 has developed a strange noise - very different from all the other stuff I've seen on the forum. Sound something like having a piece of tape stuck to the tire... Has become worse after taking it in to Tesla for service and being told the issue was resolved. Have any of...
  44. G

    Model 3 Motor whine / whirr / sound

    So I picked up my model 3 a few days ago and am loving it so far. But I took it out today and noticed that I was getting seemingly quite a bit more motor whine than usual. I've uploaded two videos here: https://streamable.com/opbhsv https://streamable.com/9a9571 The 'spaceship' high pitch...
  45. C

    Tesla Model 3 Rattle noise?

    Hey, I recently took delivery on a 2022 Model 3 and much like everyone else I very much enjoy the car. Being this is my first Tesla and my first electric vehicle I have some questions on the different behavior this car has. I read a lot of forums asking what certain noises mean but I've had no...
  46. J

    Loud "helicopter" sound from fan below frunk (cold weather)

    I recently noticed a whirling helicopter sound coming from a fan under the frunk. Does anyone know what causes this sound, and if it's a legitimate issue? I recorded it and posted it on youtube (see below link) The sound happens when the heat/climate system turns off after closing the door...
  47. M

    Weird buzzing noise when above 40mph

    When I drive over 40mph, my new (purchased in Dec 2021) M3LR, make a weird bussing noise. I have deduced the following: - It is not wind noise. It is almost like a very rapid ticking/bussing noise. - It does not coincide with the HVAC system. The sound still happens even when the air...
  48. R

    Groaning noise coming from accelerator. 2018 M3 48k miles

    Does anyone know what this noise could be? This occurs after driving the car on the freeway or after more than 30ish minutes of diving. It happens when I'm pressing the accelerator/slowly releasing the accelerator, the front of the car makes an audible groaning at various frequencies and...
  49. F

    whining noise from the rear mirror in refreshed Model S

    Hi All, As soon as I took my refreshed model S last Sunday, I noticed a very distinct whining noise coming from the center. It sounds like a fan is consistently being toggling on and off repeatedly. It only happened when climate control is turned on. see youtube for the location and as well as...
  50. Suspendmix

    Model Y passenger side dash rattle and rubbing noise

    Has anyone had a dash rattle/rub that they've successfully resolved on their own? I've had these noises literally from day 1 when I'm driving over uneven roads between 15-30 mph. I've already brought it into Tesla service twice and each time they said they fixed it. The problem is that roads...

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