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  1. D

    I'm renting a 75D for a crazy coast-to-coast -- little help, please.

    I am a prospective owner and here we are in Corona-time with my son in LA and me in NJ. NYTimes recent survey of 511 epidemiologists: 20% would fly this summer; I'm down with the 80%, hence the idea of renting the Tesla. The car is a 75D and just to get that information from Enterprise was a...
  2. D

    Hello! I'm David! EWR > LAX needs help!

    I am a noob (obviously) and I do not own a Tesla but will be renting a Model S for a deranged coast-to-coast trip to see my son in Corona Time! Planning to leave end of next week and...I'm gonna need help! NNJ > LA; more specifically in airport terms, EWR > LAX! I'm also using this trip an an...
  3. M

    First Time Model S Buyer

    Hi All, this is my first post so apologies if I mess something up. I am looking at buying my first model S but need some help. It is a 2013 Model S Signature 60 KWH (191 miles per charge). The car has 175k miles on it, has no accidents, and has a clean title. Black with black leather. Tech...
  4. S

    new member from London, UK

    hi all, hoping to become owner at some point in near future. looking for London area based mechanic, skilled in rebuilding crashed Model S, please. thanks in advance!
  5. M

    Driving from Denver, CO to Mesa Verde National Park

    Hi, First time posting and just looking for a little advice. I’m going to be in Colorado mid-September and I plan on renting a model S. I thought the drive from Denver to Mesa Verde would be an awesome way to try out the Tesla platform. Just wondering if anyone else has made this trip in a...
  6. J

    Overwhelmed! Considering a Used Model S

    Hey Tesla Owners, potential new recruit here :) Want to purchase a used Model S (Sub $40K), but overwhelmed by all the permutations and unsure of what resources I can reference to bring some clarity. Would really appreciate some direction, below are a couple of baseline issues that come to...
  7. Pkmmte

    Is there something wrong with my tires?

    Disclaimer: I consider myself a techie, not a car guy. I'm clueless about most car stuff so I apologize for this foolish question ahead of time. This morning, I felt like there was something off with my drive to work. Not sure why. It's as if the ride suddenly felt harsher than usual for some...