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not charging

  1. C

    My Tesla Model3 SR+ LFP will not charge!

    Hello everyone, my 2021 Tesla Model 3SR+ is not letting me charge anymore.. To an extent. For example, whenever I try to plug in my Wallbox 40V charger in the car, the actuators make a clicking sound about 5 times then the T logo stays a solid blue for a couple of seconds then turns red. By...
  2. Z

    Wanted - Model S 2014 - 2018 working or not - in Texas

    Good Day folks - I am in Dripping Springs Texas and looking for a Tesla Model S working or not. Have a small budget and really looking for a fixer upper something not wrecked but not working either Should Someone have a Tesla that is not charging or working let me know.
  3. M

    Superchanging but not charging at home

    Hi all! A little new here however been on the forums and how looked around a bit prior to this post. Currently on a 2012 model S P 85 with about 60,000 miles on it. so fun story, we have a home charger, an EV outlet installed and everything and we’ve been good to go for quite some time. As of...
  4. islandbayy

    HPWC Problem, Gen 1 not working on Late 2019-2021 S & X

    We were one of the FIRST Tesla Destination charging locations in Wisconsin(Before it was even a program!), and THE First Hotel/Motel/Resort in Wisconsin to have dedicated EV Charging (Early 2000's!). As such, we have/had some of the oldest (Early Production) HPWC's Tesla produced. They have...