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not working

  1. F

    2014 Model S won't go into drive

    I'm going to call the service center tomorrow but was curious if anyone on here has any idea what's going on. I drove yesterday without any problem but this morning when I tried to put the car into drive the PRND all went red and it just went back into park. I've tried rebooting but it didn't...
  2. D

    Tesla Service forgot to reconnect Hazard Lights and Glove Box

    Took my MS in for MCU2 upgrade and had connectivity issues. Took it back and service realized they forgot to connect the connectivity board. It now works but hazard lights and glove box do not! Pressing with button results in nothing. I’m guessing service had to unplug these to get to the...
  3. Z

    Wanted - Model S 2014 - 2018 working or not - in Texas

    Good Day folks - I am in Dripping Springs Texas and looking for a Tesla Model S working or not. Have a small budget and really looking for a fixer upper something not wrecked but not working either Should Someone have a Tesla that is not charging or working let me know.
  4. G

    HPWC not working

    Hello everyone. I could use some help. So I've had the HPWC that came with my Model S for over 5 years now. It has been working flawlessly since day one. Suddenly it just stopped charging my car. Here are some info: 1. Green light at the front 2. I've switched the circuit breaker of the HPWC...
  5. Z

    Dashcam... why does it not work

    Hello, My dashcam feature just stopped working. Not sure if was an update or something else. Tried reformatting the drive (already worked in the beginning) and still nothing ... ideas ?
  6. ModlS3XY

    FWD put a hole in my garage drywall after upgrading to V9

    I had a feeling that the FWD sensors either stopped working (a bug in V9) or were made more “confident” with V9. The FWD never opened to full height previously since it would sense the garage motor (although it could). After v9, I saw that it started opening with full speed and to the full...