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  1. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    "Tesla is a drama magnet." Ain't it the truth. So why does Elon do it? Some on easy street might wonder. Why does Musk, Chief Executive, of two competitive companies divvy up his time between SpaceX and Tesla. They're like siblings. The elder for this article's purpose being SpaceX. The favored...
  2. S

    Auto Industry Lawyers at ABA Conf. -- semi- and automated-driving issues

    This Reuters article from today pretty much captures what I've seen discussed by members here on the Model X Mt. View accident, that of liability issues for manufacturers and suppliers. Figured it might be better to create a thread just for this line of discussion instead of piling it on in the...
  3. Az_Rael

    'System safeguards' lacking in Tesla crash on autopilot: NTSB

    'System safeguards' lacking in Tesla crash on autopilot: NTSB The limits on the autonomous driving system include factors such as Tesla being unable to ensure driver attention even when the car is traveling at high speeds, ensuring Autopilot is used only on certain roads and monitoring driver...