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  1. RubberToe

    Nuclear powered nano-diamond batteries

    Cross posted from the Energy, Environment and Policy forum since it's also applicable there. Not quite sure that its a battery but more like a small nuclear powered RTG like energy source. Be interesting to see if the output power levels can match 18650 cells. Battery powered car that never...
  2. tonybelding

    New fusion reactor design from MIT

    This came across Slashdot today. . . A small, modular, efficient fusion plant | MIT News The importance of this news is hard to overstate. Until now there have been two categories of nuclear fusion research: the mainstream tokamak design embodied in ITER, and the many other...
  3. mspohr

    Did Tesla Just Kill Nuclear Power?

    Interesting article in Forbes: Did Tesla Just Kill Nuclear Power? - Forbes A few quotes: “We all know that the wind doesn’t blow consistently and the sun doesn’t shine every day,” he said, “but the nuclear industry would have you believe that humankind is smart enough to develop techniques to...