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  1. K

    Model 3 Front number plate bracket

    Hi, anyone know if the UK deliveries will be coming with a front number plate bracket or if other European countries have come with these? If not any recommendations?
  2. Mike Tuccelli

    Dropping numbers on projected range

    A couple of years ago my Tesla’s computer was so corrupt it had to be replaced. I noticed at that time my energy readout became erratic. Now it’s happening again. Notice the two photos where a digit is blank. Seems this can’t be replicated at service center. I suggest you document with...
  3. tanner

    Did I just take someone's Reservation #?

    Apparently Tesla has over 20,000 reservations (not counting cancelations, as pointed out here on the forums: Just Reserved, YAY! # In Line Mirrors: Conflicting Stories?!), yet when I placed my reservation earlier this week, I received the following sequence number: 15,827. Is it possible Tesla...
  4. tanner

    Just Reserved, YAY! # In Line & Mirrors: Conflicting Stories?!

    So I'm sure there's a specific thread for this somewhere, but I'm so pumped that I opted to start a new one (sorry, ha)! I'm officially number 15,827 in line for the Model X, just placed my reservation today after having owned a Model S since 2013 - GO TESLA! Quick question though, does anyone...