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  1. M

    Reassembling Tesla

    I am currently working on a custom car. For this I am using all the electronics from a 2014 Tesla Model S 85, it worked completely without error messages. I took it apart and put it in the body of another car. now I have reconnected everything (including the battery pack, it is under the car)...
  2. LastGas

    Scan My Tesla with VGate Bluetooth

    I have a 2018 Model 3 and I'm trying to get Scan My Tesla working. I installed the AmpedGarage adapter and plugged in a super cheap VGate Scan OBD Scan Bluetooth dongle. I put Scan My Tesla on an old Dell T01C Venue 7 Tablet and installed Scan My Tesla. The adapter lit up when plugged in and...
  3. 4SUPER9

    12V Access: Model S 2021 Refresh

    I am creating this thread to discuss access to power for those who desire modifications to the 2021 refresh Model S, such as adding a radar detector, dashcams, additional LED lighting, etc. This is being already discussed in multiple different areas, but not consolidated anywhere. I...
  4. AllAboutJake

    A new CANBus Explorer for iOS

    Hi Folks, I have been working on an iOS CANBus visualization tool and I think its time to get some a few more willing test subjects to give it a try. If you frequent the M3OC (now TOO) forum, you have have seen a preview of it as @JWardell has been testing it and using it for reverse...
  5. _tpt_

    Vendor Tesla Performance Tools - Track focused CANbus display for iOS

    Hello everyone, very happy to announce TPT is now available on the App Store. This has been a long couple of months getting this functional and then approved. But I know it's going to be well worth the effort. I'm just getting started and have so much more planned for the app in the next few...
  6. D

    Countering vampire drain with 12v solar pannel

    Has anyone used solar panel to keep the 12v topped via the OBD, link posted below also dose the model 3 have a OBD connection AA Essentials 12V Solar-Powered Car Battery Charger Solar Panel OBD Version | eBay
  7. essmd

    Help - OBD-II port power failure

    I plugged in an apparently faulty phone charger using the OBD-II port 12 volt power, and now there is no power from that port anymore, despite thorough testing. I presume there is a fuse for this, or possibly a reset to restore. Anybody have a fix??? Tesla Tech support not able to provide...
  8. igotzzoom

    What Info Do you Get from OBD-II Scanner in a Tesla?

    So...I'm awaiting my Model 3. One of my Christmas presents I got was the BlueDriver Bluetooth OBD-II scanner, primarily for my '04 Chevy Avalanche, which has a tendency to trigger random check engine lights. My friend claims that when he plugged an OBD-II scanner into a co-worker's Fiat 500e...