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obstacle detected

  1. S

    Curb Rash-- it's so humiliating

    subtitle option: Can we save this almost marriage... OK ok... so my fiance (he may not marry me now) just bought an S (car of his dreams) that belongs to "us". We had it one week and I was just getting used to viewing the camera images and the dashboard "warnings" about getting too close...
  2. G

    Smart summon can recognize and avoid construction pylons!

    Impressive stuff watching the Tesla avoid obstacles and respond to different edge case scenarios while on smart summon...
  3. Y

    First day of delivery. Falcon wing door fails to close on slope. What shall I do?

    Hi all, I just took the delivery today for Model X. Everything was smooth until I drove it home and found the issue of falcon wing door: it fails to close on slope (i.e., my home's drive way). It will sound alarms and says obstacle detected. I will have to press the close button twice...
  4. Colby Boles

    "Obstacle detected" - blocking acceleration - very dangerous!

    I just had something very scary and dangerous happen less than two hours ago that hopefully never occurs again. I live in San Francisco and I was visiting a storage facility on Treasure Island. I was returning to San Francisco by merging via a stop sign directly on to I-80 West. For people who...