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  1. A

    What's your odometer at? Who's gone the farthest?

    I'm curious about how those that've had a model 3 for a long time and driven it a long way have been fairing. Like how the battery holds up in the multi-thousand mile range. So far my 2018 model 3 is at 75,000 miles, and still going strong, but I'd love to hear other's experiences! Back when the...
  2. R

    Odometer vs total charge? Difference

    From what I noticed My model 3 lfp Sr , has 1012 on the odometer which accounts for 3.5 mile per kw which is equal to the 288kwh total charge However our trips says 235-240 watts per mile = about 4 miles per kw ... Which total charge should be 253 kwh But there 35kwh used out of nowhere...
  3. N

    2017 Model S odometer?

    2017 Model S odometer vanished since recent software update - 2022.8.10.16. Bottom of screen with VIN on app now shows version not odometer. Read many threads and no info. Looked at account/software & everywhere actually with no luck. Is it just me? Apologize if it is in front of my nose…but...
  4. G

    Odometer accuracy issue

    Hi everyone. I have my M3LR since June 2023 and my odometer just hit 7000 km. To me this seems a little high and I started to pay more attention to it. So yesterday, i started at 6620 km and drove for 197 km according to google maps. Now the odometer shows 6924 km. So Tesla says i made 304 km...
  5. hmmm

    Bug Report for 2021.24.28: Odometer Stuck. Anyone else?

    So, I received that build last night (2016 AP1, MS75) and there is something very wrong (or very right if you're a scammer...). Basically, the odometer (as well as trip 1 and 2, miles since last charge etc) was stuck. Meaning you could potentially drive 100,000 extra miles and resell the car...
  6. S

    Odometer Disclosure

    When and from whom did you guys receive your odometer disclosure? For my delivery on 1/1/21, the big rig driver literally backed the car off the truck, I inspected, accepted delivery on my phone, and drove off. There was no paperwork. I've looked through my Order Agreement (I know it's not...
  7. J

    Total kWh record available?

    The only thread I was able to find was dated 2014 (S: Total KWH) Since then, has anyone been able to figure out a way to see the total kWh my car has used? Services like TeslaFi cannot provide historic data. I just signed up for them yesterday but I have had my car for over a year.
  8. P

    Traditional Odometer

    Okay, had my Model 3 AWD Dual Motor for a year now and no issues -- just a great car along with the software updates and the Tesla vision. However, the Model 3 is missing a traditional Odometer -- the one that tells one how many actual miles the car has gone (in tenths of a mile) in real time...
  9. K

    URGENT advice needed on range issues with new Model X.

    Hello. I purchased a model x long range and I am getting much lesser km to actually drive than the rated range. Sometimes less than half. When I spoke to Tesla, they were surprised by this deviation from range estimates but have not offered any concrete reason. My usage is around 285 Wh/km...
  10. S

    Pulling Logs

    I saw a reference on some other Tesla Model that one could "pull the logs" which seemed to refer to charging a trip log history. Is this possible in general? Is it possible for the model 3? If so, how?
  11. R

    Range calculation & mileage mis-calculation

    I learned that my model 3 LR has a 75KWh battery. Recently I checked the mileage calculation and found a big mismatch. Example Discharge form 81% to 40% (41% consumption): - The Odometer-Display says "26 KWh since last charge, 157km, 168W/km". - My calculation, confirmed by the real amount...
  12. Eevee

    Still No Title

    It has been over 2 months now since I bought my 2016 CPO MS. Still no title. The most recent update: a local Tesla rep sent me a HALF BLANK Vehicle Inspection Certificate that she's already signed herself. She has NOT inspected this vehicle (at least not to my knowledge, not since I've been an...
  13. Plugsuvohio

    Tracking Autopilot Distance / usage

    I use AP1 a lot on my MX90D, and on repeat trips from the Cleveland area to both Pittsburgh and Buffalo, attempted to keep track of when I drove vs the autopilot system. I do not see a way where the system can keep track for you of trip miles in these 2 modes. So I used my wife making paper...
  14. FarmerDave

    Where's the odometer?

    I am at a loss to find the vehicle odometer on my Model X. For legal purposes I have been using Trip Odometer B, which I haven't reset since delivery. The User Manual is no help - it only tells how to get to the Trip Odometers,which I already found. I expected that the vehicle odometer would be...