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  1. M

    Model 3 18 inch OEM tires set - Michelin MXV almost new. 400 usd. Seattle suburbs

    I have set of OEM Michelin MXV 18 inch tires, used only 200 miles. I bought from the other guy as wheel and tire set, and used those wheels for my winter tires and now left with almost new all seasons. I live in Seattle east side suburbs and pick up only. 400 usd
  2. T

    For Sale: Model Y Tires (NEW) Continental ProContact RX - 255/45R19 104W X

    4 OEM Model Y Tires For Sale(New, Delivery is Pending on Model Y) Houston Area Current Wheel it is mounted on is 19" Gemini Continental ProContact RX - 255/45R19 104W X I'll be driving it directly to Tire Shop, to Take Tires off and Install ones with Higher Aspect Ration These are...
  3. R

    For Sale Tail Light (set of 4) from Tesla 3 Performance 2018

    I've switched out the OEM tail lights from my 2018 Model 3 Performance. Selling the set for $225 OBO. Free shipping within the contiguous US. Note: there are minor blemishes within the inner lights. See photos attached.
  4. Jamezam

    Continental ProContact RX 255/45/19 tires

    If anyone needs a free set of four OEM: Continental ProContact RX 255/45/19 tires with 885 miles on them, let me know. They came off my Y in 2021 and just sitting in my garage. Western Washington.
  5. K

    19" Staggered Model S Plaid Tempest wheels

    Set of 19" staggered (285 rear 255 front) model S plaid tempest wheels with aero covers. Pirelli tires have less than 4k miles on them. can ship anywhere in the continential US. price is 2200
  6. B

    FS Model Y Performance OEM Rear Spoiler

    MYP OEM Spoiler for sale. Took out from 2022 MYP @ ~ 100miles No Scratch in Like New condition All you need is double side automotive 3M tape Asking $300 in person pickup in TX DFW area.
  7. W

    FS: Model S Wheels 21" Grey Turbine, staggered - Full Set (wheels, center caps, tires)

    These came with the 2016.5 MS that I purchased a while back and I'm finally getting around to listing these FS. I immediately swapped these for different wheels the day after I picked up the car. The tires will need to be replaced as 3 out of 4 of them are down to the wear bars. They are in...
  8. oggunderscore

    Sealed Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter (Official OEM)

    This official adapter will allow you to charge on Electrify America, EVGo, and other chargers that have CCS Combo capabilities. This comes super useful on roadtrips where Supercharger stations are packed and loaded, and you can go to one of the standard DC Fast chargers and charge there quickly...
  9. mtbwalt

    Clearance measurements: 3/4 inch Trimmed Tesla OEM mud flaps

    Writing with my experience installing Tesla’s OEM front mud flaps on my 2022 MS LR Kit comes with two mud flaps and four push pins. Instructions online. Total install time: under 10 minutes. The only thing I’ll add to the instruction is for total newbies to dealing with these push pins...
  10. S

    FS: TX-Dallas 2020 18” Aero wheels with Michelin MXM4 tires $900

    Selling a set of oem Aeros with tires. Tread is about 30%. Cash and local pickup preferred. Excellent condition. $900 for the set. No TPMS.
  11. A

    FS: DC/NoVA area 20" Pirelli P-Zero OEM tires, set of 4, brand new take-offs. Perfect Condition

    I'm selling my OEM 235/35-R20 Model 3 Performance summer tires in favor of getting some all-seasons. Brand new, just took delivery, 2022 Model 3 Performance (20" Uberturbine wheels). No damage, no stories. Selling full set of four tires (no wheels, no TPMS). Size 235/35-R20. They sell for...
  12. salvadorsantan

    FS: Tesla Model 3 - Model Y Key Fob

    Up for sale is a Tesla Model 3 - Model Y key fob. It is used in great conditions. It comes with the box and extra battery. Local pick up in Orlando, FL or shipping in the CONUS at your cost. $120
  13. LA PYD

    Model 3 Performance OEM Suspension

    oem 2019 performance model 3 oem shock and spring suspension. has roughly 2k miles on them. i went with air suspension then sold my car. has been garaged... need gone, located in san gabriel valley. asking 400 obo. pick up preferred. serious buyers only
  14. S

    FS: 2022 Model 3 OEM 18" Wheel/Tire Package (Less than 100 Miles) - Minneapolis

    I am taking delivery of my 2022 Model 3 Long Range between March 1st-5th. I have an appointment setup for March 7th to have aftermarket wheels/tires/TPMS installed and will not require the stock setup. Will include 18" Aero wheels, Michelin tires and factory TPMS. Price: $1,250 Location...
  15. salvadorsantan

    Model 3 OEM Rubber Floor Mats

    FOR SALE - Set of OEM rubber floor mats for Model 3, they are used in very good conditions. Available for local pick up in Orlando, FL or shipping in the CONUS at your cost. $120
  16. salvadorsantan

    FS: Tesla Model 3 OEM 19 Inch Wheel And Tires Set

    FOR SALE - Tesla Model 3 OEM 19 inch wheel and tires set of take offs with 5k miles, no scratches and 9/32nds thread left. Located in Orlando, FL for local pick up or ship in the CONUS at your cost. $1,500
  17. Canyonero

    Full Set of OEM 21" Pirelli P Zeros for Model Y Performance

    1,246 miles on these. Tread, sidewalls, acoustic foam are all still in great shape. I did a few 0-60s on these (who doesn't?), but never any aggressive cornering. Front left wheel had a small puncture that was professionally repaired (see photo). Good as new. $800 OBO, can meet anywhere...
  18. F

    WTB: 20” Model 3 Performance OEM Grey Sport Wheels

    Looking for the OEM grey version of the Model 3 Performance Sport wheels that I think were released in 2020. Not looking for the Uberturbine version. I’m located in Seattle - would prefer close by. Must be unmodified (not powder coated) and have no defects.
  19. KyleM3

    FS: ‘20 OEM Model 3 Performance Springs (Less Than 1K Usage)

    For sale is a full set (4) of OEM springs from a 2020 Model 3 Performance. These will be roughly an inch lower than an SR/LR. They have less than 1K on them, swapped shortly after picking up the car for H&R. Asking $250 OBO. Feel free to PM an offer. Located in Philadelphia. I am willing to...
  20. B

    Model 3 OEM Wireless Charger

    For sale is an OEM Model 3 wireless charging pad with USB-C connection. Compatible with 2020+ Model 3. Slight signs of use but works great. Will ship for $90.
  21. rajram

    19" Model S Slipstream Wheels and Tires with TPMS

    Set of four Model S 19" Slipstream wheels with tires and TPMS for $1395 plus shipping. Wheels are Tesla OEM takeoffs from 2017 MS P100D and are in very good condition without any curb rash. Center caps not included. Tires are practically new and have less than 100 miles on them (tread depth...
  22. C

    2021 Model 3 Performance Carbon Fiber (Dry/Matte) Trunk Spoiler OEM

    $400. Used for less than 2000 miles. Original Tesla part. Shipping from Houston included. Matte/dry carbon. Same one as sold on Tesla Shop for $800.
  23. K

    Anyone looking for OEM Floor Mats or Front License Plate Mount?

    I have a brand new set of OEM Floor Mats that are just taking up space. We switched to an aftermarket set so the OEM ones are brand new. I have no need for them and would give them away, you just pay shipping. Same thing with the OEM front license plate mount. I live in FL and we don't need it...
  24. I

    Model X 20” OEM wheels for sale (Scottsdale, AZ)

    Took these off around the 5000 mile mark. Three are essentially perfect. One has slight curb rash. See attached photos. Tires not included. $500 or best offer. I live in Scottsdale. Thanks!
  25. B

    19” silver slipstream wheels/tires

    Set of 4 19” silver slipstream wheels/tires in great condition. 2/4 wheels have 1 barely noticeable mark each (probably just in clear coat but hard to tell). All visible imperfections shown in pictures. Tread is really good- driven only 100 miles or so. Tires are Michelin Radial X. $1500, local...
  26. M

    Model S OEM headlight installation

    I have a 2013 Model S that needs new headlights due to seal ruptures in the case that allow moisture to seep in. I have one that regularly turns off while in use and last night they both went out as I was driving home after dark - only the fog lamps got me through. This morning they are working...
  27. Aaron14902

    Tesla Model 3 OEM All Weather Floor Mats & Pewag Servo Snow Chains

    For sale is a used set of Tesla Model 3 OEM All Weather Floor Mats for $80.00 and a free set of Pewag Servo Sport RSS 76 snow chains. Floor mats were purchased off the Tesla Shop, which look to have been replaced with the currently listed liners. Those have raised edges where these do not...
  28. P

    Model 3 OEM suspension for sale

    Selling the stock suspension from my 2018 mid range. Has about 5,000 miles on them before I upgraded to coilovers. Didn't take any pics (wasn't sure if anyone would be interested TBH) but can if you need. Prefer local buyer for pickup in Los Angeles/Orange County area. Was thinking $400 is...
  29. T

    OEM Front + Rear Sway Bars for Model Y/3

    Selling OEM front and rear anti-roll sway bars from 2020 Model Y Performance. I believe these also fit the Model 3 as well. Definitely will be a significant upgrade for SR+ Model 3s that come from the factory without sway bars. OEM bushings included, but end links not included. I upgraded to...
  30. K

    FS: Model 3 Performance Swaybars

    No idea if anyone needs these, but I upgraded to Eibach's and have these for sale. They were only on the car for 10,000 miles. $125 shipped or best offer. Comes with bushings.
  31. L

    New Model 3 19" OEM RIMs w/ New Continental tires

    Received straight from Tesla as an extra set. Never been used. Asking $2000 obo, poms. (cash, certified check, or paypal) Holly Springs, NC. Local pickup.
  32. R

    Model 3 OEM 19” Wheels, Tires, Wheel Center Caps, and TPMS

    Set of four 19" wheels, four Continental ProContact RX tires, four wheel center caps, and four TPMS for Model 3. All are factory OEM and all are in great condition with no curb rash on the wheels. Plenty of tire left with each at about 8/32". $1900. Located in SoCal area. Willing to ship at...
  33. B

    Model X 2019 All Weather Mats (OEM) $300

    Hello, I purchased the Model X (5 seater) in Jan of 19 and then purchased entire set of black mats including front and passenger floor, rear seat floor, cargo and frunk. All Weather mats from Tesla and installed them for about a month. Decided I really wanted the Model S so traded it away, but...
  34. C

    For Sale: Tesla Model S 19" Wheels/ Pilot Sport 3 Tires

    2019 take offs- brand new condition!!! Got a new setup immediately after buying, no need for these anymore. Motivated seller, price negotiable. $2200 OBO!
  35. L

    Tesla apparel and accessories for sale

    For sale - Genuine Tesla clothing, fitness, and tow hook accessories. $40 - Tesla Men's Embroidered Quarter Zip Pullover Sweater (Medium) - TSL7863BK-MD $30 - Tesla Men's Embroidered Black Dress Shirt (Medium) - TSL2982BK-MD $30 - Tesla Men's Embroidered White Dress Shirt (Medium) -...
  36. shimmy

    *Ceramic Coated* 18" Tesla Aero Wheels, Tires, Covers, TPMS, lug cap kit

    Hello! Selling 4 18" OEM Tesla Aero Wheels with Aero Covers, Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45/18 Tires, OEM TPMS, OEM lug nut cap kit. Wheels were just cleaned using Gyeon Quartz Prep, and ceramic-coated using CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 ceramic coating. Located in Los Angeles (I travel occasionally to...
  37. J

    Model X 20" Slipstream Wheel Set - LIKE NEW

    Tesla OEM Model X 20" Slipstream staggered wheels set with TPMS. Only on car for 35 miles before replaced with aftermarket rims, Like New!! Includes: 2 x 20X9.0 Slipstream wheels 2 x 20X9.5 Slipstream wheels 4 x tire pressure sensors (TPMS) 4 x Tesla logo wheel caps 20 x silver lug covers...
  38. H

    FS: Tesla Model 3 OEM 19" Satin Black Wheel and Tires

    Hey all, Recently upgraded to Zero G wheels so my loss is your gain! Got a set of model 3 powder coated satin black. A small curb rash on one of them but perfect otherwise. Looking for a local sale. Willing to ship if nothing local comes up. Comes with: - OEM Tesla model 3 19" wheels powder...
  39. R

    4 Rims OEM MS P85 $400 OBO Encinitas CA (Sandy Eggo)

    For sale for pickup in North County San Diego. 4 Rims. These are original equipment from my Model S P85 2014. Some markings on rims zoom in on pictures for details, all four Rims shown below. $400 "buy it now" or I will sell to the best offer I get by June 1. Reply to this post or...
  40. T


    Selling OEM Long Range Dual Motor springs. I installed Eibach and don't need them. Send your offers.
  41. R

    New 20 inch OEM Slipstream wheels w/tires and TPMS for a Model X

    Located on Los Angeles I am looking to sell my wheels as soon as possible. They are new and only used to drive home where I installed the 22 inch black slipstream wheels. I am looking for $1,500 but am open to all offers.
  42. Q

    OEM 20" Tires For Sale coming off a new 2020 Model 3 Performance

    I am selling a set of a practically new Michelin Pilot 4S OEM tires that came with my 2020 M3 Performance for $950 (brand new is ~$1,300). I just picked up my car recently so there is only about 60miles of wear on the tires at the moment. Since I live in NY, I'm going to swap into a set of all...
  43. M

    OEM Tesla Model 3 Performance Winter Tires and Rims For Sale

    Selling a set of 4 rims and tires. They are OEM 20” winter snow tires that work with Tesla Model 3 Performance. They are sized to be compatible with the performance brakes. These tires have roughly 3,000 miles on them. The tread is in very good condition. One tire does have a small leak in the...
  44. Red Rocket IV

    2020 Model 3 AWD suspension

    Spring and shocks from 2020 Model 3 AWD. Only part missing is the top hats. Replaced these with MPP hybrid coil overs. DFW area pickup preferred $350
  45. Ostrichsak

    Like New OEM Tesla Model S Black Carpet Floor Mats in Northern Colorado

    Carpeted floor mats for the front and rear floor areas of the Tesla Model S. Should fit all Tesla Model S years as I'm not aware of any changes that would affect floor mat fitment. These were removed after taking delivery of our car and are in like-new condition. We removed them in favor of all...
  46. MelaniainLA

    WTB: Model S 19” slipstream with tires (ideally near new) Los Angeles area

    Hello, I am interested in a set of new or almost new 19” Model S Slipstream wheels and tires (not winter). In Los Angeles. Happy to pay cash in person. If you have taken yours off for aftermarket wheels or Arachnids, please let me know! PM is easier. Thanks!!
  47. R

    Set of 4 OEM 18" Aero Wheels and Michelin Tires

    4 OEM 18" Aero Wheels and Tires Includes rims, aero hub caps, and Michelin tires with less than 300 miles on them. I had them on for less than a week. TPMS is not included. Asking $1000 Located in Sun Valley, CA (LA Area) local pick up.
  48. ishareit

    OEM Model 3 carpet mats (like new) - fronts and back

    I bought all season mats and don't need my carpet mats anymore. They are in like new condition. $50 local pickup in Bay Area.
  49. A

    Selling 19” Sport Wheels

    $2600 cash. Irvine, CA Must pick up in Irvine, I will not ship. (updated listing) Selling a full set of brand new 2019 Model 3 19” Sport Wheels OEM with Continental ProContact Rx tires, picked up from Costa Mesa Delivery center. TPMS is installed. Also comes with a set of brand new OEM...
  50. A

    Brand New Model 3 19” Sport Wheels (Set)

    Irvine, CA Price - $2800 Selling a full set of Brand New 2019 Model 3 19” Sport Wheels OEM with Continental ProContact Rx tires, picked up from Costa Mesa Delivery center. I’m assuming TPMS sensors were installed. If they’re not installed I’ll take $100 off.

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