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  1. A

    20" Cyberstream Wheel Spare Fitment Question

    I'm looking to purchase a spare wheel/tire to have on hand in case of long drives in remote areas for my '23 MX. In my search of online local classifieds, I came across a REAR wheel/tire from a 2022 MX. My question is, will the rear config (offset difference and tire size) work for the...
  2. SCharged

    Model S Aftermarket Wheels - Last Full Set Available.

    The first set is a USED set (Shown on the car) - 22" Wheels CUSTOM OFFSET, USED SET WITH TIRES AND SENSORS. 22X9.5 FRONT - 5x120 - - 27.1 lbs 22X11 REAR - 5x120 - - 29.1 lbs FORGED MONOBLOCK, POLISHED SILVER with Tesla logo center cap. WEIGHS LESS THAN FACTORY STOCK 21s. Slight poke in the...
  3. bgzlectric

    Replica R267 - Aftermarket Wheels

    I plan to order Aftermarket Replica 267 wheels. All specs are same as Gemini OEM except the offset is +40 and OEM is +45. Any idea if it would make any difference ? Also does anybody know if the performance is going to be affected negatively because of the weight of the wheels and the offset and...
  4. G

    22" aftermarket wheel load rating and offset, 24" possible?

    Looking at a staggered set of wheels for a MX 100D. I was looking at a set that were available in: 22x9 32et in front 22x10.5 20et in back My family with car seats and a dog is about 640lb. We usually aren't all driving together, but would like it safe for everyone. Some questions: 1. What...
  5. EVS Motors

    Vendor For Sale: Model 3 Wheel Spacers for OEM Wheels - Gives Flush Fitment Look *NEW*

    Hi everyone, I have in stock 2 sets of wheel spacers for the Model 3. These are made for the OEM wheels and meant to bring the wheels out towards the fenders more for a flush look. Currently with the stock wheels, the fenders dramatically hang over the wheels. This will fix that awkward look...
  6. P

    Wheel Spacers on Model X

    Does anyone know what's the factory range tolerance for the wheel offset? Also, have any X owners already installed wheel spacers on their cars? If so, mind to share your experience? Thank you.
  7. W

    Show off your aftermarket Model X wheels...

    I hope this thread will be helpful to me and others who are trying to find aftermarket wheels for our model X’s. Helpful content would be wheel size (front/rear), offsets, tire sizes, color and any other helpful information. Jason