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  1. J

    Supercharger - Loveland, OH

    A local anonymous member of our local Tesla Facebook page posted this picture of a Supercharger under construction at the Loveland, Ohio Meijer (3911 US-22 #3, Loveland, OH 45140). Someone else should probably verify before a pin is placed on the map. This location comes as a surprise to me.
  2. R

    Supercharger - Huber Heights, OH (Buc-ees)

    The Mayor of Huber Heights has announced a new Buc-ees North East of I-70 and SR235. The plans have 24 Superchargers on it. https://www.whio.com/news/local/buc-ees-coming-huber-heights/5JDPAYR26ZAQ5FOMDXQDNNL5LU/
  3. T

    Supercharger - Toledo, OH - Central Ave

    Looks Like the last Meijer in the Toledo area is also getting a super charger. I don't have any documentation yet, but the eastern side of the parking lot has an area with temporary fencing up and there and was some electrical stuff there (below in red). Address is: 7240 Central Ave, Toledo...
  4. C

    Supercharger - Upper Sandusky, OH

    A new, 12-stall, Supercharger is permitted and under construction at 1745 E Wyandot Ave, Upper Sandusky, OH 43351. This is behind an Arby's restaurant. It was on the list of future sites that got leaked by Tesla last year. I drove by the site months ago, but never saw anything. They don't do...
  5. GMW93

    Supercharger - Ashland, OH

  6. Blue Stuff

    Supercharger - New Philadelphia, OH

    Showing on the map for this quarter. Will they make it?
  7. DriveMe

    Supercharger - Willowick, OH

    Wow! That would be great!
  8. GabeIA

    Supercharger - Cleveland, OH - 4277 W 150th St

  9. Q

    Anyone else have delivery delay due to Tesla not being able to produce temporary tags?

    I was supposed to pick up my Tesla Model Y at the Lyndhurst, Ohio location today. As I like in Kentucky, I had booked a flight and hotel room ahead of time (flight to get there and hotel on the way back home). I get a call yesterday late in the day telling me they can't deliver any vehicles...
  10. Guacahummus

    Supercharger - Seville, OH

    Marco found a 12 - stall supercharger site at the Circle K located at 8700 Wooster Pike, Seville, OH 44273. Supercharger address will likely be 575 Center St. News article detailing the meeting Tesla charging station project approved in Seville The article also had the following blurb, which...
  11. C

    Supercharger - Rossford, OH

    The permitting process is underway for a new Supercharger in Rossford, Ohio! Like a number of others in Ohio and Michigan, it will be at a Meijer's store. This location matches the address in the Tesla data leak last week on their site. The permit says that it will be located on the north side...
  12. kevinquisition

    Supercharger - North Canton, OH

    Noticed on the Tesla website that a North Canton, Ohio supercharger is planned for Q2 2023. Patiently waiting as someone who frequently travels between Canton and Columbus. If you guys find any info on this supercharger or see any progress please update this thread!
  13. Chisale

    Supercharger - Fairfield, OH

    Per Marco, a supercharger has been permitted for the Meijer on Gilmore Ave in Fairfield, OH
  14. Chisale

    Supercharger - West Chester Township, OH

    Per Marco. A new supercharger is permitted for the Meijer on Tylersville Rd. in West Chester, OH
  15. I

    Supercharger - Cleveland, OH (Euclid Ave.)

    On the Cleveland, OH thread @Tezla041 posted a link to a tweet by @MarcoRP about a Permit found for a Supercharger at the Shops at Church Square on Euclid Ave. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/6941582/ 12 stalls 41.504172, -81.632465 By my rules that's on I-90, US-6, US-20, US-321 and...
  16. Tezla041

    Supercharger - West Unity, OH - Indian Meadow & Tiffin River Service Plazas

    Another set of Ohio Turnpike Superchargers getting installed this year. The Turnpike already lists this on their website, which is pretty cool! I asked Turnpike support about upcoming installations and they said to watch this site for updates: Electric Vehicle Charging (Screenshot below.) Maybe...
  17. Tezla041

    Supercharger - New Springfield, OH - Mahoning Valley & Glacier Hills Service Plazas

    I finally stopped by the Glacier Hills service plaza, while heading to Pittsburgh. I saw some paint markings where they're installing more Turnpike Superchargers! (Based on the construction at the Blue Heron and Wyandot plazas this location in the parking lot makes sense.) This is a really nice...
  18. Big Earl

    Supercharger - Columbus, OH - East Campus View Blvd

    Marco has located permits for a new 16-stall, pull-through style Supercharger site at the northeast corner of I-270 and US-23. This looks like a good location with a lot of amenities.
  19. J

    Supercharger - Dayton, OH - Austin Landing (speculation)

    I'll open up a discussion as I have word that Tesla is looking to install a supercharger at Austin Landing. Being so close to the juncture of I-75 and I-675 and the close proximity to shopping and restaurants this is an ideal location. This is where I think the Dayton Supercharger will be that...
  20. M

    Supercharger - Shaker Heights, OH

    A new Supercharger is planned in Shaker Heights, OH. Last month, a proposal was submitted to the city's sustainability committee for a 12-stall Supercharger in the city-owned parking section of Shaker Plaza. Will be tracking progress as the project goes forward.
  21. J

    Supercharger - Beavercreek, OH

    Permit found for a Supercharger at the Meijer on Colonel Glenn in Beavercreek, Ohio
  22. M

    Supercharger - Columbus, OH - Hilliard Rome Road

    A new Supercharger is coming soon to Hilliard, OH. 12 stalls are planned for the Meijer on Hilliard-Rome Rd, off I-70.
  23. N

    Supercharger - Columbus, OH - W 3rd Ave

    Looks like another Supercharger location is being planned for the Downtown area, just south of East Broad St, off of South 3rd. Appears to be behind the Statehouse. Assuming they'll be V3 chargers, which should provide some relief for the V1 chargers in the Goodale garage. I'm not sure where you...
  24. DriveMe

    Supercharger - Broadview Heights, OH - Great Lakes & Towpath Service Plazas

    This one is listed as Target opening in Q2 2022.
  25. cgrubbe

    FS: Used Model S 19" Slipstream wheels - Central Ohio

    I'm selling a set of 19" Slipstreams I used during the winters on my 2016 Model S that have been sitting in my garage collecting dust for the last year. Tires are at the wear bars, so priced based on the wheels, TPMS, and I'll throw in the bags and maybe the lug nut covers if I can find them...
  26. Big Earl

    Supercharger - Genoa, OH - Blue Heron & Wyandot Service Plazas

    I was heading eastbound on the Ohio Turnpike yesterday and spotted a fenced area at the Blue Heron (westbound) and Wyandot (eastbound) service plazas. I just checked tesla.com/findus and sure enough, there's a coming soon pin for Genoa, Ohio with a targeted opening of Q2 2022. It's great to...
  27. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Twinsburg, OH

    https://www.mytownneo.com/story/news/2021/03/29/sheetz-plans-rebuild-east-aurora-road-location-twinsburg/7019656002/ The existing Twinsburg Sheetz gas station is being demolished and rebuilt. With the remodel they are also planning on adding some number of superchargers and universal charging...
  28. B

    Model Y Performance 21" Uberturbine Wheels & Tires

    Looking to sell my 21" Uberturbines that came on my Model Y Performance. I need to switch to some winter/all seasons for this upcoming winter. Located in central Ohio. Would be willing to negotiate a fair price. Front: 255/35R21 Rear: 275/35R21 Tires: Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) Summer Performance...
  29. M

    Ohio Delivery Experience

    I’ll hopefully be taking delivery in the next week or two and was curious if anyone on here could speak to their delivery experiences at Ohio delivery centers, specifically Columbus if possible. I’m hearing a lot of quality issues across the board and delivery centers talking about within spec...
  30. S

    Legislation to Lower Ohio's EV tax on vehicles

    There's a bill introduced in Ohio (HB546) to lower the fees on Ohio's EV tax. For more info on it an the efforts to get it lowered: Reducing Unfair EV Fees Helps Ohio Workers
  31. C

    Deliveries to Cleveland

    Anyone else waiting for a delivery to Cleveland? What are your delivery dates? I ordered 11/29, got VIN in source on 12/9, and delivery is currently scheduled for 12/27. When I called on Saturday to get a status, they said my car is in Illinois. Called today and it's still in Illinois... You...
  32. Chisale

    Fellow OH drivers: renew registration now to avoid new tax. $200 EV, $100 HEV

    Dear fellow Ohio residents: This summer our legislature passed a new EV and HEV tax that takes effect starting on Jan. 1 2020. It's one of the highest in the country. But if you renew your registration now you can avoid this tax. All registrations entered on or before Dec. 31, 2019 will not have...
  33. S

    Toledo, OH getting a Service Center (Detroit, MI owners)

    Saw today on CNET, that Tesla is opening a service center in Toledo, OH that will also provide access to those in the Detroit, MI area since that State has blocked repair access to Tesla owners. Great news for many I'm sure. From the Tesla map for superchargers, stores and service centers it...
  34. S

    2013 model s with rear facing seats!

    Excellent condition Pearl white 2013 model s 60kw. 66,100 miles. Tech package. Free super charging. Tan leather interior. Rear facing jump seats. Glass Pano roof. Two sets of wheels and tires for northern Ohio seasonal weather. Looking for $33k. Message me if you are serious and I will send pics.
  35. mociaf9

    New Service & Sales Center - Columbus, OH

    Tesla is currently working on opening a new Service and Sales Center location in Columbus, OH Address: 4099 Easton Loop W.; Columbus, OH 43219 Project: A new Tesla Service/Repair Center and Showroom with auto sales at Easton Town Center. Construction/Tenant Improvement has already started...
  36. M

    Supercharger - Columbus, OH

    Got a tip from a friend who knows I am Tesla obsessed that he saw some construction and wood boxes with Tesla logos in a downtown Columbus parking deck. He said the garage he saw it at is attached to the convention center but looking online it seems like that could be a few different ones...
  37. Cdis94

    Supercharger - Cincinnati, OH (Marburg Ave.)

    A coworker said they saw a new supercharger going up in Cincinnati (Specifically Oakley east of Norwood) and I didn't believe them until I went to see for myself. It's not on the website for a "coming soon" location, there's absolutely no mention of it, but like the Supercharger in Dent (North...
  38. MJVZ

    Who do you recommend for brake caliper painting in NE OHIO?

    Who do you recommend for brake caliper painting in NE OHIO? Thank you.
  39. S

    Supercharger - Sandusky, Ohio

    Yeah, so this is happening. Not sure why it's not public knowledge or why there isn't a thread on it here.
  40. DriveMe

    Supercharger - Akron, OH (Service Center, not for public use)

    Akron just showed up on the Supercharger map as targeted for this year! There are several Sheetz location in Akron/Canton area. I wonder if it will be one of those.
  41. Derek Kessler

    Supercharger - Chillicothe, Ohio

    Not 12 hisho ago I emailed Tesla recommending Chillicothe as a prime location for a southern Ohio Supercharger. I'm not saying this is my doing, but I'm glad to see it happening. Eventually. Chillicothe, OH | Tesla
  42. D

    $ for Model 3 test drive near Cleveland

    Hi community, I've seen a few Model 3s in the Cleveland area. I'm hoping this catches a model 3 owner's attention in Cleveland or possibly Columbus. I'm interested in paying someone to let my wife and I test drive their Model 3. About 10 minutes each. My wife feels that she needs to test...
  43. cgrubbe

    Supercharger - Dublin, OH

    Was out and about this evening and noticed some construction taking place in the corner of the Sawmill Rd Meijer parking lot. Nothing Tesla specific, but a bunch of conduit buried along a strip of parking spots all going to the same spot says electric car charging infrastructure of some type to...
  44. R

    Supercharger - West Cincinnati, OH

    It is under construction at the Meijer off of I74 at 6550 Harrison Ave. There is s McDonalds, Longhorn and Kohls right there.
  45. DriveMe

    Supercharger - Sheffield, OH

    Just stopped at this Sheetz location, and guess what? The Supercharger is almost ready! Expected to open next month (January 2018)! Address: 5295 Detroit Rd, Sheffield, OH 44054 Just off I-90.
  46. Ciaopec

    Supercharger (New) Toledo, OH

    I suggested in a Jul 2 2017 post that a logical place for the new Toledo (OH) Supercharger would be at the Meijer location on Alexis Road (Meijer currently hosts the Maumee Supercharger as well as maybe a dozen in the Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio area). Today I found a...
  47. C

    Supercharger - Cambridge, OH

    Looks like construction began last weekend by the Sheetz in Cambridge, OH
  48. RacerX

    State Farm insurance raising rates on Tesla Model S in Ohio

    Just got a call from my insurance agent that my insurance will go up $10 a month for my Tesla Model S 90D. Nothing has changed in the last four years since my first Tesla Model S. except My Tesla is safer! Anyone else get the same call or the same price increase? Ohio or anywhere else in US?
  49. jvonbokel

    Supercharger - Mt Gilead, OH

    This one just popped up on Tesla's website. Can anybody nearby get some photos? 8 Stalls at Bonecutter Hollow (bakery) 6200 State Route 95, Mt. Gilead, Ohio www.teslamotors.com/mtgileadsupercharger
  50. K

    Supercharger - Zanesville, OH

    Given the Superchargers in Triadelphia, WV and Dayton, OH I am guessing that this one will be coming along soon. Any Intel, sluething or good guesses ? :confused: