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  1. DanCar

    You can be proud you drive an EV and not contributing to the oil wars

    Missiles and drones that hit Saudi oil fields: Made in Iran, but fired by whom?
  2. engle

    Big Elephants that Want Tesla (and all EV's) To Fail

    Those of us who use Autopilot every day know how the media has been inaccurately reporting on it, creating Fear, Uncertainly, and Doubt among many potential Model S and X customers. The record number of Model 3 reservations Tesla received this spring has awoken all of the elephants to the...
  3. R

    Saudi Arabia Uncovered

    This is probably preaching to the choir here, but PBS running a program on Frontline soon exposing Saudi Arabia's brutality, "Saudi Arabia Uncovered". I think everyone who uses oil should watch this. "With undercover footage and on-the-ground reporting, FRONTLINE reveals what life is like in...
  4. roblab

    Consumer Reports reveals top oil burning cars

    Consumer Reports published its list of top oil burning cars this week. Of interest: Cars that are generally compared to Tesla as to acceleration and performance. BMW, Audi and Porsche are three of the worst brands, all burning enough oil to require having to add extra oil between oil...
  5. mspohr

    "Pump" on Netflix

    Watched the documentary "Pump" on Netflix the other night. It's a very interesting exploration of how we ended up with oil powered cars and some suggestions on how we can get out of this dilemma. It goes back to the early days of the automobile where there was a wide variety of fuel (electric...
  6. C

    Dangers of flammable oil

    Another recognition of the danger of flammable oil. Fiery Oil-Train Derailments Prompt Calls For Less Flammable Oil : NPR