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on-board charger

  1. A

    Confusing AC charging issue on late 2016 90D S

    Hello friends, I recently created an account here after not being able to figure out the cause of my charging issue. I have been lurking this forum for some time and it has been of great help fixing other issues in the past so I just want to say thanks before going any further. It’s a long read...
  2. S

    Dual Motor Performance - Single On-Board Charger?

    Hello All, My family recently took delivery of a fully-loaded Dual Motor Performance Ludicrous mode X and was amazed to learn that it only came with the standard 48A on-board charger. This was not listed anywhere on the website and there is no factory option to "upgrade" to the dual 72A...
  3. M

    Parting a late 2015 Model S 85D [Europe]

    Hi everyone, As stated above, I’m parting a late 2015 85D wreck with pretty bad front and topside damage. It a euro spec with slightly under 70000 km. Battery has been sold and most of the interior has been used for an interior swap with a late 2014 car. It’s a non dualcharger with air...
  4. emir-t

    Model 3 On-board AC Charger, do you mind?

    I think the answer for this will vary largely depending on where it's coming from hence the options. (EU vs US) I'm one to believe that a car's on-board AC charger makes a lot of difference. It doesn't matter if long distance driving is DC fast charging (it is), AC charging makes a big...