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onboard charger

  1. J

    2014 Model S won't charge

    I removed the on-board charger to replace the two 50A fuses. After reassembly, I am getting a "Cntctr State" error message. I suspect a charging contactor switch failed as well. Or it could be a contact switch that did not get reassembled correctly so the power is cut by the system. Does...
  2. dbldwn02

    Replacing Onboard Charger Gen3 2017 MS75D...My Experience (With Photos)

    Here is my experience replacing my onboard charger on my 2017 Tesla MS75D. Disclosure… Don’t try this at home, YMMV, High voltage, you can kill yourself if you do something stupid, yadda-yadda, I’m not liable if you do this, warranty void, blah blah blah… My car specs: 2017 MS 75D (USA) Gen...
  3. S

    “Unable to Charge”

    2016 Model S when charging at home from my wall chargers get this error “Unable to charge” however the car still charges, but it reduces the rate from 48 amps to 27 amps and usually only shows 23 amps. See picture. I have plugged the car into 3 separate wall chargers all give the same error...
  4. B

    Repaired Onboard Charger for Sale

    My onboard charger recently went out in my 2013 Model S at 120k miles. I read all of the posts and watched the videos about repairing it myself. However, as a father of 5 who coaches multiple sports year round, I candidly have more money than time and decided to just pay the $2500 to have...
  5. S

    Dual Motor Performance - Single On-Board Charger?

    Hello All, My family recently took delivery of a fully-loaded Dual Motor Performance Ludicrous mode X and was amazed to learn that it only came with the standard 48A on-board charger. This was not listed anywhere on the website and there is no factory option to "upgrade" to the dual 72A...
  6. T

    Onboard Charger Died

    I know theres other threads but I didnt see more recent ones regarding cost discussing onboard charger failures. Car went out of warranty in March and they wouldnt let me buy the extended warranty when I purchased ~2 years ago because I purchased preowned private party. The good news is...