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  1. akhafagi

    Dry, short and basic walk-through video for Model S and X

    Does anyone know if there is a quick dry and short walk-through video to show the basics of operating and charging a Tesla that I can forward to a friend borrowing my car or a renter on Turo? All the videos I found are either very limited, specific to particular rental services in Canada or...
  2. J

    Traffic aware cruise control

    I've had my 3 for two weeks now. While driving in fairly heavy traffic the car briefly changed (in all cases lowered) the cruise speed then changed back to set cruise speed. By change I mean the value inside the blue cruise circle as well as the car's speed. It was abrupt and I'm sure startled...
  3. Tezzie


    I need lessons on how to use my new 2018 Model S 100D to its fullest capacity--settings, controls, navigation, etc.--including workarounds when the car doesn't operate as expected or when something goes wrong. It’s more of a computer on wheels than a car--for me the best and worst of both...
  4. JeffC

    The Very First Tesla Model 3 Welcome Workshop 7pm 8/28/18 at Santana Row Store

    (Mods, I was not sure what forum to put this in, but it seems most related to ordering, etc. Also, please edit the 9/28 to 8/28 in the title. Could not find how to edit the title.) The organizers of Tesla's very first Model 3 Welcome Workshop asked me to invite everyone to the Santana Row...