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opti-coat pro

  1. T

    Vendor Model S P90D - Paint Correction, Opti-Coat Pro, 3M Crystalline tint & AlloyGators

    This 2015 Model S came in for our enhancement and protection services. We performed a paint correction to remove unsightly swirls and scratches and also enhance the gloss of the paintwork. We then applied Opti-Coat Pro to protect the paintwork from the elements for 5yrs. We also installed...
  2. T

    Vendor 2013 Tesla P85 - Detail, Paint Correction, Protection and AlloyGator Installation

    This 2013 Tesla MS P85 was brought to our detail studio for Clear Bra removal, detail, paint correction, ceramic coating application and installation of AlloyGator wheel protection. This customer drove up from Naples to have us transform his MS and I believe we achieved just that. Vehicle at...
  3. Shinteetah

    About to join the club! Best protection?

    Hello, TMC! After years of ogling and dreaming, I have finally taken the plunge and anticipate delivery before Christmas. WOOT. I have always necessarily driven SUVs -- current car is a Highlander hybrid, which is great actually -- and am anxious to see if the Model S is as good in snow as...
  4. T

    Vendor 2015 Gray Tesla Model S P90D - Ultimate New Car Prep

    This MS P90D was brought in to receive our Ultimate New Car Prep which includes: - Paint correction - Full front wrapped in PPF aka Clear Bra - Full 3M Crystalline all around - Gtechniq Crystal Serum on the paintwork - Gtechniq coating on wheels and calipers Initial Inspection Just me at...
  5. T

    Vendor 2015 Model S 70D - Ultimate New Car Prep

    2015 Tesla Model S 70D was brought to the studio for our Ultimate New Car Prep package which includes: - Paint correction - Full front wrap in Xpel Ultimate clear bra - Full 3M Crystalline - Opti Coat Pro Plus - Opti Guard (Leather and fabric coated) - Wheels coated https://vimeo.com/138809695...
  6. M

    Recommendations for detailer and Opti-coat Pro near Thousand Oaks, CA

    Hi, just ordered Model S 90D Midnight Silver Metallic w/ Grey interior. I would like a recommendation of someone who can detail, paint correct (if necessary) and apply Opticoat Pro in or near the Thousand Oaks, CA area.
  7. T

    Vendor 2015 Tesla MS 70D in Black Metallic - Basic New Car Prep +

    This MS 70D was brought to us for a proper new car prep and customization per request of the car owner. The services performed were - Paint correction, Opti Coat Pro protective coating application, 3M Crystalline tint all around, brake calipers painted Ferrari red and wheels powered coated gloss...
  8. Fahad@Robust

    Vendor TMC Connect Event 2015 - Exhibit Q&A And Our Brief Coverage (Blog)

    Hello you awesome people! I am Fahad from Robust Auto Detailing and after losing track of how many Tesla cars I've Opti-Coated up in the Bay Area, my company(which consists of one person ie. me but it sounds egocentric to say "I") decided to take part in the TMC connect event this year and...
  9. T

    Vendor 2012 Model S Signature - Ultimate Complete Detail

    Working on a Signature Tesla is always a treat and this one wasn't any different. I just love the color. This 2012 Model S Signature was brought to the studio for our Ultimate New Car Prep. As pictures show, the car was in need of some TLC and we are your only choice when you wish to have it...
  10. T

    Vendor 2015 P85D Multi-color red...Get your popcorn ready because this one was a big project

    I was contacted by Mr J.C.G from Miami about his recently acquired Model S. He wanted me to perform our Ultimate New Car Prep which includes Single Step Correction, protective coating, PPF installation on the full front (full hood, fenders, mirrors, bumper, nose cone, headlights and fog lights)...
  11. M

    2015 Tesla Model S 85 - Opti-Coat Pro - Oklahoma

    Had a client contact me about protecting his Tesla Model S and he wanted a ceramic coating. He had done a lot of research on-line and was set on having opti-coat applied to the vehicle. He plans on putting many miles on the car and having it for many years to come, longevity was the key factor...
  12. benemac

    Opti Coat Pro or Suntek Wrap (Partial w/total hood coverage)

    We are attempting to get all the details ironed out before we receive our car. Tint and protection will be done the first few days. So what I'm wondering about is whether we should do one or a combination of the following: OptiCoat Pro - To give it the shine and some protection from the dust...
  13. Rownolds

    Fremont, CA: Anyone have an Opti-coat recommendation near factory?

    Newbie here. Second post. I'm taking delivery of my black S85 from the Fremont factory in mid-March. I've decided to skip the paint armor and to drive it directly from pick-up to have opti-coat applied. Does anyone have a recommendation for a place near the factory I can have this done...