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option codes

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    Option Codes TM3 & TMY

    Hi, I'm working on a Tesla car database and I'm trying to figure out all option codes for TM3 and TMY - wheels, version of autopilots, interiors etc. Does anyone know 100% these codes? I found this website Option Codes but there is not written any desription of the model. Thanks for help.
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    AutoPilot options on 2018 Inventory - APFB and APBS

    So, according to @EV-CPO the APFB option code is for Full Self Driving, however, vehicles in inventory I see with APFB and APBS are only advertised as "AutoPilot" while only vehicles with APF2 are showing as "Full Self Driving." Looking through the source code on the design page, APFB isn't...
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    API and option codes -- how accurate?

    I tried the API by writing a script following the example at timdorr/tesla-api and got back the option codes for my Model 3. A lot of the codes have unknown values right now. But a couple that are known, according to that web site, are DV2W and DV4W, which mean Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive and Model...