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  1. Ostrichsak

    [Feature Request] Tesla Should Add the Ability to Turn Wireless Charging Off in Settings

    I love the idea of wireless charging for when I need it. This will likely make up about 2% or so of our use though. What I don't need is my phone to go through a dozen charge cycles on a quick 15min drive in to work, more on longer trips. For us, we normally have plenty of charge left at the end...
  2. G

    Best Year/Model to Buy Used Model S

    I'm coming from an M3, and so I'm used to buying used and heavily depreciated luxury cars, especially ones who are prone to possible expensive repairs; but can also be a dream to drive. I'm looking at getting into a Model S for sub $30k, and in doing my searching have seen a large variety of...
  3. D

    How to defer tax by reducing short term capital gain using call spread.

    Moderator comment added at the request of @Davidzhao365. Summary: this doesn't work, there is a special IRS rule against it. The blue text is what he asked to add. --ggr. Options traders use option spreads containing offsetting positions to limit risk and provide a reasonable opportunity to...
  4. L

    Should I buy the "full self driving option"?

    Here is a demo of the current state of development with "full self driving". Full self driving involves complex game theory. For example, in crowded New York city, if you do not nudge your way through a crowd of people continuously jaywalking, you will never be able to cross the intersection...
  5. ShearModXY

    Standard Range AWD?

    If there is a thread if this topic already in existence, please reply with a link but... So my wife and I have a reservation down and we want the SR Battery, black paint, 18 Aero Wheels and Premium Interior M3. Do most of you agree or has Elon mentioned that eventually a SR battery car could...
  6. jkirkwood001

    What colour will Tesla add in year 2/3 to boost sales?

    Since many of us are frustrated and whiney about not getting their Model 3 yet and before the US rebate threshold is reached (don't blame Tesla about the fed and state govs' limited incentives for green energy), let's speculate about something safe! Which colour ("color" in 'murikin) do you...
  7. T

    Looking for Aftermarket Winter Rims

    Hey guys I have a MX with the 22inch turbine wheels and I was trying find some winter tires for them. The cost of the tires are pretty expensive and if I did the calculation right I could just get a another set of rims with tire. I was wondering if any of you guys have any good...
  8. snd92

    Decoding of option codes

    I believe it is important to know options chosen by the original owners of our Roadsters. Here is my list with the options I currently have: TOP1 ELT1 WHL3 WSC1 SVC2 SUS1 EXT1 RS1 INT5.BK.LG.r1.1 Currently my Roadster 2.0 has the following options: Insane green, exterior carbon, interior...